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I got my program delivered on Tuesday, and since then, I’ve just jumped right in and started! I started by reviewing the nutrition guide, calculating my calories, determining the number of containers I can have each day, and then printing off the tracking sheets.
I created my own Excel spreadsheet for my personal meal plan which I have printed off and keep in the kitchen so I know exactly what I’m going to eat for each meal. The bottom line when it comes to the 21 Day Fix Extreme is there are no cheats when it comes to your eating and you’re doing workouts that push you to your max! If you are looking to gain even more dramatic results, BeachBody has included a doubles version of the 21 Day Fix workout schedule.
This complete body workout will kelp keep your heart rate up, your muscles engaged, and your metabolism revved high, long after the workout is over. 30 minutes of intense resistance training to help sculpt your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs. Resistance training for the biggest muscles in your body, the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, which in turn burn the greatest amount of calories. This workout will help balance, flexibility, and strength, while also increasing circulation and speeding the healing of your muscles. 21 Day Fix is a new diet and exercise program made by BeachBody, the same company that brought you P90X and Insanity. 21 Day Fix is an exercise program which comes in the form of 2 DVDs and seven color-coded food containers.
Total Body Cardio Fix: Raises your heart rate and boosts your metabolism to create long-lasting weight loss benefits.
Pilates Fix: Targets your core using traditional Pilates moves which tone and elongate the torso while tightening up muscles in your thighs, butt, and hips. Cardio Fix: The same cardio workout from Insanity which kicks your calorie burning to another level.
There’s also a modifier for each workout which will let you crank the move into overdrive if it’s too easy – or dial it back if it’s too hard. The “diet” portion of 21 Day Fix involves using color-coded containers to measure your portions. Once you’ve determined your baseline and target calories, you can determine how many portions you get per day. If your target calories are below the range (below 1,200), then you should round up to 1,200. 21 Day Fix was created by a personal trainer named Autumn Calabrese, who tends to be calmer than other personal trainers. If you’re the type of person who feeds off the excitement and energy of your personal trainer in a workout DVD, then 21 Day Fix might not be the right program for you. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who likes a calm, steady voice guiding you through workouts, then Autumn’s 21 Day Fix might be exactly what you’re waiting for.
21 Day Fix is published by Beachbody, which is also responsible for most major fitness DVDs on the market today. There’s a reason this program is called the 21 Day Fix: in 21 days, it aims to take you from chubby and flabby to lean and mean. Nevertheless, the last week will be particularly difficult because you’re doing two workouts per day. The first charge you see on your credit card will be $32.90 as well as any applicable sales taxes for your state or country (Beachbody ships 21 Day Fix all over the world).

Oh, and there’s a 21 Day Fix shaker bottle which promises to help you measure out drinks in the appropriate portions. That price includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with the 21 Day Fix, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.
21 Day Fix might not be ideal for everyone: the calm voice of Autumn Calabrese isn’t as high-energy as other Beachbody trainers – but some people like that. In any case, if you follow the guidelines listed in 21 Day Fix, you’re guaranteed to have a better looking body in a very short period of time.
It’s hard to figure all food that you like in terms of the containers and to not go over the carbs and seeds and dressings.
It was really easy to create a meal plan based on this structure because you know how many you need each day, you have a list to choose from, and all you have to do is put it together. Another INCREDIBLE tool that I started to create is a place on my site for all of my recipes and ideas… CHECK OUT MY RECIPE PAGE. As we go along in the 21-Day Fix, we will be adding more printables for you to make this challenge even easier. Just bought the portion containers.Can you tell me for 1200 calories how many of each color would be used every day. My 21 Day Fix Extreme arrived early this week, and I’ve been planning and prepping my meals for the week!
Because I’ve been following the 21 Day Fix meal plan for the past year, I had a good idea of how to prepare what I was going to eat. You can go really extreme and follow the Countdown to Competition plan to a T, or you can mix the regular Extreme plan with the Countdown to Competition, OR you can just do the regular Extreme meal plan. There are suggestions in the guide book about the weights you might want to use, but I was going a bit heavier than the suggestions, I was using 8 lbs for my light weights, and 15 lbs for my heavy weights. I personally know that when it comes to losing the last 10 lbs or trying to get those abs to show, you’ve really got to dial in your nutrition and workouts and go extreme! I just finished my second week of 21 Day Fix Extreme and I have to say I don’t feel any different then I did before I started. Research shows that your resting metabolic rate is elevated for several hours after exercise.
Most users report that the workouts are well-crafted and simple to learn but difficult to master.
You’ll perform a single arm row with a dumbbell while maintaining a plank position, for example. When you’re watching the DVD, you’ll see the people behind Autumn performing some different moves based on their own fitness levels.
When you first start the diet, you’ll need to use a formula to determine how many calories you should be consuming per day. Fill up each container with the appropriate food and separate them into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, when you drink a serving of these milks, you’ll need to subtract one yellow container from your daily total. But if you absolutely must cheat, then you should add an additional green container, because it’s tough to overeat vegetables.
In addition to fitness DVDs, the company sells protein shakes, cleanse systems, and anti-aging skin creams. Since the workouts only last for half an hour per day, it’s not quite as grueling as some workout plans, which last for 45 minutes to an hour every day.

Start small – with 2.5 pound or 5 pound dumbbells – then see if you can work your way up to higher levels. That’s more than most other workout DVDs – but keep in mind that you’re buying the portion-controlled food containers as well. I am going to be 100% committed to this program because I know it’s going to bring me some results! But I want to test out the Countdown to Competition eating days first before deciding whether or not I should do it for 2 days in a row or just 1.
Of course, this isn’t something you have to maintain forever, once you get the results, you can go into maintenance mode. Right now, your body is adapting to the new workouts and way of eating, it will take time to adjust. MY PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED AND THEY ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WITHOUT MY CONSENT. So, for an added results kick, the Fix has ab optional doubles week, to be utilized from days 15-21.
You do one workout per day for the first 15 days, and then you do two workouts per day during the final week. It’s not a strict diet system, and the portion sizes are about what you would expect to eat while trying to lose weight. If you’re out of shape, then you might find that you can use your own body weight for resistance in many workouts – although most people will want to use dumbbells or kettle bells to tone up more quickly. Whatever your goals or reasons may be, 21 Day Fix will aim to change your body in just 21 days.
There are also some great apps in the app store to help you with this if you prefer to keep track on your phone. I use two types of powders, I use the vegan Shakeology for one meal a day as it’s a plant-based protein, and I also use SunWarrior Vanilla Vegan protein for a strictly pure protein blend. For example, I’m doing Hammer and Chisel, and I didn’t start seeing any changes until the end of week 4!! This second workout, to be done at a different time of day, will help rev your metabolism, burn more calories, and bring you closer to reaching your goal. If you can focus on working out every day for 21 days in a row while also maintaining a portion-controlled diet, then 21 Day Fix will help you hit your targets. I have not been 100% on the weekends with my eating, but I have not been that far off where it should hinder my results, I don’t think.
My job is to provide you support, guidance, tips, and accountability to start and finish the program!! If you get stuck at a plateau, then definitely move up a calorie bracket and see what happens. I am not sure if I am not eating enough or what is going on and why I am feeling bloated and bulky. Prior to this program I did T25 and was a runner, but didn’t really follow a program, just ate healthy and for the most part it worked.

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