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Emotional collapse has led to many ailments in recent times and there is no denying the fact that modern day individuals face a wide array of pressures. Researchers have come out with the means to solve such traumatic enigmas in the head through writing and this form is known as Expressive writing. As different emotions leave the mind and there develops a space for positivity, new ideas and thoughts will enter the body. There may be more than one traumatic incident in life, which is often the case, and there should not be any hesitancy for writing them down. Expressive writing as the name suggests is completely personal and need not follow any standards. There is no need of considering what others would think as it is aimed to reflect the self and highlight the faults within.
Remember, that heartfelt emotions need not be grammatically correct or phonetically appropriate. In addition, there need not be any set limit of time as long as there is an expression of subconscious thoughts daily. Expressive writing leads to surfacing of high range emotions which are difficult to control. Allotment of time for writing will also help as there would be nothing else to do except writing once every responsibility is set aside. An individual can also try writing through various means and find the appropriate base for expressing. There are numerous health benefits for individuals selecting expressive writing programs and the following are the major profits of this form of writing. In respiratory conditions like asthma, outflow of emotions leads to the effective functioning of lungs enabling proper coordination between bodily systems. Decrease of severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and ensuring proper instructing to the mind for timed sleep which is very important. Maintenance of balance during chronic suffering, viral diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. Apart from these expressive writing accentuates several benefits which tend both body and mind.
There are many health centers, which encourage such form of writing as they understand the scientific and psychological importance of Expressive writing. This harmony will heal the thinking process as well as filters out the malicious negative energy that has been accumulated due to dark incidents and experiences. Interestingly, the effects of expressive writing will show on the writer immediately, which makes it worthy of trying straight away without any hesitancy, as a whole new world of light is waiting on the other side.
Kenneth Waldman is a writer and copy editor who cooperates with essay writing service EssayMama and other online platforms.
Are you seeking to improve your life, earn more money, develop new habits, achieve success, or make changes in your life? Anyway, I wanted to talk today to you about something that has nothing to do with nutrition fat loss or anything having to do with food. You can be the person you want to be and have anything you need by applying the law of attraction. When you read that “you can have anything you want”, you might think that people want many things but they don’t get them. For example there are many people who want to be a political leader but they spend their entire life without achieving that goal while others can achieve the same goal in a relatively short time.
When the law of attraction gives person 1 the opportunity to go on the stage and give a public speech. The power of the subconscious mind is so great when even there is no stage; it creates the stage for you. When your own subconscious mind doesn’t support you then you create all kinds of excuses to stop yourself from doing what you need to do to make your dreams reality. Attract Prosperity and Abundance Subliminal Affirmation Draw prosperity and abundance into all areas of your life with the power of subliminal affirmations!
Be More Assertive Subliminal Affirmation Put an end to your overly passive ways and feel the joy of being more assertive using the power of subliminal affirmations!

