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If you can take decent photos and write readable descriptions, you can easily become a successful eBay seller! Maybe you want to become a freelancer, but don’t want to have to wait to build a client base. One of my friends wrote me just yesterday asking if she should start a blog because she needed money. In India the plant of Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious as it brings positive energy and auspiciousness to home. Articles you’ll likeA Willing Guide to Select an Italian Restaurant with Pizza Wine Bar GrillAre you planning to eat out?
If you are thinking about leaving them in their original containers you are asking to get caught. This technique is effective in response to how to sneak alcohol on a royal Caribbean cruise or any cruise line for that matter. Here is another one people consider the best way to hide alcohol, it’s through a wine spigot. The best way to hide alcohol, simply depends on your budget and situation you are looking to sneak the booze. The important thing to think about is how do you sneak liquor on a cruise ship without being noticed…. October 21, 2013 By Kelly - Be A Fun Mum 21 Comments I was chatting to Peter from Coolthings about Minecraft paper craft that would appeal to older children and he’s come up with this brilliant Minecraft Torch for craft or a party activity for Be A Fun Mum. 1 x flickering electronic candle per torch – available in most craft stores and online here. TIP: Print the torch out on photo paper and if you have access to a laminator then laminate it. Great idea and design, we used photo paper and then packing tape on the flat printout before we folded it. This path is a real money saver… it only uses a small amount of large stone for the focal point of the path, then fills with inexpensive gravel. This path has a more modern vibe, and is created with gravel and modern tiles with small ornamental grasses planted throughout. 12 Creative DIY Compost Bin IdeasIf you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard OasisIt's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. Going deep with the founders of Wait But Why, who show that thoughtful, long-form content is king.
Note: BuzzFeed publishes several long and excellent feature stories every week, as you can see on their Big Stories page. Over the last several years many professional writers and journalists have lamented what's been called the BuzzFeedification of the Internet. This is an Internet where, it seems, a steady stream of churn-and-burn content is king, and anything of substance is only second best. Increasingly, news organizations are relying on apps like Snapchat and Facebook not only to build their audiences but to host their content, in ways that are designed to capture readers' supposedly shrinking attention spans, which are thought to be so short that anything longer than a six-second Vine or a listicle that takes longer than 30 seconds to assimilate could have them clicking or tapping away to the next bit of stimulation. We took a bet that long-form, high-quality articles would stand out in a world of listicles. And this has happened, the site's founders say, organically, without buying any followers or likes, or even pressing hard on social media. This is all the more impressive considering there just isn’t a lot of content on Wait But Why. Common Internet logic would say that articles of those lengths just don’t go viral, and that an editorial website that only publishes occasionally certainly has no chance of retaining readers. In eschewing churn in favor of substance and breadth for depth, Wait But Why's essays also capture a level of reader engagement that even the new-media giants would be envious of. There is desire for content that is less disposable and more like a good book—essays and articles you want to return to, to read again and again. Ironically for a long-form content site, the stick figure drawings often used in Urban’s essays have become an iconic staple of Wait But Why. Urban’s essays cover a wide array of lofty topics ranging from the vastness of time and space to religion to tackling social preconceptions about marriage. And anyway, doing your research pays off, like when one of the world’s most famous AI enthusiasts tweets that your article on the subject hit the mark.
In spite of the public appetite for expertise, there's a value in being approachable, says Urban.
As a citizen, you can play the right role to control maximum pollution by following a few of easy steps that starts from your home. Wood stove tend to generate excess smoke into the air which is harmful for the health of your entire family. It is the need of an eco system to have good interaction with green plants, organisms and animals in a healthy environment. It is always advisable to eliminate maximum household chemicals and pesticides that directly pollute the green environment.
Many waste products like glass, plastics, aluminum and paper can be recycled instead of been disposed off in the dustbin.
Planting of the food locally helps in reducing the overall commercial transportation of food items that require pesticides and preservatives to preserve them.
It is always a better option to reduce the usage of contaminants and toxic materials at home. Follow these tips that will radically change your entire family lifestyle besides having a greater and positive impact on the entire environment. With temps in the high 90s and crazy humidity here, I’m really, really looking forward to the beach trip we have planned later this summer. My kids usually want to use their spending money on the little animals made from shells at the massive souvenir shop at the beach. Get your kids to dig through their buckets for the prettiest shells that already have small holes in them, and they can easily string them to make a DIY shell necklace with this tutorial at Kids Activities Blog.

