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JOINING THE SA FORUMS WILL REMOVE THIS BIG AD, THE ANNOYING UNDERLINED ADS, AND STUPID INTERSTITIAL ADS!!! You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Vermin Supreme is an American performance artist and a political activist who has run for a number of offices as an independent candidate in the United States on local, state and national levels. Due to the fact that he is widely regarded as a fringe candidate and a “political clown,” there is scarce information about his history of candidacy or election campaigns.
In 2000, Vermin Supreme proclaimed himself the “Emperor of the New Millennium,”[2] a title that he has retained to this day. In May 2012, Milwaukee-based filmmaker Stephen Onderick, who had previously filmed Vermin Supreme at the NATO Protests in Chicago, Illinois,[23] approached the candidate about making a documentary about the rest of his campaign, focused on his political history and his personal life. His public stunts at the Republican presidential campaign events were covered by a number of news sites and politics blogs, including Reuters[10], CNBC[11], Washington Times[12], as well as Huffington Post[16], The Daily What[17] and io9[9] among others.
On January 26th, 2012, Michael Knowles, the former youth co-chair for Jon Huntsman’s campaign, announced that a Democratic presidential debate will be held at 8:30pm (Eastern Time) on Groundhog Day between Vermin Supreme and the “Rent is Too Damn High” party founder Jimmy McMillan.
Billed by the organizer as “the showdown of the century,” the debate was streamed live via Chattrspace[20] and moderated by Western Free Press reporter Hannah Thoreson and Michael Knowles representing the Yale College Republicans. At the New Hampshires open primary, Supreme received a total of 831 votes and finished in third place after Barack Obama, who won the poll with 48,970 votes, and Ed Cowan, who received a total of 944 votes. He claims that if elected to presidency, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth. Vermin Supreme is his legal name, according to the primary ballot documents filed by his campaign committee. According to an interview with the Village Voice in February 2012, Supreme was born in Baltimore, Maryland and current resides in Massachusetts. The Presidential election is a year away and we are going to have a new president for the first time since 2008.
I have voted Republican the last two elections, even though I knew Mitt and McCain were inevitable losers.

Paid family leave and sick days are kind of the short list of things that will actually happen, out of all progressive issues. As a non-American, I listen to the things the Republican candidates have to say and wonder how on Earth they can feasibly run for public office. Vermin Supreme Videos Browsing all 10 videos + Add a Video Like us on Facebook! The Guy She Told You Not to Worry About A Redditor May Have Solved "Mandela Effect" Olympic Memes: Tonga Flag Bearer "Come to Brazil" Does Bruno Mars Is Gay? He often calls himself the “Emperor of the New Millennium” and is known for wearing a boot-shaped hat and carrying a large toothbrush. According to his official website[1] and Wikipedia article on his candidate career, Supreme’s first unsuccessful bid took place during the Mayoral election of Baltimore in 1988, followed by short-lived campaigns for Mayor of Detroit and Mayor of Mercury in Nevada.
In 2004, Vermin Supreme also campaigned in the Democratic Party’s primary in 2004, from he received 149 votes in the Washington D.C.
Supreme agreed and the two created a Facebook page[23]titled “Who Is Vermin Supreme?” on June 20th and a Twitter account[24] in the following month, as part of the Kickstarter[22] fundraising campaign which was officially launched August 7th. For largest reward bracket, the full $10,000, Vermin Supreme will do something the donator asks, with suggestions of lawn care and walking the donator’s dogs. Vermin Supreme 2012!”[18] on January 7th, 2012, receiving 2,152 up votes and 885 down votes in the first 56 hours. We are the media,” sounded the voice from a megaphone as Paul staffers ushered him into a waiting SUV, just minutes after he arrived at the restaurant. For his 2012 presidential campaign, Supreme has stated that it will be centered around the platform of raising Zombie apocalypse awareness and delivering a pony for every American. I took a poll and it suggested that I vote for Clinton, which I would probably do if it comes down to Trump vs her. The man I wanted to be our leader isn't running, the guy I like might not make it, and it almost feels like it's a race to the bottom. Get rid of this crap by registering your own SA Forums Account and joining roughly 150,000 Goons, for the one-time price of $9.95!

On December 19th, 2011, Supreme received some attention from the news media after glitter-bombing Randall Terry during the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum, claiming that Jesus told him to turn Terry gay. In 2011, he was quoted as saying that if he became President, he would make kidney transplantation compulsory for everyone. I think Hillary is pragmatic but has a lot of great ideas that won't come to light (paid family leave?). I don't know GAF, I am a bit concerned with everything going on outside the Free World and I am really concerned how I will be living into my 30's.
For the first time ever, there is a chance that I may affiliate with a party JUST for primaries, and there is also a chance I will not vote. We charge money because it costs us $3,400 per month for bandwidth bills alone, and since we don't believe in shoving popup ads to our registered users, we try to make the money back through forum registrations. In 2008, Vermin Supreme campaigned in the New Hampshire Republican Party primary in 2008 and receivd 41 votes (0.02 %). It’s a scam!” Before another inquiry could be made, Supreme did a complete spin, smiled broadly, and shouted “Look for a new world ‘odor’ – this one doesn’t smell so good!” before bounding like a rabbit down the gravel pathway along one side of Dewey Square Park and disappearing into the hole of an unknown tent. I anticipate Hillary winning the primary and I am thinking Trump will win if Rubio doesn't shape up.
I think she's a leader, though, and can take calculated approaches to modify the existing policies administered by Obama. According to the Federal Election Commission, he also received 43 votes nationally in the general election. The problem is, Hillary is an interesting candidate as she is not an extreme liberal to me, unlike Sanders.

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