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Entrance to the home toward the end of a long corridor, fetches negativity and financial loss. To control the expenses that are going beyond control, keeping grains or live plants in the toilet is very helpful.
North wall is the ideal location for keeping the jewelry and important papers as well as valuables, as it is believed to bring good fortune.
Vastu is one of the best ways to improve your financial status without putting much efforts.
As soon as you will follow the above mentioned tips and start getting benefits, you may also start getting indications about upcoming wealth via dreams.
Find out what the month of August has in store for you with the ongoing monsoon, with our monthly horoscope for it. Today, on Devshayani Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu’s 4-month duration of sleep, Chaturmas begins.
Today is the first Sawan Somvar and here you will know how to turn this day into a blessing. Take a step forward towards success by reading the predictions of our panel’s expert astrologers.
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A well designed pooja room can bring peace, harmony, happiness and success in to your life. You should strictly follow pooja room vastu before designing your pooja room or pooja space. Pooja room should not be made above, below, adjacent or opposite to a bathroom as they emit negative energy.
Pooja room should be located on the ground floor of your house, and not in the basement or on the upper floors.
For smooth flow of positive energy the roof of pooja room should be like a dome or pyramid. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more rules on pooja room vastu that you should keep in mind and follow. Holy books and other pooja items should be kept along the West and South wall of the pooja room. This entry was posted in Pooja Room, Pooja Room Designs and tagged Home Improvement Ideas, Home Interior Design, Home Makeover in India, Home Makeover Tips, Pooja, Pooja Ghar, Pooja Mandap, Pooja Mandir Design, Pooja Room, Pooja Room Design for India, Pooja Room Design Ideas, Pooja Room for Homes, Pooja Room Interior Design, Pooja Room Positioning, Pooja Room Vastu, Pooja Roonm Interior Decoration Tips, Vaastu for Pooja room, Vastu and Pooja Room, Vastu Shastra by Homemakeover.
Pooja room can we place it behind south wall kitchen back side and near dining hall & secondly pooja room is it possible without doors shall we use curtain. Did you know that many Asian billionaires consult Feng Shui experts before moving office or buying a property? In this post I am going to talk to you about how to Feng Shui your office to increase your wealth. The Chinese and Indians believe that there is an energy flowing in and around us called Chi or Prana. Now if that sounds too crazy to be legitimate why not think about it in terms of modern science. While there is very little scientific study about Chi itself, modern science and medicine are now incorporating and accepting many related practices such as acupuncture which is based entirely on balancing the body’s Chi flow. I first got interested in Feng Shui when I visited a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in North India which had been totally designed using Feng Shui principles.
This post is for all of you entrepreneurs and business owners out there who have an open mind and would like to know how to make their office a little more conducive to success and wealth. What I am going to do now is go through a few well know Feng Shui tips that are said to help increase wealth by fixing the energy flow in your office.
Feng Shui experts will tell you that the position of your work desk is of utmost importance. The south-east corner of your office is said to be the wealth area and as such you should place symbols of wealth in that area and not have anything that might represent money getting sucked away.
It is said to be very helpful to have a flowing water fountain with fish in it at your front door (the door you enter your home or office most). If you can’t build a pond or fountain then images of swimming fish and flowing water will do. If you have a Mac this probably isn’t a problem but for us PC users there are a lot of cables. The Chinese believe that you should never leave symbols of poverty or a decline in wealth laying around. The Bagua is the cornerstone of Feng Shui as well as playing and important part in Taoism and many Chinese philosophies.
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And, about getting sunlight and fresh air, I come from Spain, where we have a lot of sunlight. I’d recommend some flowing water by your front door way, pictures of swimming fish and some wealth objects in the South East. Being a chinese, i am really pleased to see you talking about this profound knowledge by Chinese ancestor. Whenever you go to any reception of a company own by Chinese, you can either see fish tank or some waterfall structure. I wonder if the monastery you stayed at was in BodhGaya, where Buddha is reputed to have become enlightened?

