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The Body Is Not An Apology is a global movement focused on radical self love and body empowerment.
Through education, personal transformation projects, and community building, The Body Is Not An Apology fosters global, radical, unapologetic self love that translates to radical human action in service toward a more just and compassionate world. The Unapologetic Posse is the motley crew of people across the globe who have decided to live unapologetically in their own skin.
Work to dismantle their personal body shame by reminding themselves of their individual amazingness on a regular basis. Help their friends and loved ones see how body shame is keeping them from living their best lives and encourage them to live unapologetic existences. Share information, resources, and inspiration with one another as we all take the journey toward radical unapologetic self love. First, there is a vast difference between increasing the possibility of good things happening and actually guaranteeing a positive outcome. Despite the disclaimer that one is not being punished or blessed, the graphic makes each person entirely responsible for his or her fate.
People with disabilities routinely run into barriers that make realizing the life they want impossible. I know that some will answer these assertions by pointing out that individual disabled people have, in fact, overcome structural barriers. My answer is this: Given that all bodies are vulnerable and go through fluctuating states of ability, disability, energy, fatigue, wellness, and illness, we cannot rely simply on our own individual power. Since our Body is the dwelling place of God-The Holy Spirit, we must keep our body clean and healthy devoid of any negative forces and dirt. Many of the body\’s major systems may be used for both physical and spiritual activity. Much of this was known in the sacred and often secret temple schools of ancient cultures around the world. Entering the temple, raising the energy, energizing the spiritual centers, and uniting with God is possible for a spiritual life.
Moses could not ascend the mountain and meet God face to face until he first gave water to the seven maidens and raised the serpent off the desert floor –symbolic of enlivening the seven spiritual centers and raising the Kundalini energy.
The third is a single path, the Sushumna, beginning in the lower pelvic area and traveling directly up the body to the top of the head.

The endocrine glands along this pathway are, in order from lowest to highest: gonads (testes in males and ovaries in females), cells of Leydig (named after the doctor who discovered them, located in and above the gonads), adrenals (located on top of the kidneys), thymus (located in the upper chest), thyroid (in the throat), pineal (near the center of the brain at the top of the spinal fluid canal), and pituitary (just above the back of the roof of the mouth, behind the bridge of the nose, tucked under the frontal lobe).
Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. We believe that each time one of us unapologetically owns our beauty, loves our scars, and heals our shame, we in turn give others permission to do the same! This decision was made regardless and in celebration of body type, race, sexual orientation, gender, physical or mental ability, age, or any other difference. After all, the way in which we carry ourselves in the world sometimes can have an impact on how people respond to us. Loving yourself enough to exude confidence is one thing; believing that you can make your dreams come true through an act of attitudinal will is something else entirely. For disabled people, this way of thinking can take the pernicious form of being blamed for the state of our own bodies, as though we somehow caused our disabilities with poor psychological habits and could somehow cure them with the proper way of thinking.
Put out positive energy, and the universe will respond in one way; put out negative energy, and the universe will respond in another. These barriers are not of our making and cannot be overcome by means of a positive attitude.
The implication is that if one disabled person can do it, then all disabled people should be able to do it. For example, the seven major endocrine glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream to keep the body running optimally are also a physical portion of the seven spiritual centers or chakras that can affect major changes in our vibrations and consciousness.
But, if one wants to experience the whole of God consciousness and eternal life, then one need to raise the body\’s vibrations and experience higher states of consciousness. He reveals six centers and an ultimate luminescence that occurs around the top of the head. Two are an interwoven double helix called Ida and pingala, often represented by double serpents (? We believe that discrimination, social inequality, and injustice are manifestations of our inability to make peace with the body - our own bodies and those of others. For example, most people in our culture will respond more positively to a person exuding confidence than a person who is mired in self-hatred. The former is an attempt at playing the odds; the latter is an example of a belief in being able to control what is essentially beyond us.

The result is that people encounter blame for becoming ill, on the premise that they have the wrong state of mind, rather than receiving support and love while going through a difficult time.
A person in a wheelchair who is homebound because he lives on the fifth floor of a building without an elevator cannot, though the power of positive thinking, get to the first floor and onto the subway to a job.
But that sort of thinking ignores the fact that exceptions to the rule are, in fact, exceptions because larger structural inequities make overcoming these barriers uncommon. We must remove the barriers and the inequities that keep people from realizing their dreams. These centers are depicted in two ways: as chakras (literally, a€?spinning wheelsa€?) and as padmes (literally, a€?lotusesa€?). February 16, 2013Featuredbrain, human mind, mindAdi A very interesting research shows that human minds have the ability to sense future events approx 2 to 10 seconds before they occur. So there is something to be said for increasing the possibility of positive responses by putting confident, self-loving energy into the world. A young woman routinely denied employment because of a facial disfigurement cannot, through a powerful rush of spiritual energy, stop people from limiting her opportunities.
The notion that, by force of will, we can always overcome structural barriers reinforces the pervasive American notion that individuals bear all of the responsibility for the outcome of their lives, and that society as a whole bears no responsibility at all. Researchers suspect that the subconscious minds sometimes know more than our conscious minds. It has been found that the conscious mind only controls the brain for about 5% of the time and the rest controlled by the subconscious mind.
The 85% of people with autism who are unemployed cannot, by adjusting their attitudes and hoping for better, make remunerative employment appear. But disabled people, for all of their effort, still live with dizzying levels of unemployment, poverty, hate crime, and discrimination. The soul in brain has central nervous system and is connected with peripheral nervous system.
No amount of positive thinking will keep someone from refusing you a job or committing a hate crime against you if they’re bound and determined to do it. Analysis suggests that if you were tuned into your body, you might be able to detect these anticipatory changes between two and 10 seconds beforehand and close your video game.

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