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One of the canonical texts of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, states that reaching the state of Yoga requires both consistent practice and detachment from the results of the practice(I,12). Stand straight, with your feet firmly planted on the floor, keeping the body weight equally balanced between the front of the feet and the heels. You can read an excellent and thorough set of instructions on mountain pose written by Erich Schiffmann. Use a firm chair and sit on the forward part of the chair, resting your hands on your thighs. Feel the clear contact between the sitting bones and the floor, cross your legs and rest your hands on the thighs.Make the sitting bones heavy and reach up through the crown of the head to lengthen the spine. IN tilting your pelvis forward, rolling your shoulders back and down, arching your spine and expanding your chest. IN lift the arms up, on EX turn your upper body gently to the right bringing the arms down with the left hand moving towards the right sitting bone and the right hand moving to the right and back.
The last time you fold forward, melt your torso on the thighs and stay there in a passive and relaxed position for 4 rounds of IN and EX. If you are standing or sitting on the floor, come to your hands and knees (table pose) placing your hands directly under your shoulder joints and your knees directly under your hip joints so your thighs and arms are parallel. The last time you are in child’s pose, stay there in a passive and relaxed position for 4 rounds of IN and EX. Lie on your back with legs straight and heels 2-3 feet apart and your arms resting on the floor, each hand a foot away from the body and the palms facing up. You can also lie on the floor with your knees bent and the arms to the sides and the palms facing up. After you are done relaxing, roll to one side and take one deep breath, slowly moving towards sitting.
If you do a 5 minute practice every day or several times a week, you might find that each day the practice is different.
Yoga classes can be expensive or simply too far to travel so it may be a good idea to follow these tips for making your home yoga practice good.

See more flow yoga sequences to practice at home or click on images below for printable home yoga practice links and more detailed instructions. Consistent practice gradually deepens our understanding of ourselves while detachment prevents us from reaching beyond our ability.
I like the 3 recommendations that Eugene offers: setting aside Yoga time, taking baby steps and relaxing.
Choose one of the three options and see how it works for you and remember to make sure that you do not feel any discomfort. Also, balance the body weight between the left foot and the right foot and allow your pelvis to be level, that is, not tipping forward or back. Rest your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart, with the knees directly above the heels. EX tilting the pelvis back, rounding your spine and allowing the shoulders to round forward. EX stretch to the right side, floating the right arm down while lifting the left arm up and over your head. EX slide your hands down along the legs and fold forward moving the torso down towards your thighs. IN stretching your spine along a straight line that connects the crown of your head to your chin to your breastbone to your tailbone.
You can enlist the help of your mind to witness the soft and smooth flow of your breath at a natural, effortless pace allowing yourself to loosen more and more. Sit comfortably for a couple of breaths and notice the effects of your practice on your breath, body and mind. Some days you might feel more energetic so you may move faster or you might make your muscles more active. If you would like to add some yoga breathing to your practice here are some links for good yoga breathing techniques. Make sure you have a nice yoga mat to practice on so that you stay clean and have proper padding.

Find some suitable music to listen to when you practice as this will help set the mood for yoga and block unwanted noises that may be occurring around you. You can also alternate between the three different options, paying attention to any differences in how the practice feels.
If you are not used to sitting on the floor, use a folded blanket under the sitting bones to make the pose more comfortable. In other words, let go of whatever is not in the present moment by focusing on the natural rhtyhm of the breath and noticing your level of energy, and paying attention to any sensations that emerge.
EX bringing the sitting bones toward the heels, separating the knees if necessary, moving into child’s pose.
So, here is my suggestion, find 5 minutes a day to move mindfully and with breath awareness and see if it makes any difference to how you feel. After one minute, switch from natural breath to deep inhalation (IN) and deep exhalation (EX) without forcing. Or, perhaps there are days when you feel like staying in the relaxation pose for a long while. Find the times that either work into your schedule or ones that your body and mind feels most comfortable with.
Some people are disturbed or have allergies form the smoke but you may find it also helps to set the mood. Quite often soft stretch material gets stretched and out of shape when you practice in it so find some good, flexible material that allows good air flow and does not get stretched out of shape the first time you use it. This is how your practice evolves, by doing it, observing the effects and making it work for you, so it is perfect for what you need.

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