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Ask any therapist out there what the secret to a successful relationship is, and they will answer ‘communication’. It turns out there are five different forms of communication, somewhat cheesily referred to as ‘languages of love’, that we use to relate to and affirm each other. At any point in the partnership, there are numerous opportunities to applaud your partner’s efforts and progress.
Dancing and learning together is a give and take process, as you both learn and help each other improve. This one’s a no-brainer, as all ballroom dances require touch – indeed all strong relationships in dance rely on it! There are plenty of dance-related gifts you can get for your partner, from paying their way to a club or performance, to new shoes, outfits, or additional lessons.
Nothing quite excites the people of Duluth, Minnesota, and its surrounding area like the Tall Ships. The scaled up event will feature something for everyone with a Tall Ships fix; onboard tours, day-sails and expanded hours for dockside tours. The exact ships that will attend along with ticket availability and other pertinent details will be announced as the event draws closer. Tall Ships® Duluth 2013 was the single largest event in the region’s history with an estimated direct economic impact of $15 million in addition to millions of dollars of worldwide publicity. We’ve never been there before but would like to make reservations now for the 2016 event.

Gennifer Flowers ranks , and ranks among all celebrities on the Top Celebrity Crushes list.
I arrived in Little Rock not long after Gennifer Flowers had gone public, turning the Clinton campaign into a circus. Janice Dickerson says Bill Cosby raped her, funny Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey also have a Bill in common. If sleeping with Bill Clinton qualifies you to be President, I think I'll vote for Gennifer Flowers. Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones are all very pleased about today's revelations.
Bill always went for the less than desirable jawns like Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and even Monica. I wonder what happened to the reporter who asked Gennifer Flowers if "Governor Clinton used a condom" because he seems like a real cut-up. I remember the Newsweek my Mom got before they fired him, Gennifer Flowers all tarted up despite her presidential baby bump. A wise dancer will listen carefully to the language their partner prefers, and make sure they respond in kind during the learning process.
These tall-masted, wooden ships that harken the 1800s now tour the lakes and seas as a tourist attraction and recreational sailing exhibition. Once again the popular festival will flood Duluth’s Waterfront, Bayfront Festival Park and Harbor Drive with a regatta of majestic Tall Ships.

The bustling Duluth Waterfront will also have a full complement of vendors, artisans, music, reenactments, entertainment and a secret surprise yet to be announced. Fans are urged to keep an eye on Tall Ships Duluth page to get the latest information and to register for a chance to win unique prizes for the event. I would be willing to pay a daily rate + all expenses + any & all tickets for boat tours. And yet, the more I teach, the more I realize that a dance is only as good as what a couple brings to it: Ballroom dancing won’t save a failed marriage, or magically create a spark where there is none. Next week, we will look more closely at how you can express the languages of love through ballroom dance, so you can enjoy strong relationships not just with your life partner, but any friends you make along the way. After another successful Duluth event in 2013, officials are now planning the next Tall Ships event in Duluth Aug. What it can do is take a relationship where there is at least some commitment to each other, and make it stronger. But to build strong relationships through dance, what must we know about our partner, and ourselves?

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