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You’re simply going to run through all of the exercises, performing each one for 1 minute.
Lately, I’ve been experimenting with more at home strength workouts.  It saves a trip to the gym on cross training days, and I really like the higher intensity workouts that are done quickly but leave me feeling wiped out and accomplished!
It’s a great workout for runners, as it targets quads, core and chest for more balance and strength in your running.
I do a lot of corework, but when I’m running a lot, serious strength workouts tend to fall by the wayside sometimes. I love that the first workout has so many combo moves in it–always my favorite for the time savings.
I try to do planks and also like the silly early 90s 8-min arms and 8-min abs videos on YouTube.

Love that core series I love planks for core and a lot of runner specific strength with my trainer.
Even though I knew better there was a period of time at the end of last year that I didn’ do any core work. I always felt I needed to lift heavy and do advanced moves to reap the benefits of strength training for injury prevention. I found strength training REALLY helped me stay strong through pregnancy (duh right?!) but moreso helped me “bounce back” after baby!
I have a running clinic to go to after work that is close to my office so I brought a change of clothes and my kettlebell with me to get a workout in before I head over there. I'm Laura- a Holistic Health Coach and RRCA running coach in the greater NYC area with an MSW.

Since my latest injury I’ve learned the basics work just as well and should not be overlooked. I realize more and more that strength training and core work is so important for everything!
I love helping other moms and athletes meet their health and fitness goals especially overcoming sugar cravings, finding the best foods for their individual body type, and practicing self-compassion in the process.

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