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Part time work from home opportunities could play a significant role in improving the present employment situation in the UK. Whether you are currently unemployed or are already working full time, it could be worthwhile to consider taking up a part time work from home opportunity.
Starting a work at home business could be your answer to the difficult economic conditions that prevail today. Cost Benefits: Launching an independent work from home business does not require any major overhead costs – no rent, utility or commute expense. Time and Space: If you are on a frantic job hunt, taking up part time work eases the pressure a bit, while giving you time and means to do a rethink on your career aspirations, getting them more in tune with the current trends. More time for personal responsibilities: Many work from home arrangements nowadays entail setting up an independent virtual call centre business that allows you to fix working hours at times that are convenient to you.
Learn while you work: If you have recently graduated, and seek to pursue higher studies, part time work will not only give you time to add to your qualifications but will give you a much needed opportunity to learn valuable skills and acquire experience that could add extra weight to your CV. A good opportunity for students: Working at home part time can equip students with organisational and time management skills and add to their confidence levels. There is also a strong likelihood that your part time venture may evolve into a flourishing full time home based business.

Could you please send me some further information regarding the part time jobs you have working from home? According to the latest quarterly report of the Office of  National Statistics there has been a drop in the unemployment rate by 0.2% and almost a 2% increase in the number of people working part time (according to the break-up of the figures). It can provide an extra means of income for those already employed, and for those out of work, it can serve as an opportunity to start afresh, learn new skills and boost self-esteem.
As it is an independent home based business, you have the option of practicing part time and choosing your hours hence get the best of both worlds. All you need is a computer, a set of headphones and a reliable fast internet connection and you’re ready to go.
You also have the option to upscale your skills and qualifications and a revenue stream from your part time work will certainly help in that direction. The biggest plus point is that for all this to be possible you don’t need to venture beyond the walls of your own home.
It is these very traits that can boost their employment chances and give their career a successful start on completion of their studies. Therefore working at home part time would definitely be a step in the right direction that can lead people closer to their dream careers.

Click here to read more Send a message Your Email Your phone number Message By sending this message, you agree to Vivastreet's terms and conditions. However, in order to provide you with a quality service and security, some categories will charge a fee. This shift to part time work could be attributed to fierce competition for regular full time jobs or to an attempt to find work that is more compatible with the worker’s personal preferences. Working at home part time offers a host of benefits to people in all situations, from different walks of life – fresh graduates, students, the unemployed, those looking for an additional income source, those looking to change career paths and parents who want to be able to devote more time to their children. Even if your full time job allows for only a few hours of spare time every week, in a work from home arrangement, you still have the freedom to schedule your working hours as per your routine and you are ensured  of additional revenue every month. Working at home part time would give them the option to schedule the hours they service around their academic requirements.

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