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There is no limit to how much money and success you can manifest through the Law of Attraction because this immense spiritual power does not have an opinion about what you should or should not have. How you talk to yourself is going to affect your life - whether you admit it to yourself or not. I love my solopreneur and small business clients and will want to coach them forever, I am quite sure of that. Business mentoring gives me the leeway to teach my clients what they need to know, based on my forty years of business experience as an accountant and coach, and support them on their journey. But pure coaching puts me in a completely different space with my client, one where they can grow as people first and foremost.
And The Big U, being the clever sausage that she undoubtedly is, immediately starting sending business clients to me who didn’t know what they wanted to talk about today or were undecided about the business they wanted to start.
If you choose to believe in abundance as your natural state and to trust in unlimited flow, not just when you see it working, it’ll work to look after you, to protect and provide.
This is one of the most powerful conclusions we came to in AbundanceFest this summer and so (typically) I am experimenting with this all day long.
You might be a Star who craves special attention because you are not like everyone else, Darling. No matter what your Wealth Dynamics profile, you want a rocket up your a**e, you want daily accountability, you want focus, you want to achieve something fast, you want me to hold you in check and provide some strategy and discipline so you stop procrastinating and you want to Get Something Done in February.
So my February Fast Start VIP Special is for you if you know you want to start today with an in-depth long and leisurely exploratory call, where you get 60-90 luxurious minutes to talk about yourself and your business and your ideas and for us to decide together on your focus for the next month together.
Then we would craft a personalised daily accountability plan for you, Mondays to Fridays if you are self-employed already, evenings and weekends if you are still in the day job.
Opinions, cajoling, encouraging, nudging, reminding, noticing, caring, teamwork (you and me), love. I enjoyed a  long, hot and very rewarding financial coaching day on Friday playing Cashflow 101 with my clients from the Club 100 and a Lucky Winner from the 30DC, a pretty magical manifesting bunch as it turned out.
Maybe to summarise how I feel now I will try to explain where my mind went just before I sat down to write you. I was telling my partner about the game and how it is like real life and we got talking about investments and our respective money situations and I was saying I am having to raid my savings at the moment to make up my deficits. And another one: I realised that I DO know what I want, I DO have dreams, it is just such a lot I have parked it and NOT OWNED IT. One other thought: Have you noticed how you are stronger when you are surrounded by people of a similar mindset? If you want to have breakthroughs like these around your relationship with money and to be able to change your thoughts and feelings about your business and your wealth-creation opportunities, why not join in with my Summer AbundanceFest which includes lots more of this and a day of financial coaching just like these wonderful women enjoyed on Friday. All you have to lose is your limiting beliefs, bad habits, blocks to your abundance and your never-ending spiral of scarcity. One of the unexpected upsides of discovering my Wealth Profile was realising that I am 50% introvert where earlier in my life I had inhabited a 100% extrovert space; I had been just half of me. So began a twofold journey, going inward to discover the other half of who I am and enjoying that and really relishing not needing others socially or in any other way. The only reason I am on the third sabbatical in my life is because everyone wants to be my friend (or so it seems to me) or wants something from me and because I find it impossible to say no, I find that absolutely draining. And when I become that drained and have literally no emotional resources left for others, I have no choice but to withdraw and use everything I have for my own survival.
A couple who have been in my top three friends since 1979 have, like me, chosen to be childless and recently we had a conversation about our own life choices in our fifties and sixties and not doing anything any of us didn’t want to do anymore, and the difficulties that presents.
A chap I grew up with, who is outwardly successful at the expense of his marriage, but who has known me all my life, he says I was always like this. One of the stresses has been the imposition of others’ frames of reference and their expectations – people who are all externally focussed, they suggest I should get out more. It is interesting to have a foot in both camps and it explains why I have been able to be in the extrovert space so successfully and for so long but now it is bliss to fully comprehend at last why I dread telephones, meetings and fancy dress parties amongst other abominations.
