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Regardless of if you have a job or not, there’s always a reason to look for side jobs to make a little extra cash on hand. Do you have a really strange talent that you’ve thought, “Man, I bet someone would pay me to draw them a birthday card”?
Tutoring is a big business and businesses, schools and parents are on the lookout for the right person who can point their student in the right direction. If school was never your thing and you’re more into sports, check your local parks and rec department to see if they are in need of referees.
Are you one of those people who can take a weird looking frame from a yard sale and turn it into something beautiful? There’s a good chance that you live near a marketing agency that’s looking for focus group participants. Uber is completely changing the way we use transportation and they are currently growing extremely fast. If you want to make money online as a full-time career then you will have to invest in your future with online education from people who have been there, tools to help you succeed, and tools to make it easier on you. Set up a blog – Blogs are popular, and if you have an interesting topic then you will find that people naturally find your blog and will want to read it often.
Write articles – If you have a knack for writing and some knowledge about various topics then you can write and sell your articles online.
Recommend products to your friends and followers – If you are active on social media sites like facebook or twitter then you can promote products that you friends may like. Signing up to become an affiliate is free at most places, and almost every company that you buy from online will allow you to promote their products. Remember that the more you blog, write, or recommend – the more money you can make online.
This entry was written by admin, posted on February 25, 2014 at 7:36 pm, and filed under Make Money. Q: I am in the process of planning my August 2014 wedding and I am having a bit of a dilemma about my bridal party.
Besides all that, the cost difference between six bouquets and nine probably isn’t that huge. I’ll admit, people like to gossip, and they have opinions about some pretty weird stuff. At this point, it looks like the solution is to have my sister stand with me, and his sister stand with him. If you read everything I have to say and still decide having a big bridal party is more trouble than it’s worth, tell your friends exactly what you told me. My bridal shower was hosted by an older family friend, and my bachelorette party was a nail-painting and wine party in my apartment the night before the wedding, because that was the only night all the bridesmaids were in town. Also, if your guy has nine friends he wants to honor, and you have just two, consider having some of his guys stand by you. Yes, I have eight bridesmaids (ok, seven bridesmaids and a bridesman) and I’m planning to have a get-together the day before the wedding to make our own bouquets.
Funny story- we made this decision because the idea of a future wedding party was actually stressing out my future husband *before we were even engaged.* He only has a few close friends and is older than me, so all his friends are already married and having kids and not so interested in being groomsmen anymore. The decision-making process was easy at first, got a little bit messy in the middle and then it ended perfectly. About halfway through the planning one of my bridesmaids had to move cross country a year sooner then she had planned. Just a word of advice from a veterean bridesmaid, if for any reason you DO NOT want to be in a wedding. I think its important with bridal parties, like everything else, to remember that no one changes, just because you are getting married. I agree the second OP should ask her close girlfriends to be bridesmaids and let them choose. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to choose a bridal party so that they can throw parties for you. That being said, I also had no idea that there was an expectation that you buy gifts for your bridal party. Plus (and someone could offer some insight on this), I never understood the logistics of the bride giving her bouquet to her MOH when the MOH already has her own bouquet to hold. It can get pretty hairy up there for a few seconds unless you do some advance coordination. For the record, I’m saying this as a bride who is getting bouquets for her bridesmaids. The bouquet problem used to be confusing until I realized that that is what a flower girl is for. Oh, and having been a bridesmaid at far too many weddings (almost all for my parents) I decided that the wedding party should only be standing for the first few minutes. Ugh, by far the most stressful thing for me during wedding planning has been picking my bridesmaids.
I have one friend who I thought I wanted to be my MOH, but she has snuck into different convos the fact that she would not, could not ever give a speech (she’s super shy).

