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PostsAffirmations, Journal Mistakes are opportunities to grow (affirmation)We all make mistakes, but we can either dwell on them (which does absolutely no good) or learn from them.
Use this affirmation as a reminder that you’re free to make mistakes and in allowing yourself to do so, you might learn something you may not have otherwise been able to learn. Give thanks to your doubts and fears, but don’t let them stop you from doing the things you really want to do. You are stronger than the words and actions of others and you don’t have to believe what anyone says about you. This entry was posted in Essential Oil Success Stories and tagged Alpine CA, alternative healthcare, dry skin, essential oils, San Diego CA, skin toner. Essential Oils & Digestive IssuesIf you suffer with digestive disorders, I can help you! The Law of Attraction is all about paradoxes, and this is a big one: You’ve gotta make peace with what is before you can get something better. Most of us learn about the LOA and we immediately want to put it to use to make our lives better. So, we focus on the boyfriend we don’t have yet, the promotion we haven’t gotten, or the weight we haven’t lost yet.  We focus on what is lacking in order to try to create what is wanted into our realities. If you focused on why your life isn’t good enough as it is, you only amplify the “my life isn’t good enough” vibe.

For example, you can’t focus on how much your hate your current home and hope you’ll be able to find one you’ll love.
This is because with the LOA we are always creating whatever is a match to our dominant thought patterns.  If we believe where we live sucks, then where we live must continue to suck.
So, if you want your life to be great, you have to start projecting the vibe that says “my life is great now!” This is done by making peace with what is, and loving it as it stands.
Most people have been raised to believe they have to improve their lives, and that their lives aren’t good enough as they are.
Unfortunately, this social programming keeps many of us stuck in a rut. This is why you know a guy who’s on his third failed marriage.
One thing you can do right now to make peace with where you are is to play the “perspective game.” The perspective game enables you to make peace with where you are in the present moment. To play this game, step into someone else’s shoes and evaluate your life from an alternative perspective. I’ve had an exceptional education, and I have lots of skills and knowledge that benefit me because of it.
To me, each of the items on this list seems very normal to me, because they are each a part of my current reality.  However, these things are HUGE dreams for some people out there. It’s very hard for me to justify dissatisfaction with my life when I look at things from this perspective.

When I look at this list through the perspective of those who don’t have what I already have, it reminds me just how blessed I truly am. When I look through my life focused on what I haven’t created or achieved, it’s much, much easier to feel unfulfilled. A message like this becomes reinforced in your reality, allowing more and more good things to come into your life.
Sign up for my free Law of Attraction newsletter for conscious advice to help you attract positive outcomes into your life. Then, thanks to the Law of Attraction, your life will continue to feel “not good enough!” Your reality will always reflect back to you your dominant belief structure.
People are also often taught to evaluate the problems in their lives more closely than the blessings. When you find yourself criticizing where you are, remember you are perpetuating lack. Being happy where you stand will make you a match to people, events and situations that reinforce your happiness, not your lack.

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