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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In today's presentation we are going to continue our series on how to start a successful business with a look at 7 different ways you can raise money for a new business. What better way for celebrities to raise money for a good cause than by harnessing their own famous name. The famous NFL quarterback shared a video of himself with his dog encouraging fans to enter a contest with a grand prize of a private football lesson for two from none other than Brady himself. If Matt Damon is more your type, (RED) is offering the opportunity to hang out with the actor in the green room before his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Steve Aoki: Party with the iconic DJ at his VIP table in Las Vegas’ Hakkasan nightclub, plus a private screening of his horror movie, The Hive.
There are various ways in which entrepreneurs can raise money for business, to start up or for expansion, the most obvious and widely used channels being – own or family funds followed by bank loans. But if you have an absolutely brilliant business or business plan, one which is most likely to generate a high return on equity for its owners, then there is a third option available to you.
Unless you have a profitable or potentially profitable venture and a pressing need for capital; it is not advisable to raise equity from third parties, you will become bound by a lot more regulation, more people will start having a say in your business and you will be diluting your own share in a profitable venture.
Often, I meet business owners who want to raise money from other investors because they are not sure of their business plans. In general terms, in the above (a) scenario, you are more likely to raise private equity while in scenario (b), you could hope to raise public money via an IPO. Private equity is sale of a part of your business to an identifiable group of private investors. On the other hand, public equity is raised by way of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) where shares of your business will be sold to the wider public. You are more likely to raise private equity for well established businesses (like in scenario (b) above) but almost never will you be able to do an IPO, based purely on a unique or innovative idea with no prior business history. While there are a million ways in which a private equity deal may be structured, I will stick to the basic concept – the so called plain vanilla private equity deal. Note: The Internal Rate of Return or the IRR as it is commonly referred to in private equity transactions could be calculated in many different ways.
A theoretical definition of Internal rate of return (IRR) – The rate at which the net present value of all future cash flows equal zero. In short – Once you make the agreed IRR for the investor, you will get back your stake in the business. Many enterprising businessmen of our country look at private equity as a way to sell stake in their business in return for capital.

Raising money in an IPO is a lot more cumbersome project and tedious from a regulatory standpoint.
File detailed offer document mentioning basic business model, objects of the issue, risks involved with the business etc with the stock exchanges and with SEBI for approval. Find large institutional investors willing to buy a large portion of the offering – called anchor investors. For the issue to be successful, 90% of the total amount of money proposed to be raised must be raised at the close of the book building process.
There are many different ways not only of structuring the deal but also of raising money for your business in the first place. Your school may need new equipment or money for improvements or activities the school board can’t sponsor or pay for. Fame is exactly what Tom Brady is banking on in his latest efforts to raise money for AIDS research. The Tom Brady contest offers fans a variety of packages set at different price points with proceeds going to (RED). There’s also the George Clooney experience, where you can make a donation for a chance to share a champagne toast with the Hollywood heartthrob and have him compliment you non-stop for 45 seconds. Thanks to (RED), someone (possibly you?) and a friend will have the chance to come throw the ball around with me.
This option is to invite others to become part owner in your business in return for their capital. You need capital to expand your business so that the overall revenue and profitability increases. Besides regulatory issues, the big reason for this is that it is easier to convince a big investor (i.e. The shares, each representing a fractional ownership in your business become tradable and are listed on a regulated exchange. In the above scenario, you expect to generate a 20% annualized return on the invested amount of Rs. For example Rs 10 Cr, generating 20% annually for a period of 10 years will return a sum of Rs. The BSE Small & Medium Exchange (SME) enables a company to raise capital via an IPO if it has a maximum post-issue paid up capital of up to Rs.
For example, often private equity funding agreements have a clause giving the PE investor an option to exit by selling his stake on a stock exchange after a certain point of time, or at the happening of an event. He has covered Indian markets for over a decade and is regarded for consistently identifying early stage investment opportunities.

Thanks to (RED), someone (possibly you?) and a friend will have the chance to come throw the ball around with me [sic],” he added in the caption. The more you spend, the more chances you get to actually win the lesson with Brady—a $10 base donation gets you 100 chances, while a $5,000 donation gets you 50,000 chances to win. Naturally, for an investor this is far more risky than it would be for a financial institution giving out a loan. If this is what you have on your mind, you will be wasting a few precious year’s of your life and invariable regret this decision later. To give you an example of such a situation – you make glass bottles from 2 factories with a total installed capacity of 800,000 bottles a month. Further, someone desirous of getting his business listed will have to appoint a merchant banker, a team of lawyers and auditors and enter into agreements with stock exchanges for ongoing compliances and with share registrars and depositories for de-materialization of shares.
Attorney by qualification, Rajat has done extensive work for improving corporate governance and disclosure standards. If your school is private maybe that endowment fund is getting low, or you simply can’t keep tapping into it.
This is because what an investor gets in return for his capital is equity – part ownership in the business. If you think you are a great at marketing and you will talk investors into buying your plan, then maybe you should get a job in marketing.
All of them get consumed and you still have buy orders for 900,000 more bottles but no supply to sell more bottles. Further, you will of course like to guard your unique idea than to disclose it in an offer document and announce it to the world. On the other hand, for public listing, the regulatory requirements are fairly elaborate which you can briefly read about below.
The commitment under the agreement may require this amount at the end of year 10, instead of periodic payments or at certain intervals. Remember that most private equity firms will conduct a thorough due diligence of your business before buying out any stake from you. Whatever the reason, learning how to raise money in schools is often more than selling candy or wrapping paper door-to-door. Not only will you fail, you will also ruin whatever standing you have in the market and the possibility of accessing capital markets ever again in future.

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