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While it would be cool if everyone could incorporate these tips, I highly doubt that after reading such advice you will start jogging for one hour every morning and change your diet to incorporate more fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. For the lazy crowd looking to give a little boost to the brain functions, is there anything easier?
By switching the side of your mouse-pad you will force yourself to use your non-dominant hand. Ideally you want to perform as many activities as possible with your non-dominant hand, but some of them might become cumbersome. Using the mouse with the opposite hand is something that you can easily integrate into your life. Sometimes you want to remember the name of a song that is playing or the name of an old acquaintance that passed by . You don’t need to participate in the Mathematical Olympic Games in order to stretch your brain capabilities. Regularity is very important here, so try to incorporate these games or exercises into your routine. Written by Daniel Scocco, the author of Daily Blog Tips, a blog focused on web design, online marketing, SEO and monetization tips. There is a wealth of information at our disposal today on the latest discoveries in brain science.
We can either drown in this information or turn it into a lifesaver by extracting its practical knowledge. In a Harvard University study, two groups of volunteers were presented with a piece of unfamiliar piano music. Albert Einstein, who is credited with saying that “imagination is more important than knowledge,” used visualization throughout his entire life. This idea was popularized by Derek Sivers, a professional musician, in his presentation at TED. As Drek Sivers explains, psychology tests have proven that when you tell someone your goal, and they acknowledge it, you are less likely to do the work to realize that goal. The Facial Feedback Hypothesis indicates that facial expressions representative of an emotion trigger changes in your body that are similar to those that happen when you experience the actual emotion.
Try this the next time you are in a bad mood: Instead of frowning, which reinforces a negative mood, consider smiling. Research at the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University discovered that social or emotional pain is as real and intense as physical pain.
There is ample research proving that your brain cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined threat; the physical response is the same. Mystic Cool: A Proven Approach to Transcend Stress, Achieve Optimal Brain Function, and Maximize Your Creative Intelligence, Don Joseph Goewey provides a powerful tool—called the Clear Button—to thwart fearful thoughts and stop the escalating stress. Imagine that there is a button in the center of your left palm; imagine that this button, when pressed, will send a signal to your brain to stop the fearful thinking. The true power of the mind, its impact on our health, future, outlook, and self-concept, is a mystery, sparking much discussion and debate for centuries.
Your mind is a body part, and like any other body part, it’s directly affected by the type of diet you’re on. On the other hand, foods like cruciferous vegetables, berries, barley, green tea, nuts, steel cut oatmeal and quinoa will promote healthy hormone levels and blood circulation. Your mind gets cluttered with thoughts during the day and meditation is the only way to clear out those thoughts and restore sound thinking. Positive affirmations spoken aloud every morning and every evening can have a significant impact on your capacity for creative thinking, critical thinking and your ability to remember important information like names and dates. A positive affirmation should state, in the first person, a specific character trait which you want to develop or a goal which you want to achieve.
Most of us aren’t able to remember important things or to think creatively because our mind is too occupied with details about what we have to get done that day, that week or that month. People who exercise on a regular basis (5 days a week for 30 minutes to an hour a day) get better blood circulation to their brain and to their muscles and organs.
A good balance of cardio vascular exercise and resistance training is best, but you can also choose to combine some of your exercise time with your meditation time by practicing Yoga.
Self-hypnosis combines the principles of meditation and autosuggestion and can be used to fill you mind with positive thoughts and beliefs.
People who use self-hypnosis to increase their brain power also consistently report improvements in their mental, emotional and physical well-being. The way you start out your day has a strong impact on your mental and emotional state throughout the rest of the day.
Some people like stimulating their mind with puzzles; others enjoy reading, writing or playing music and some simply use meditation.
Nothing stimulates the mind like interactions with people who are like-minded and who enjoy synergistic thinking such as problem solving, discussion of critical issues or creative brainstorming.