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Be a Non-Smoker Subliminal Affirmation Free yourself from your smoking addiction and be healthy now through subliminal means!
Positive Thinking and a Happy Life Subliminal Affirmation Feel the happiness of your life with your positive thoughts, no matter what your situation, using the power of subliminal affirmations! Release Stress and Remain Calm Subliminal Affirmation Release stress and maintain your sense of calm with subliminal affirmations. Success Is Mine Subliminal Affirmation Embrace the ultimate belief in your ability to succeed subliminally! Attract Love and Healthy Relationships Subliminal Affirmation Attract the love you deserve and maintain only healthy relationships in your life with the power of subliminal affirmations! Supreme Self Confidence Subliminal Affirmation Create and reinforce healthy and positive self confidence now using subliminal affirmations!
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Abundance is a very generalized concept that often relates to money when you have a spiritual perspective. We’re taught to include all the riches we have—family and friends, love, good health, a nice home, joy, etc.—under the umbrella of abundance. This form of writing connects the two diverse worlds of writing and health care with definitive results.
The primary function is emotional catharsis which imbibes all the struggles which make the individual feel disappointed.
This ensures that old pressures do not disturb the mind frequently, thereby developing a possibility of increased confidence and willingness to do the work. The incidents that stirred optimal emotions, traumatic circumstances, relationship with parents, friends, lovers, etc.
Irrespective of style and ethical nature of the content, presentation of thought must be given priority because reflecting on the content is the treatment in expressive writing. Therefore, expressing yourself with full flourish and transparency would certainly bring about a change in the attitude. It is important to focus on feelings, memories, people, etc., rather than on the form and structure of the content.
An individual can write for 20 minutes or 4 hours depending upon the time he or she can provide according to the daily schedule.
For instance, few people may find it difficult to write on a paper and feel comfortable while typing. Additionally, it makes it interesting for the writer also, as the collaboration of music and emotion leads to swift catharsis. This results in decrease in the number of visits to the doctor, improvement in immunity, balancing of blood pressure, optimal functioning of primary organs, mood enhancement, and ultimately disappearance of depressive and traumatic symptoms. Either way, through penning down thoughts about stressful or painful incidents, expressive writing will purge the emotions leading to a state of harmony. So, if you are suffering and don’t know where else to go, take a paper and start writing all the perplexities, discomforts, hardships, etc. It’s crazy how the advancement of technology has allowed us to communicate is ways that we would have never thought possible. Today was going to be about the law of attraction, and how your mindset is going to pave your future whether you like it or not. The difference between these two groups of people is the way how they apply the law of attraction.

Person 1 believes that he wants to be a political leader and feels most of the time that he wants and needs to be a political leader. Person 1 becomes nervous and thinks that he wants to be a political leader, but not right now. He has given so many speeches in his imagination which would let his subconscious mind supports him to go on the stage and to take his chance.
A lot of people make the mistake of concentrating on things they don’t have in there lives, rather then where they want to be.
There is a difference, and knowing this, can alter your ability to manifest money and abundance into your life.
When I was writing Tapping into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money, with Margaret M. Of course you can also appreciate other kinds of abundance, as long as you focus on money when that’s what you want.
You can build a strong vibration to greatly increase your wealth by both feeling gratitude about all your blessings and focusing on creating much more abundance in dollars and cents. This is a most unfortunate situation yet cannot be avoided in order to survive in this menacing world.
The following information justifies why people suggest the employment of Expressive writing with immediate effect. As there are no restrictions for Expressive writing, a person can opt any of the writing forms.
As a result an individual could reclaim his position in the society, retain his job, develop intense relations, etc. The key to master the law of attraction is mastering our feelings, beliefs, thoughts and imaginations. While Person 2 also wants to be a political leader but he imagines that he has already achieved that goal by everyday practicing giving public speeches in his imagination and feels with all beliefs that all people around him and they listen to his speeches. It gives you all opportunities to achieve your goals but you must be ready to receive them. Lynch, the leading expert for finding and clearing blocks to getting more money, I became enlightened about the difference between desiring money and desiring abundance. Since abundance is just a concept, wanting it doesn’t create the kind of vibration needed to manifest. You may have been given a negative picture of what happens if your income gets a lot bigger. It’s important to be clear about what you tell the Universe so the Law of Attraction knows exactly what you want. The results will be of a jubilant exuberance along with the development of positive attitude towards life.
The answer is person 2, because he sends supportive messages to his own subconscious mind using his thoughts and imaginations.
Asking for more money can trigger old negative messages, fear of changing if you get more money, fear of not fitting in with your family. The thoughts and beliefs which you vibrate to the universe attract the same into your life. Separate it from the money you want and focus on the good feelings you’ll have when you the Law of Attraction works in your favor.
Seeking to increase abundance can seem like a more spiritual mindset, while focusing on just getting more money can seem shallow. Desiring more money out loud can almost seem as if you don’t appreciate all the blessings of your abundance.

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