If you trust your kid with a hot glue gun (I’m thinking tweens and teens), they can quickly whip up some seashell hair pins to wear out to dinner or trade with new friends they make at the beach. I’ve seen lots of DIY projects for gluing shells onto picture frames which can look really beautiful and is so easy. Kate Etue divides her time between the book industry, checking out the newest tech trends for kids, and indulging in craft foods in a cool suburb of Nashville.
Whether you’re looking to just make some fun spending money each month, or want to create a supplemental income for your family, there are lots of great options! These jobs pay only a few pennies, but each only takes a couple seconds or minutes, making those pennies add up fast! Not only can you earn cash or store gift cards, but you’re also giving input that helps decide how products and services are created. Depending on your skills and products, you could make anything from a little extra spending money each month to enough to make eBay your full-time job! Build a website that explains what you do, how much you charge, and examples of your work, then get to work promoting yourself! A fun way to make money from home is with earning sites like Swagbucks or MyPoints, or rewards apps like Perk. If you draw or like taking photos, you may want to see about joining a stock site like iStock and submitting some content. Tiny clover plants which miraculously have just four leaves and it being good luck plant goes back to seventeenth century where it was believed that if you find four leaf clover plant then something good is going to happen.
Well this is scientifically proven that this plant absorbs some poisonous gases in air and exudes water vapors in large quantity giving proper natural humidity.
It also draws attention when they x-ray it seeing a big shampoo and mouthwash bottles in your luggage. It is convenient and once you make it into the ship, you are free to remove the sack and slowly enjoy your drink. The consequences of being caught with alcohol are nothing to be afraid of, but still you don’t want to get caught.
You’ll get a great end result as the torch will look like it has been purchased from a store. Once you have the tabs done the next step is scoring and folding the lines that form the body of the torch, the easiest line to start with is the centre line because you can use the edges of the top and bottom of the torch as a guide to get a straight line.
Bend all your tabs down so they are nice and flat, this makes it easier to assemble the torch.
I have searched high and low for cool minecraft ideas and while I have found some from people who want to help, nobody gives you patterns or websites or any information on how to do the things they did, only pictures. I am a creative type but I am so thankful for others like you who make my life so much easier by sharing their genius ideas. Lay each paver on the lawn in its place, then cut around the stone into the sod with a sharp knife. 3 DIY Self Watering Ideas for the Garden5 DIY Garden Mood Lighting IdeasDIY Raised Garden BedsCreative Garden Sign Ideas and Projects16 Pumpkin Carving Projects You Never Thought Of! No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. We did not intend to belittle the work of the editors and writers there, and we regret if that was the takeaway. It’s an Internet where if you want to get a job writing for one of the hottest media companies on the web, your knowledge of how and why information is shared online is as important as your writing talent.
But now I have a link for him: A young, bare-bones website called Wait But Why is disproving the notion that thoughtful, long-form content and virality are mutually exclusive. It was like the Internet had given up on people having attention spans," says Tim Urban, the thirtysomething writer and cofounder of Wait But Why, the sometimes humorous, almost always profound, long-form explainer site whose articles have captivated millions and garnered influential fans, including Elon Musk and Sam Harris). Unlike viral churn-and-burn content sites, which posts dozens of articles a day, Wait But Why has only published just over 80 articles in total.
In fact, it’s just run from the laptops of two friends separated by the span of America between them. But unlike the GIFs and memes that most viral content is built upon, the simple drawings in Wait But Why’s articles are there to support the words, much of the time adding humor that contextualizes a topic and strengthens the prose in the process. An A++ is going to get shared 1,000 times more than an A+, which gets shared 1,000 times more than an A.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
More the number of vehicles and industries, the more is the contamination in the environment.
Many countries recommend repairing of leaking air condition of your car that adversely destroys the upper layer of ozone atmosphere. Instead you can cook food on energy efficient appliances that promises low cost and quick cooking too. Instead you can make your own solutions for cleaning purpose using distilled vinegar, lemon and baking soda. You can lower the temperature of your water heater, wash dishes manually instead of using a dishwasher, reduce the use of air conditioner or heater and buy energy efficient lights to lower the energy consumption and heat generation level.
You must try to dispose off biodegradable as well as non-biodegradable wastes in a proper way and avoid littering it all over your home environment. You can still channel the beach vibe at home by ordering a bag full of shells from our affiliate Amazon or from a local crafts or hobby shop, and making these fun summer crafts at your kitchen table, wherever that may be. But with just a little glue, this koala DIY tutorial from Martha Stewart or the (much easier) seashell fish tutorial at Crafts by Amanda might keep my kids busy for an hour or so, and my cash in my pocket.
