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Should you do something simple like forking, or go for a senior prank to end all senior pranks? Above: baby lettuce starts with basil and swiss chard left over from the spring, alpine strawberries, flanked by scarlet runner beans. We started 3 varieties of pole beans in Tater Towers with closed bottoms (Tower Tot) on our back deck, fashioning stands from left over wood and a pyramid of bamboo and twine to climb. And speaking of cute, we’re growing these little fellas for the first time this year. If you pretend to have the sniffles, you can pull out a tissue and read the notes that you wrote on it with pencil beforehand.

You can stick your media player in your pocket, run an earbud up your sleeve, and listen to all the answers by leaning your head against your hand while you take the test! Below we’ve captured some of our favorites of the fruits and veggies in the Better Ways test garden this summer. Ever-reaching delicate limbs intertwine as they stretch skyward, giving way to puckered petals and slender fruit. This spring we placed 2 sets of towers on our driveway and they’ve done very well, as you can see below. On the test day, you wear that shirt under a loose hoodie or zip-up sweatshirt and take a peek down every time you need help.

After getting the answers you need, blow your nose and rub out the answers when you crumple up the tissue. We hope they will inspire you to think about how much food can be grown in a relatively small space.

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