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Hey Everyone – We have been putting on a 90-day body transformation for over 8 years now and we have always just held one contest that coincides with the New Year. In a previous post, I mentioned that my dad and I will be competing in the 2016 Emerald Cup in the Men’s Physique Category. Kurt’s 2015 Game Plan Develop Abs – Get the lower section and in particular develop the oblique’s – get “V” Bench 315 (3 Plate Club) – It’s been a while since I have been in the 3 plate club…I’ve felt my strength diminish. This year marks the 8th year since my father and I first started our Hynes Fitness Challenge. This is by far my favorite time of year because we get the chance to spend time with our loved ones AND eat a lot of delicious food!

It started out as a simple bet…I can get in better shape than you in 90 days! My father, 50 at the time, threw down the challenge which was quickly accepted by me, his cocky son half his age.
The results are in…we are pleased to announce our winners for our 2014 Hynes Fitness Challenge. I have been extremely busy – in Australia, then my folks came and visited me in Bali then I took off again to Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam! I told myself that I wouldn’t let Kurt (my son) show me up, so I am on a mission to show him that even at 57 years old, I can still smoke him! Time has sure gone by fast and I definitely have seen results so far, however I did notice something this past week.

The review process is undoubtedly our favorite part of our challenge since we get to see everyone’s hard work and results!
Unlike past years, this was probably the most challenging for us to pick winners – but after careful consideration we have made our decision.
I in the middle of all of that madness I snapped some pictures on Day 60 of my transformation.

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