You can learn how to dye seashells with this tutorial from Rainy Day Mum for a beautiful collection to keep in a bowl on display later. Or for more vibrant color, check out this tutorial for coloring shells with melted crayons at Artful Parent. Or get fancy and dip them in paint first, like the DIY dip-dyed shell charms we spotted by Melissa Esplin.
Whether you stick them to the quick-dry clay for a keepsake, or just let your kids arrange them on paper with shapes as a pattern guide (check out the Tangram Channel for printable pages), this would be some calm, relaxing fun after a morning in the water. They’re stylish enough that you could wear them too, which will probably make your kid feel awesome.

Whether you go with the simple shells-and-driftwood wall hanging we found at BHG, or incorporate jewels and sea glass like this coolk, blinged-out wall hanging at Home Sweet Homemade, the result is one-of-a-kind pretty. You can do this by selling packages that give people time spent emailing or Skyping with you, or you could sell helpful eBooks or video tutorials! You can do traditional freelance work, like graphic design, or you can also offer specialized skills, like social media marketing.
Point to remember is that shoot of the money plants must always point upwards then only it brings wealth to house. Our Rum Runners Flasks look great on x-rays and don’t look like the typical stuff you see people use to smuggle alcohol.
When it comes to knowing how to sneak alcohol to a party, you need very discreet methods and this is not one. If you are not in need of an actual walkway through your garden, consider a path to lead to a focal point, around garden beds to make the yard look larger, or simply to nowhere in particular to add some structure and design elements. Urban and his co-founder, Andrew Finn, figured that even if nine out of 10 people read the first few paragraphs and left, that 10th person would be enough to begin building a loyal following. Its most viral article, a 1,600-word essay explaining the psychosocial reasons why Generation Y is so unhappy, has well over 2 million shares. Urban has a BA in Government from Harvard and Finn earned his BBA from the University of Michigan, but in describing Wait But Why's ascendence, neither cites their degrees or experience running their other companies, two ed-tech startups they previously founded called ArborBridge and truePrep. One of the best ways to conserve electricity is by switching off all the lights and appliances when not in use.
It is due to excessive air pollution and global warming that the entire eco system is negatively affected today. You can also use reusable towels and reusable bags rather than using disposable plastics or bags. It is also a proven facts that organic food is more sustainable that the one which is preserved using harmful pesticides and chemicals, thereby casing harm to the entire global ecosystem.
You must also take care to dispose off all the waste material in a proper way rather can simply disposing them off in the bins. They don’t include instructions, but do you really need instructions for putting a big, beautiful upside-down clam shell on a night stand or bureau and keeping rings in it? You might want to start with a good scrubbing though, and maybe some hot glue to hold the pieces together. You can also offer something silly, like a photo of your pet posed with a sign with a custom message! Don’t make the mistake of trying to use other methods that are obsolete….get your Booze Flasks now! It entails wearing a sack around the belly, fastened by two straps for stability and comfort. This is also one of the best ways to smuggle alcohol on a cruise, beach, concert, you name it. You can get away with this trick in so many places and they include cruise ships, sporting events and even parks. You are also in the process saving a lot of money on expensive alcohol sold at these events. Next time you want to sneak alcohol into festival, choose a method that best suits your needs and the occasion or setting. The site is now visited by people from every country in the world every month, and its content is so viral its readers offer to translate it into other languages, including Chinese, so their non-English-speaking friends can read it. The site’s other long-form essays typically get in the range of 300,000 to 600,000 shares each.
Instead they credit the site's success to their friendship since kindergarten and the decades of esoteric conversations only best friends can have. And, they say, that seemingly small difference can translate into exponentially more shares.
Air pollution is caused in excess due to many large businesses that have their focus on making money rather than maintaining a clean, green and healthy environment.
You can wash your clothes in a washing machine using both warm and cold water instead of using hot water.
With a little change in your daily lifestyle, you can definitely help to protect the entire planet with its ecosystem is a healthier way.
Take a look at these 10 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home and decide where YOU want to start!
Caribbean, Carnival and many other cruise lines look for broken seals when they see water bottles.
There is nothing more enjoyable than a cold beer during the summer, while enjoying the sun.
This brilliant method fits in with places that going with a pair of binoculars will not seem out of place. The smoke emitted from these industries and factories are carried to miles and ultimately generate dirty and unhealthy pollution. The beer belly can help you to conceal alcohol and literally pass through any detector if done correctly. This one is a bit cumbersome, but it is better than noting or paying outrageous amounts for alcohol. How this works is by getting the can and cut it through the middle, make sure that the logo is visible. The answer is yes, just use the first method with the water bottles as that’s easy and effective if you are looking for ways to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship. This method is preferred by some because it blends in with the body and does not raise any suspicion at inspection before boarding the ship.

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