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Sry its old post , but looked good and i was thinking of doing this almost exactlySmashax206: Look into Canna A, Canna B, Hydroplex, CalMag, Miconut. Just make sure it's from a reliable source= no pest,mildew, diseases , and is female with no hermaph traits.
This cuts cost of seeds, multiple size pots, months of veg time, more maintainence , t-5 lights, etc. Keep the temp between 70 F* and 80 F* to prevent node stretching, make sure you can run you lights at 100%+.

Gook luck i»?Neo16 Jam: I can't believe you go through all these details, and you didn't talk abut trunk space. Just subbed sub back!!TooDabbed: I love that man very nice room and au69miner is right every square inch used! I just wanted to ask how did you get the Batman toy to sit on top of the cake without it falling off?
Control the height and width of the plants with pinching; you will get more colas with this method too.

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