In short I don’t really want to meet up until I’ve got all my shit sorted, though I much appreciate the offer. And I feel very much as though the Universe has given me the opportunity to have several years’ introspective preparation for that because, at least initially, I shall be on my own. I am so lucky to have myriad virtual pals and colleagues and clients I talk to every day and yet a good day for me is one when I don’t have to rise to that and can focus on myself in exquisite silence and concentrate on unveiling my own heart and core needs and values and meeting them myself, through infinite choice. I appreciate all you say in your email and am glad to hear your good news but I rankle at your diagnosis because it doesn’t fit; it isn’t appropriate for me. I now see that my introvert entrepreneur is what makes me successfully self-employed because many do not enjoy working at home alone, whereas I love it.

If I had known my third career break was going to last this long what would I have done differently?
Our friendship was forged in my extrovert years but now I am following primeval gut instincts when I keep people away. The fabulous cartoon I found on Facebook explains all this far better than I possibly could. Amazing what bent behaviours we can learn and how we adapt to fit into our slot in the world before we decide to re-shape that slot to suit us instead of them. It was written by a lottery winner who understands how the Law of Attraction works and how it can be used to attract money. This audiobook is a manual on the mental, spiritual and physical power of the mantra, which can be used to create wealth, promote healing, bring about extreme happiness and higher states of consciousness. But right now, since reading a game-changing book, I find myself yearning to do more personal coaching as well.
I am pointing the finger at a gorgeous client who hired me before Christmas and, at her induction call, she told me she wanted to build her coaching practice using the principles taught by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin in their book The Prosperous Coach.
I can share what works and help them grow their business faster than I did when finding my way all on my own. One email at the end of last week prompted a leisurely exploratory call on Saturday which was much more useful for my client than investigating what sort of a business would make money for her. I know that whilst I must respect the it, especially in the sea, I know also that I can simply relax, let go and trust the water to support me if I just lift my feet off the bottom.
I’ve tried to teach those who are scared of the water how to swim and, more particularly, how they can float and simply trust the water to support their bodies.
We cannot let ourselves believe that simply by trusting in unlimited abundance and flow that we will float on the top of life and that it will be effortless and easy and that we’ll be held.
I have simply decided to trust in the warm supportive water of abundance, that it will support my not inconsiderable weight and that I can just float.
The more I trust in unlimited flow the more abundance I invite into in my life, the more I experience and enjoy, the more abundance I create. I hope you answered yes to that question, Gentle Reader, because of course we are all special.
Your twenty eight days start immediately you book yourself in for your February Fast Start induction call. As I started to form the sentences, my two languages, which usually exist somehow separately, suddenly merged and I felt like I was thinking in my mother tongue though actually it was in English!!!!
He expressed his concern about that and ‘should we do something about it.’ I blocked – usual response.
What follows may qualify on all three counts although who is to say what amount of introspection is excessive? I have spent the last 2.5 years going inward much to the surprise, chagrin and frustration of a lot of friends and colleagues, extroverts all.
Remember that a woman who has loved living alone all her adult life, by choice, could only do that happily if she has my personality traits. When I find myself thinking and feeling that, I know I am going a tiny bit barmy and it is time to withdraw again, the world’s demands onerous.
And surely if the direction one’s life has gone in (childlessness) has any upside it should be that we should be able to do precisely that, please ourselves?
And the difference between intros and outros is where you get what you need from, externally or internally. No man is an island, but I am more of an island than most and want to go and live a long long way away from everyone I know – on an even smaller island. I feel there is something of value at the end of this quiet self-exploration period and I don’t fully know what it is yet. I feel we have met up over the last 2.5 years when I didn’t want to because I didn’t know how to say no to you and others. Now I know that won’t be a problem, whereas back when this Caribbean idyll dream began it was very much part of what I thought might have been wrong with the plan.
