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Once Arno becomes a full-fledged Assassin, visit the building above Assassin HQ and speak to the NPC there to open the Cafe Theatre. In order to increase your income from the Cafe Theatre, you’re going to need to spend a bit of money.
Similarly, buy Social Clubs ASAP; you can intersperse renovations with the purchase of Social Clubs depending on which is cheaper. Once you have finished purchasing all the Social Clubs and Renovations and completed all the related missions, money starts to come in rapidly. A really good sword or axe can make all the difference in fights, and good armour can be a game changer for stealth infiltrations. Check to see how much your next Social Club purchase or Renovation costs, then go after the loot.
Every time you finish a set of these (five, ten, 15, 20 and so on) you get a fat cash bonus, and in the early hours of the game this is a huge help. The chests in Versailles and the district you start off in offer very little money for your effort.

The cheapest Social Club, in the first district you visit, costs just ?500, while the most expensive one is ?10,000.
Your income can still be increased by collecting mementoes, which are earned by completing story missions, but you should now have enough money coming in on the regular to pick up and then upgrade some pretty high level gear.
Not to mention some of the gear you earn through doing missions has good stats but looks ridiculous. Every 20 minutes, an amount of cash will be deposited in the chest in the office, and the chest can hold a couple of drops before you need to collect the cash. Many crowd events, like tackling a thief or killing a criminal, can be completed very quickly, so never ignore one.
Visit a more difficult region (check the map to see the diamond rating) and open any normal chests you can find. You also get paid for doing these missions, and your chest fills up while you’re away.
If you need some cash quick, pause your game and go away for an hour; your chest should be full or almost full when you get back.

That said, a full set is super over-powered for the storyline missions, so now that you have decent enough gear, why not go out and have a good time with the game, collecting your income regularly, until you have the necessary capital? How much cash you get with each deposit depends on a couple of things, many of which require a cash investment. Just don’t forget to save and then reset the app and maybe even your console after collecting, to clear your caches and avoid potential bugs.
Some of the missions are quite high difficulty, but that difficulty just means the guards are stronger; if you use stealth judiciously, you need never encounter them at all, except on your rather pointed terms.

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