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Before we even remotely get started, we have to acknowledge that being a stay at home mom is one of the toughest jobs that anyone could do. If you’re anything like the average stay at home mom, you probably spend a lot of time on your computer. Why The Rich REALLY Keep Getting Richer And How YOU Can Cash In On Their Secret To Get As Much Money As You Want… Now and Forever! No matter what you choose to do, you always have the ability to make money at home, even if you are looking for jobs for stay at home moms.
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We have a slew of money making tips for you that can earn you and your family some extra money, not just for this holiday season, but for the rest of your life as well.
We know that, especially with younger kids, that you not only are working a 40 hour week, but that you are working 24 hours per day, seven days per week. You probably scrounge message boards and love interacting with people who share your common interests. We have plenty of Blogging Tips here at Make Easy Money 365, and as you will be able to tell, you literally can do anything in the world with a website.
Having some extra time, especially during the not-so-peak times during the day when the majority of people in this country are working might give you some awesome deals. Without ever leaving the comfort of your own home, you have a plethora of options to make money, so get out there are starting earning some cold, hard cash! Show off the brochureShow each brochure to your local area (delivering through doors), to friends and family, or share online.
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The warning that we are going to make about running your own site is that making money on the internet can be slow, and you probably will never get rich off of it, but you have to remember that you can do this at your own pace, and eventually, the money will start to roll in.
Again, this probably isn’t something that can put you amongst the ranks of the rich and famous, but it is something that you can do for just an hour or two per week if you so choose, and it is definitely rewarding to be teaching others in the field of your expertise. Most websites have a small budget set aside to help up with moderating, and if that’s the case why can’t that money go to you? Even though you are always on call with your family, the fact that you can sit in front of your computer and help keep the riff-raff out of websites makes you worth your while to the website owner. If you learn the tricks of the trade with our website, you can turn around and make profit off of the items that others are just merely trying to get rid of. Order the productsYou will now have some orders, type them in to the AVON website and submit your order on time (your sales leader will let you know when your order is due) Get Your DeliveryYour products will be delivered to your door.
Check them off against the invoice, then bag up your customers orders and double check you have their order right!
Pay AVONWhen you have collected all of your money in, pay AVON – you can do this easily online with your debit card, or over the counter at the Post Office (a 57p charge applies if paying at Post Office) Pay yourself!Once you have paid AVON, everything left over is yours!
Be consistent, be reliable, and your business will grow!AVON LeadershipShow others how to do what you do, and build yourself an AVON empire There has never been a better time to join Avon, there is a fabulous new bonus structure called the Fast Start Programme. This programme is available to any new Sales Leaders or anyone currently within their first 18 campaigns of being a Sales Leader. So as long as you are growing your teams you will earn an increasing amount of cash each and every campaign.
These bonuses are an addition to the normal commission you also earn as a Sales Leader that can be found here. Above is a table showing all the bonuses you can earn, Like anything in life the more you get out of it! When your first team member places their first order, this starts the counter on your leadership, and this is known as LLOA1 (Leadership Length of Association 1), and each campaign this will increase.

Up until LLOA18 (your 18th campaign as a sales leader) you can get a bonus payment every single campaignCo-ordinator LevelsTo earn commission from your team, you need to hit certain criteria.
They are very simple – your own order needs to be at a commissionable level (currently ?87), you need to have at least 5 team members placing an order, and your sales plus your teams sales all added together need to come to at least ?800. You would now need to have at least 10 team members placing an order, and your sales plus your teams’ sales (known as group sales) need to be at least ?2,000.
At Co-ordinator level, you are teaching your team to do what you do and to run successful AVON representative businesses.
To progress to leader level, you will need to continue doing this, but also to show your team how to do what you do as a team leader, and mentor them to grow their own teams of representatives. At this point, as well as the normal criteria of your own sales, team size and group sales, you will also need to have a certain level of Advanced Co-ordinators in your own team.To reach Leader level, you will need to have a team of at least 20 representatives in your first generation (from this level upwards, 20 is the most number of reps you are required to have in your direct team), you will need to have group sales of at least ?8,000 and you will need to have at least one Advanced Co-ordinator in your direct team. You are rewarded with 8% on your first generation, 4% on your second generation and your third generation commission grows to 2%Following this is the Senior Leader level. This is a massive achievement, and to get here you need to have ?35,000 in group sales and you need to have 3 Advanced Co-ordinators, and your commission on your direct team grows to 8.5%. Executive Levels Executive Levels are all about continuing the hard work you do as a Co-ordinator in recruiting and developing representatives, the work you do as a Leader in training and mentoring Co-ordinators, and now helping your Co-ordinators to progress into the Leader levels and develop their own team of Sales Leaders.
To reach the Executive Levels, you need a minimum of ?50,000 in group sales, plus 4 Advanced Co-ordinators.
On top of this one of your team must be at Advanced Leader level, and you will earn an executive commission on their team.
Average earnings at this level are in the region of ?60,000.Progression through the Executive levels is achieved through continually mentoring Leaders and Co-ordinators within your team, whilst maintaining the basics of recruiting and developing more representatives in your own team.
As well as the amazing commission on offer, you also have the opportunity of AVON incentives, winning dream holidays, earning yourself a company car and countless other perks and rewards.Our Multiple AwardsSince 2012, we have been blazing a trail and collecting awards for our work and for the successes we have reached with our team. Number 1 Elite, Area 481Elite Presidents Club is where a presidents club representative grows their business by at least 10%. We are very proud to be not only elite PC representatives, but the highest growth in sales in our area Orders on TerritoryAVON best practice is that all representatives have the opportunity to cover a territory. First OrdersAcross the whole of the UK, in 2015 we were the third highest sales leaders to help new representatives to place their first order and start to earn money Elite Presidents ClubElite Presidents Club is where a presidents club representative grows their business by at least 10%.
We are very proud to be not only elite PC representatives, but the highest growth in sales in our area.
Orders on AreaAVON best practice is that all representatives have the opportunity to cover a territory.
New Trainee Sales LeadersPart of the AVON opportunity is mentoring others to also share in your success. In 2014, Tony was the third highest recruiter of trainee sales leaders at his level in the whole of the UK New Sales LeadersShowing others how to train, support and develop their own team is all a part of the AVON opportunity. In 2014, Tony was the second highest sales leader at his level to develop active sales leaders.
Highest New AchieverPart of managing and developing an award winning team is to prove that you can walk the walk – and that you can succeed as a representative too.
Elite AchieverElite Presidents Club is where a presidents club representative grows their business by at least 10%.
Sacha hit this level in 2014, and has been a Presidents Club representative every year she has been a representative. Highest RecruiterIn 2013, Sacha hit the UK in style, being the only person in the country to achieve Executive Leader level in her first 12 months. Highest EarnerIn 2013, Sacha hit the UK in style, being the only person in the country to achieve Executive Leader level in her first 12 months. You Make it BeautifulAVON is all about people, and we believe our people are what sets us apart. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against Domestic Violence and for women’s financial independence. Many people come into AVON looking for a little bit of extra cash, and find that they enjoy the people, products and prospects so much that it becomes a full time career.

