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How to improve productivity is the quest for many who would like to get more done in less time. When you feel your productivity has really hit a real wall and you are really struggling with it, it is a good idea to go right back to basics.
When we have a lot to do it is easy to fall into the trap of keeping pushing on no matter what thinking we don’t have time to stop. Having all those fancy apps and gadgets to manage your productivity is all well and good but it is you that has to use them and do the work. If you were expecting some high tech, rocket science type productivity revelations and feel this is all too basic then I am sorry to disappoint.
If you need more reasons to work on the points above, then keep in mind that they don’t just help you improve and maintain your productivity levels. If you feel ready to take on an even bigger challenge, create a plan to tackle all five of the points above and work it full out for at least a month and see the difference for yourself.
Have fun playing with this and do let me know how you get on with it in the comments below. If you have any powerful productivity booster tips please feel free to share them in the comments below. I agreed with all of this in theory, but could never put it into practice, until this past year when I started exercising in earnest. I think of self discipline like a muscle – the more you work it and exercise it the stronger it grows and the more effective it becomes.
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Make the time to address some really fundamental areas that have a massive impact on your productivity levels, but are often overlooked. But more importantly, it dramatically reduces the ability to function effectively, both mentally and physically.
So if you are eating stuff that has a negative impact on your body and brain, that is going to have a negative impact on your productivity.
But the reality is that improving productivity is totally driven by you and your ability to perform and focus at your optimum levels. They also have a big impact on things like effective decision making, creative thinking, positive thinking, problem solving, quality of life – the list could go on. Research it fully, learn about it, commit to finding ways of improving it in your own life and take action to make it so. I think often people are looking for solutions outside of themselves and don’t realise the tremendous power and value that lies in creating a top notch self care programme. I trained for a triathlon (and I was a total couch potato before) and discovered I HAD to rest, and I had to eat properly for fuel.
Lesson is, when you don’t do these productive tips for your life, it can lead to poor health consequences.
I had to be disciplined about my workouts and that meant doing everything else more efficiently.
But in all seriousness, we often make the mistake that running until we can’t run anymore is what = productivity when really, the most productive people are making time to re-energize, refuel, and live a healthy lifestyle. So if anyone finds the whole list too daunting I encourage you to start with exercise, and a lot of the rest will follow.

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