By now, saying that “the iPad is a great tool for customizing the classroom” wouldn’t exactly be breaking news. But, you want to be careful to not scour the internet for a quick-easy way to make money, as many of these are too good to be true.
From cleaning to errand running to home repairs, millions of people rely on TaskRabbit to find quick help. If you’re a math whiz or an English scholar, think about contacting places to see if they need tutors.
Start by making how-to videos about something you know really well and you might be surprised by how quickly you can gain views and followers. These can be just a few hours or an all day thing, but you can make good money (and get free food) by just giving your opinion on things.
She's a Certified Professional Resume Writer and a Certified Employment Interview Professional. But if you just want to make some extra money online, in your own time, then there are free and easy ways to do just that.
Just make sure you don’t hound your friends or followers with promotions, or you may lose them as friends and followers all together!
My fiance has three sisters I would love to be bridesmaids, which I have kind of mentioned to them already, but that puts my side of the bridal party at nine and I feel like that is waaay too many people to have up there. But one of them has a newborn, one of them is six weeks pregnant (due two or three weeks before the wedding), and one is actively trying to get pregnant.
So I do want and need my friends to help out with the events, and he’ll need his friends to help too. Deciding that someone may or may not feel too fat or too strained for time or too strapped for cash isn’t really your place. Because you’re not asking them to be in your bridal party so you can have a great bridal shower or so that your photos look awesome. Her spare time is spent sipping bourbon with her husband and playing Don’t Throw That in the Toilet with her sons. If you’re on a small budget anyway, I would seriously consider making your own bouquets.
Picking and choosing isn’t my thing, so it was easier to just decide that bridesmaids were family only.
Others have offered to help according to their interests and abilities, and I am grateful for their support.
We found ways to incorporate siblings, and I had my childhood best friend come early to be in pictures with me and mom.
I like the emphasis above on honoring people you love and having them around you on that day.
When she found out she was pregnant we talked about it and decided to go ahead and plan on her being there, understanding that maybe she would not be able to when the time came. But maybe you can still be involved with whatever lead-up weddingtime things (planning the shower, bachelorette, chipping in for a gift, whatever) are involved. I was only a bridesmaid once (10 years ago), and I had no idea that there were expectations that come with that role, other than wearing what the bride & groom asked me to wear.
I didn’t even notice until I went and looked back at the pictures specifically to see if they had bouquets or not. Because yeah, the maid of honor can hold two bouquets (unless the bridal bouquet is super heavy, and it sometimes is), but often the maid of honor is ALSO concerned with arranging the train of the gown while the bride moves around. Because otherwise, that reasoning seems more like an excuse for a gendered tradition rather than an actual practical reason to do bouquets. My niece is six, and she spent most of the ceremony sitting with her parents, but she walked down the aisle with the bridesmaids, and when we said our vows she stood up and held my flowers. They find you the clients and deal with all the payments so all you have to do is show up, do the job and get paid online. Be sure to show off that awesome personality of yours, as no one really wants to watch a boring person just sitting and talking. When she's not helping with job searches, she can be found hanging with her hubby, Matt, and puppy, Belle.
Then you can either add google adsense to your blog or promote products on your blog to make some extra cash. Sign up is free, and they only take a small percentage when you sell your articles, because they are finding the buyers for you. Then when you see a product that you think would add value to your friends or followers life you can promote that product using your special affiliate ID. Often when you start talking in terms of bulked purchases (like nine matching bridesmaid gifts), the price for each item drops a smidge when you order a bigger quantity. This complicates everything about being a bridesmaid: the money involved, dress sizes, time commitments, you name it. And I know that the numbers don’t have to be equal, but it would look pretty weird if I was up there with the two sisters, and he was up there with eight or nine guys in suits. I don’t even remember what we got the groomsmen, besides the silk ties that they wore.

I did it with 4 of my 5 bridesmaids the day before the wedding and we had a really great time. He, however, will only have one groomsman, because he only has one friend to whom he feels close enough to ask to stand with him.
We are planning a small wedding (~60 expected guests) and are *almost* skipping the bridal party; my sister is my MOH and his brother is his Best Man, and all we are asking them to do is show up dressed for a church wedding, sign the license, and smile in the pictures. To me, she is irreplaceable, so taking her out of the bridal party was out of the question – I can definitely live with knowing she may be giving me a new adorable god-son instead of coming to the wedding. I kind of like it better, aesthetically, because the groomsmen don’t usually hold anything, so it looks more even to me. It gave us a great way to include her, and meant that no-one had to juggle two sets of flowers at once.
I don’t feel comfortable relying on her (like would she show up on time?) and if I did ask her I know the financial burden would fall on her parents to help her because shes really struggling.
You can draw someone’s pet, create a business logo, record a testimonial, even write a personalized song, the options are almost endless.
There are a lot of Facebook groups out there dedicated to this type of thing and you can always contact craft shows and local businesses as well.
Search online for market groups in your area and see if they have a sign up form where you can get added to their lists.
You get to talk about things you love and make money on the side – this is not only easy but it’s fun!
Plus we are on a small budget and paying for the wedding mostly on our own, and I’m guessing nine bouquets and gifts will add up to a lot. There’s a good chance that, body-wise, none of them will be comfortable being in front of a crowd on that day. You typically do in the UK.) I mean, you can if you want and are feeling generous, but typically buying a dress is their individual responsibility. Everyone paid for their own gear rental, and everyone chipped in for the beer and BBQ at the camp site. So I would say, just be honest with her about it and the two of you will figure out what works for your situation.
And not even just one party each but local friends organized local parties for each of us and farther away friends organized bigger shebangs states away.
If you want to start smaller, contact local farmer’s markets and see if you can test out your products on their customers. Why not give it a shot and see if people will be willing to pay $5 for what you thought was a worthless hobby. I came up with other ways for each of them to still be a part of the wedding without actually being maids, but my fiance also has nine friends he would like to have up there with him and doesn’t feel like he can cut anyone out.
If it does end up being a noticeably bigger expense, chop the gifts and write a note of thanks instead. My other best friends, mainly from college, all live VERY far away (as in France, Korea, Nigeria).
And for gifts, like Liz said, you can make that work how you need it to work for your budget.
Other close family members (Best Man’s wife, my brother) are doing readings at the ceremony and being honored in other ways (and will be thanked with heartfelt notes and possibly small gifts). I have a ton of acquaintances or new friends but I feel like asking them to take on so much responsibility is unfair. So my question is, if he does end up being okay with cutting his side down to six people, is it wrong to renege on what I already mentioned to his sisters? I can name some or all of them bridesmaids, and order them dresses and such, but they’re not exactly going to be able to fly around the world to help out with a bridal shower. Having a shower or bachelorette for you aren’t required parts of being in the bridal party. Our closest friends stepped up to help anyways, but without the pressure or coordinated outfits. We are not friends anymore either and I wonder if she feels regret when she looks at her photos now. Your friend in Nigeria can be just as much a bridesmaid without chipping in for a sheet cake at a shower. You’ll have to start by putting yourself out there and being vocal about your side business, but trust me when I say that news travels fast in neighborhoods and people are always looking for good help.
I ended up calling my partner and saying, “THEY HAVE TO STAND UP THERE WITH US,” bringing our bridal party up to six each (eep!
By figuring out what you want and why, you’ll have a better sense of what solutions are viable and what needs to happen to make them work, emotionally and financially.

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