I do belong to a community, several in fact and I lead most of them and yes they are all virtual but again, I like it like that because it’s easier for me to say no and keep people and their needs at the distance I prefer. Well, I made a short list of three things earlier in the year, hindsight being a wonderful thing, and have set about a couple of those at last and I have received some amazing support from unexpected quarters, and some expected ones as well. But that doesn’t apply to me, not right now, nor is it ever likely to again now that I know who I am. Before even trying, you tell yourself you don't have enough resources, enough connections, or exceptional skills to succeed and make an abundant amount of money.

The determining factor is belief and expectancy, which can be harnessed by using the spiritual tools discussed in this audiobook. The Law of Attraction is not a fly-by-night fad, but a powerfully creative force that can give you the life of your dreams if you know how to use it, so the better you understand this power the faster it will manifest your desires. I learned so much from it and I have been busy recommending it to all my other coaching clients and friends and anyone in the service providing sector.
It is useful to be a coach as well so that I can support them in their personal and human and emotional issues which arise around running their own small business from home. When I was reminded of that magic I immediately wanted to make myself available to clients again in that way, as part of their existing business coaching and mentoring with me, and separately too.
Because my parents lived in Malta in the Sixties when I was just a teeny tiny girl, I was always a little water baby from the get go. It costs ?197 (or PWYW) and includes a 1-2-1 Skype consult with me, a Cashflow game here in SW London on Friday 17th October, a Facebook Group for daily immersion in abundance and reminders about our commitment to trust in infinite flow, plus three exploratory group calls so we can experiment and learn to float again together.
You confuse your tribe with your constant invention and re-invention and you haven’t successfully and consistently managed to monetise anything yet.
I am grateful to the friend who gave me space in an email exchange last week to try and explain this journey, most of all to myself. When I have an abundance of everything, I give all or most of it away but when I have nothing, when I am running on empty, at last I have the tools to say “No, enough! Because I get so much internally and because I am finding it such a joy and increasingly essential, that’s why I have to keep people away from me – for spiritual and self-discovery reasons.
It might only be a phase and part of me suspects it is and then I shall reinvent myself again in a decade or so’s time, perhaps sooner. My self-reliance muscle has grown enormously in that time and I discovered it was already surprisingly robust but its reassuring beyond words to know that about my inner resources. But I am lucky in that I appreciate that you are one of an abundance to whom I can reach out should the need arise and I am grateful for that every day of my life when I count my blessings which I do nightly, I honestly do.
This is a lull in friendships, not a break, though for sure many so-called friendships will not survive this time in my life and I see that as a good thing, they are the needy and I don’t want them anymore; I am clutter clearing – shh, whisper it – and some of those who are being cleared are needy mutual acquaintances.
Exciting times, made all the more exciting by the fact that I am as surprised by this development as anyone. It’s one of those things you can’t believe in until you can, if you see what I mean?
Clearly, if this was obvious to him when I was in my teens and twenties, then it is part of my DNA; self-sufficiency, emotional self-contained-ness.
The couple of pals to whom I refer above said I haven’t changed since 1979 (!) so what do even our closest friends ever really know about us? I want to get my shit together and then go out into the world for a celebration before I take off for my desert island (or a world tour) on my own.
She wants to meet because she is a people person and an extrovert and it’s all about her needs again, not mine. You cut off your opportunities for success by rationalizing why you shouldn't even try to become financially abundant.
I think that’s what people want now, with times as they are; the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Light the blue touch paper for your magnificence this month and prepare to roll up your sleeves to do the work. All the time I spend trying to understand other human beings usually ends in my shaking my head, knowing I shall never truly understand, but having enjoyed the attempt, the frustrating, exasperating, stimulating attempt.
Thanks for prompting me to get my thoughts in order on this one, just the beginning I feel. I am not 100% introvert by any means but it is becoming more and more important in my life. So while I don’t want to be answering questions about my life, and definitely not while I am going through this voyage of self-discovery and other perfect storms, I feel that the normal social things about needing others do not apply to me. All these opportunities to say no feel like a test, one which it is getting a bit easier to pass nowadays.

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