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Keep in mind that slime is not taste-safe and should be avoided with children who may be tempted to put it in their mouths. Once you get the right consistency, slime is irresistible, even for children who don’t like to get messy at all. This starry night sky slime can be stretched to make a nice long surface, or you can roll it up into a ball. Starry night sky slime is a great way to talk about the night sky and other space concepts and to give children a great hands-on science and sensory activity. Followed directions for starry slime, ended up with the rubbery -ist , bouncy, brittle slime ever. Elmer’s glue, liquid watercolor, confetti stars, glitter, and marbles can be found at a craft store or on Amazon.
Christiansen is an early childhood educator of 14 years and mama to three sweet little ones. There is no doubt that this slime is more on the rubbery spectrum compared to the stretchy spectrum. Make starry night sky slime for a perfect hands-on sensory activity for an outer space theme or just for an awesome science activity.
After a few minutes of interacting with it, it usually warms up and is still pliable and great sensory fun.
You can follow Katie on Preschool Inspirations, and see more of what she shares on Pinterest and Instagram. Now I can’t wait for school to start so I can introduce this to my students and fellow teachers for that matter.

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