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We recently updated our Car Dealer iOS app template that lets you display your own cars you wish to sell.
We are constantly working on all of our existing templates, thus making them more appealing and adding new features. As said before, when we are creating an update for a template, we also adding some features. Once that was done, we introduced 2 new FlowLayout objects that tells the collectionView how we wish to layout the cells inside to be able to draw a grid or a list layout. For us, there wasn’t too much to change, just had to do some basic adjustments and it was working. This one has been requested by many customers, to replace the existing UITableView and use a UICollectionView instead.

In some languages, they read from right to left, as opposed to left to right, and so, the UI of the app should adopt to these requirements.
It was super easy to migrate from our existing Parse app to their site, and just had to modify a little code on their side to make everything run again.
The biggest issue that we came across while we were developing is how to add a searchbar to the collectionView as there is no trivial way for doing this, as opposed to using it in a tableView. Well you basically set up your project to have a new scheme, where you can set to use Right to Left language, and simply run it before doing anything. Features mentioned and accessories shown will vary by model and may not be a part of the standard equipment. If you are using a tabbarController you’ll notice that the order of items are reversed, Home tab (for example) is on the right side of the view, as opposed to being the first item.

Some settings are easy, others need some adjustments, like flipping the back button’s arrow. Prices shown are Ex-Showroom Delhi, for exact prices, please contact an authorized Chevrolet dealer in your area.

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