We will support and guide you to getting the things you have set your heart on, and your success is our success – let us help you every way we can!We give you the opportunity, but you are what will make it a beautiful opportunity! Drive your business forwards according to YOUR aims and desires, according to the time you have available and in the way that you are happiest. We will give you all of the tools to make a successful enterprise, all that you have to do is to choose the tools you want to use.There are lots of bonus payments, incentives, competitions and prizes that you can win working with AVON, and from the first day when you join AVON online we will introduce you to the current ones.
Being your own business you decide which of these you would like to work towards – all of them, some of them or none!
The only requirement you will have is that we do ask you to order every three weeks as a minimum so that customers are not missing out, and to earn we ask you to collect at least ?87 in orders each three weeks. We are not in competition with you, we are here to support you in every way we possibly can, and to celebrate in your success whenever it happens. Within 3 months, Sacha decided to build her own team, and was the only person in the UK to reach Executive level in her first year in 2013. Since then she has continued helping new representatives to join AVON and helping them develop their own AVON business.
As well as being in Presidents Club every single year she has been a representative, she has also won countless awards for her work with the company.
He is a bit of a web geek, and loves coding, making websites and tinkering with servers (he made this site!). Tony is also a Presidents Club representative, and has won multiple awards for recruiting and training new representatives and coaching new sales leader. She was very nervous about starting her own AVON business, but has taken to it like a duck to water and now also runs her own very successful team.
She finds the AVON opportunity is perfect for fitting around her busy life as a single mum, and allows her the extra money to pay for days out with her daughter, as well as paying day to day bills.Sharon Wootton Sharon joined us in late 2014 as a representative, and in March 2015 started her own team.
In her first full year with us she has reached Silver Presidents Club (making her the highest new achiever in her area) and also reached Advanced Leader in her team leader role, as well as winning Best New Team and Fastest to Senior Leader at our annual conference in 2015.
Since starting she has always been well over this level, and says she is completely surprised at how easy it has been – people already know and love AVON products, they just want somebody reliable to order them from.
Davina also hit Presidents Club in her first year and is aiming for Silver level this year.Gavin and Lea Moye Gavin joined us in 2013 with his wife Lea, and together they fit AVON in around his window cleaning business and their 4 children. They find that AVON is perfect for them as a family as it gives them the flexibility to work around various childcare demands, and gives them the extra money to pay for life’s luxuries.
I confirm I am over 18, resident in the UK and am happy to be contacted about the AVON opportunityNothing works without GREAT productsWe can have the best workforce in the world (and we do), but without fantastic products to offer our customers, we don’t have a business. Thankfully for 130 years, AVON has been leading the world with innovation and our product range is absolutely incredible – did you know there are more different products carrying the AVON brand than ANY OTHER BRAND IN THE WORLD?
Here are just a few of our Hero products – the ones our customers absolutely adore, and which you probably know yourself! Far Away was launched in 1994 (replacing the very popular Bird of Paradise fragrance), and is our most popular perfume. An exotic and dreamy cocktail of rare florals, amber and musk, this is an everyday perfume for all ages. Easy to use, smooth to apply and a reliable must have for any make-up bag, the glimmerstick range has a wide variety of colours to choose from and is an all time favourite. Mega Effects MascaraProvides panoramic volume and corner-to-corner coverage for dramatic definition.
This revolutionary mascara features an innovative brush that lets you apply it easily and evenly across the lash line, and is something no other company has!
A-F33Our ANEW range is world renowned for bringing new skincare technology to the masses, and the latest is a lightweight, silky serum formulated with patented A-F33+ Complex for maximum wrinkle fighting, without drastic measures. They are not made by or on behalf of Avon Cosmetics Ltd, or approved or authorised by them in any way.

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