I find that many Feng Shui principles are actually things that make sense and that work for me, but I don’t live my life by the principles intentionally.
Whenever I allow my work or living space to become cluttered, I suffer a corresponding sluggishness in creativity and production. However, being a Chinese Malaysian, I have never practiced Feng Shui and does not know Kung Fu too. Great post BT, I’m going to look more into this Feng Shui more, as it sounds like something right up my alley. And LOL at the almost empty coffee container, made me laugh and had to go grab another cup myself! But seriously, clutter doesn’t attract demons, just causes a cloud of negativity to form in what people tend to call shadow people. To my credit, I’ve only been able to make a spirit sit down on the floor once when I yelled at it to stop fidgeting.
Cleaned my desk the other day to just have a small sheaf of action points for Wherespresso and TDFTips, 1 pen, and my 2 screens (iMac + external, PC pffft) and that’s it. Here’s the kicker: the every-two-hours metermaid rounds force me to get up, go outside and move my truck to avoid the parking ticket! I wandered into this past post and I have to say that for me clutter is the bane of my workspace. Alas with no MacBook in sight (unless I rip one off from one of my kids)I have cords everywhere (from the now office standard laptop and additional wide screen monitor),manuals papers and and even a cluttered peg board – where the heck does one begin (and yes the rest of the room is spotless- I hide my office with a screen when company comes)? I enjoyed the conversation and suggestions from your readers- I do feel from them that I must tackle this clutter monster.
I think I have the energy to at least clean off my desk top before I am attacked and carried away by the combined forces of the clutter monster and the dust bunnies!
GET THE FREE REPORTSubscribe to the mailing list and join over 20,000 smart bloggers who are starting blogs and developing them strategically. Anxiety, hopelessness and tension, which have become a part of our daily life can be abridged with financial consistency. To gain financial profits, keeping a purple-colored plant in the southeast corner is considered beneficial. It is like one time investment of time and energy to adjust your valuables according to the tips mentioned above, and you are on the right path to become wealthy. In order to help you decode the auspicious signs that may come at night, we would like to introduce you with one of our most read articles - 30 Dreams To Make You Rich! Wenn Sie diese Webseite weiter besuchen, erklaren Sie sich mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf dieser Seite einverstanden.
But, if the place of pooja room is wrong, your meditation and prayers won’t yield the desired result.
However, if you have yours in there, make sure the deity is kept in such a way that you face the East while praying. In fact, there are stories about hotels and companies on the brink of collapse that reworked their Feng Shui and now make a fortune.
I practiced Kung Fu for ten years, travel to the Indian Himalayas fairly regularly, am fascinated by Buddhist philosophy and prefer to read about Chinese emperors and dynasties than wizards and sexy Vampires. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it. I used to be skeptical but after seeing my girlfriend cured of migraines in one week by an acupuncturist after spending 15 years trying every western medical method available including CT scans, medication, chiropractics, etc., I started to pay attention. The place had such a wonderful environment and vibe that I thought I better check it out for my own place. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment but, as always, I probably have no clue. This rings true in society at large as well; most successful cities or empires throughout history were located by great rivers. If you visit the super successful companies in Asia you will find that most of them have a beautiful water feature at the entrance or places strategically within the lobby.
My desktop backgrounds on my PC are always images of great flowing waterfalls with lots of sunlight if possible.
Experts say that this clutter stops a clean flow of energy in that it can make you feel stressed, overly busy and cramped. A broken and dripping tap, for example, is said to represent a constant loss of wealth or power. The above photo is from my kitchen where we like to keep clear containers full of pasta, coffee (who has been drinking that?), flour, oats, cereals, etc. You should always have lots of natural light and fresh air blowing in for as much of the day is possible.
For example, if you find that a toilet is in your wealth area then it is said that you will experience money problems until it is fixed with a remedy. But now I live in the north of Europe, in Denmark, where light is a luxury in winter (less than 7 hours of natural ligth)and I have experienced the symptoms of that lack of vitamin D.