Think tanks and mastermind groups give you a place to bounce ideas off of other people and this will help you to challenge and to refine your ideas. If you want to increase your brain power, you have to give your brain something to feed on.
Unlike listening or watching where the information is simply fed to you, reading requires your mind to process each word and interpret it. Writing is one of the best ways to increase brain power and to develop greater self-awareness and sharper, more persuasive communication skills. Writing forces you to develop clear and organized language for your thoughts so they can be received and digested by someone else’s mind. One of your goals in life should be to continually sharpen your mind, no matter what field you are in or what you do as a career.
Also by simply playing brain games, you can benefit your brain by gaining the skills involved from the game. I used to think that video games were a huge waste of time until I actually started playing. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about studying for your finals or studying for an exam, but studying a topic of interest will keep your mind sharp.
There are numerous studies of eating healthy being connected to the improvement of brain cognition. I can’t tell you all the research that points to the fact that exercise improves your cognition. When Albert Einstein was in his school days, he would often get into trouble for daydreaming in class. This, in turn, will stimulate the neural connections between the right and left hemispheres on your brain. I tried to brush my teeth using my left hand for one week or so, only to find out that the tartar was building up. The brain can be stimulated just like your muscles and the more you exercise it the stronger it will get.
Oh no, games and activities as simple as sudoku or crosswords will already have a tangible impact upon your brain performance.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. While we enjoy reading about these findings and expanding our intellect, how many of us actually apply these concepts? Several important tips mentioned here are based on discoveries in brain research that can help us improve our personal and professional lives, as well as help others in our sphere of influence. When we repeat a skill that we are trying to master, we strengthen the neural networks that represent that action.
Why not take advantage of what we know about brain plasticity and take the time to add visualization as part of your rehearsals of anything you are trying to master, such as delivering a flawless presentation? This is because your brain mistakes the talking for the doing—that is, the gratification that the social acknowledgment brings tricks your brain into feeling that the goal has already been accomplished. For example, your brain cannot tell the difference between a posed smile or a genuine smile.
The same brain networks are activated when a person experiences a physical injury as when they go through a painful emotional experience. We can create a better world in our sphere of influence just by being mindful of this thought and using it to help develop our empathy towards others. This 10-second strategy works because it creates a distraction from the primitive brain where fear resides. Palmer, founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal once said, “Science requires an engagement with the world, a live encounter between the knower and the known.” In other words, knowing is not enough. I hope you enjoyed the blog about how to train yourself to be more successful with power of the mind . If you eat a lot of foods which are high in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats, your diet will negatively affect the blood circulation to your brain and your weaken body’s ability to manage stress. The healthier your body is and the easier time you have managing stress, the easier it will be for you to concentrate and to think clearly. 15 minutes a day is sufficient and if during this time you practice proper breathing, relaxing your body and clearing your mind of all thoughts, positive or negative, you’ll have an easier time focusing, absorbing information and retaining it.
Take 15 minutes every morning or every evening, and write down everything you have to do for the day ahead of you. Keeping a written to do list will free your mind of the everyday clutter which keeps most people stuck; a written plan will also cut back on negative, self-sabotaging behaviors like worry and procrastination. This means better concentration, more rested sleep, greater ability to manage stress and thus a higher capacity for creative, focused thought. These beliefs will cause different behaviors and help you tap into your full potential for learning, thinking critically, being focused, memorizing data and solving problems while under pressure.

If you’re short on time and want to combine autosuggestion and meditation, try doing 15 to 20 minutes a day of self-hypnosis techniques. Instead of getting right out of bed and checking your email or thinking about what you have to get done that day, give yourself a “brain breakfast” by doing something which stimulates your mind . Find something which stimulates your brain and which helps you sharpen your creativity, your memory and your critical thinking skills and make it the first thing you do for 15 to 30 minutes every morning. If you want to wake up your mind and reach your full capacity for creative thinking, memorization and critical thinking, start a mastermind group…even if it’s just you and one other person in the beginning. Discussing things with others will also sharpen your communication skills and thus help you develop clearer and more persuasive language for your ideas.
By reading positive, inspiring and thought provoking material every day, you’ll awaken your mind and tap into your natural creative and intellectual potential. If you practice daily writing, such as journaling about the books you’re reading, you’ll discover that writing is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to increase your brain power and to refine your communication skills. This incredible report can change your life by helping you to unlock your true hidden potential!
We recommend you download and use one of the following modern browser for a more enjoyable and secure web experience. Whether it is just to get better in your IQ test, your exam or getting the results that you want, having a powerful brain is essential to them all. Even video games can enhance your brain functioning – the myth about video games making you lose brain function probably came from unproductive video game addicts. When I first started playing Call of Duty, I realized it took a tremendous amount of skill and reflexes to actually do well.
A book is basically organized thoughts on paper and every thought that you have has a frequency.
I personally use supplements to help my progress such as ginko biloba, fish oil and ginseng. A bestselling timeless classic that has amazing Amazon reviews and has been recommended by the likes of Tony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, and Denis Waitley. Scientific research confirmed that people that use both hands equally have 10% more nerve fibers joining the two sides of the brain.
After this adaptation phase however, you’ll be navigating the computer just as efficiently with both hands. Leadership tycoon Warren Bennis once said, “We seem to collect information because we have the ability to do so, but we are so busy collecting it that we haven’t devised a means of using it. The same happens physically in the brain whether we perform the action, or simply visualize it—Your brain cannot tell the difference between an action you performed and an action you visualized.
The satisfaction you experience in the telling removes the motivation to do whatever it takes to actually make it happen. A posed smile will elicit, physiologically, the same pleasure or happiness response as a genuine smile.
We do ourselves and others a great disservice when we don’t decide to act on the gift of knowledge. My eyes would intensely gaze at the screen trying to know where I was in the map and also be weary of the location of my opponent.
A thought has a biochemical and biological property and can actually be measured with scientific equipment. Research shows that daydreams are linked to areas of the brain that are in control of problem solving. Probably ask some nearby friend for the name, and upon the revelation you will even shout marveled, “Oh yeah! Try to look at the keyboard of your phone in order to create a mental picture of what the sequence of numbers looks like. When their brain activity was examined, both groups showed expansion in their motor cortex, even though the second group had never touched a keyboard.
While a great deal of information can also be absorbed by watching TV or listening to audios, neither of these can challenge the mind like reading can. My focus had to be on the screen while I simultaneously control my hands to move the analog sticks and buttons.
This forces your mind to use different parts of your brain leading different brain plasticity to form. Taking notice of this, consider how this information can help you to regulate some of your emotional reactions by controlling your facial expressions. If you feel you are being unproductive, then focus on a big problem you have and think of a solution.

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