The only place for my office is the basement, the only place for the desk is against the wall across from the door and the southeast corner contains my recycling. Even the casino in Singapore has a large water area with two dragons each at one side symbolizing trapping of wealth. But until I read this article, I realized that my desk was in wrong position after I re-arrange my room many moons ago. I stayed a short time in the Burmese monastery there, sleeping on wooden planks, which actually I much prefer to a soft mattress!
Once of the feng shui ideals that we have also tried is to balance your environment based on not just wealth, but other elements such as fire and scent.

The jade plant is supposed to represent money as it looks like coins and stores water for years. I think it also helps to represent power if you are facing the door with a big wall behind you. Because water somehow sounded like MONEY in Chinese, we always wanted water to flow in, not flow out. Placing them in opposition of a window or each other makes the space in between unbearable. If anyone could put a non-sentient, non-corporeal being to work, I believe it would be you. Never thought about asking the poor guy to carry a broom with him while he paced the hallway. When it was such a popular topic in the 70s and 80s I tried to incorporate it into my interior design projects. The only people who would be critical about Feng Shui are the ones who’ve never tried Feng Shui. Next is to get rid of the 4 bikes, golf clubs, 3 surfboards, snowboards, fishing rods, CDs, cycling paraphernalia, files, etc etc out of the office!
I liked many of your points, most of them because they align with what seems like common sense to me. While the trade-off is for unbeatably cheap leasing costs, I do physically feel the energy drain created by no sunlight.
I start thinking about moving things around in the ways you described and I can feel the stress leave me. It is believed that constant movement of fishes regulates positive flow of energy which in turn is very good for financial gains .Water inside the aquarium should be clean and aerated. Growing money plant in a purple colored pot; and place it in the northeast corner of the drawing room or office is also very fruitful. Following these simple tips will not only help you in pleasing Lord Kubera, but will also increase your wealth within a short span of time.
If you already have a pooja room or space, make changes to comply with the basic guidelines of pooja room vastu. The idea is to place your desk in a power position such as facing the door with a wall to your back for stability. My south-east corner (above) has a couple of healthy jade plants, a coin jar I keep constantly filled and some beautiful crystals. The pond above is something I built using a large plant pot, some water plants and a solar powered water pump. Try to clean up your office cables so that they are hidden and make the mess in the room completely go away.
You should therefore make sure you fix things as soon as they break, especially in the southeast corner or your house or home office.
This, for me, is one of the most important things because it has a massive and scientifically proven impact on how well you feel.
That being said, I know of several businessmen who have consulted Feng Shui experts and have reported great success. That is why they say not to put the toilet bow in the south east section (wealth section) because it will flushes out the water (and MONEY) everytime you use it. The people over there are amongst the nicest and most genuine I’ve had the privilege to meet. And, for the most part, none of them really give a crap about the people who can’t see or communicate with them anyway. The way I look it at, the more stuff I have strewn about, the more places I have to search for dust bunnies. And the more mysterious ones, well, you did mention something about the Wisdom behind 3000 years of practice.
These measures can actually lend you a hand in transforming a sinking business into a lucrative one. Well being and prosperity chases those who live in structures that attract positive cosmic forces. If it is a relatively new happening, then it may be due to something simple as the relocation of the study table. The Vastu Shastra has revealed how the Five Elements of Water, Space, Air, Earth and Fire and their distribution in the 16 Vastu zones determine the exact shape your life takes. We also know that if your office is too dark or noisy you will find it difficult to concentrate.
Set it up so that walkways and desk areas flow nicely and you feel like you are in a well organized space. A lack of vitamin D can really get you down and when you feel depressed and stressed you are less creative, less efficient and have no ability to increase and improve your circumstance.
It also tells you how to treat a disturbed zone with simple MahaVastu remedies that do not require demolition. And while I don’t attribute that to the Feng Shui, I do think it has helped facilitate the right environment for success. Our biochemical pathways depend on a certain amount of UV light, and we just don’t get that indoors.

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