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If the headline promises to make you happy, sad or any other emotional state, don’t click it.
Many girls today enjoy building as much as I did, but toy manufacturers are slow catching onto the huge variety of interests that are not gender limited. The company was started by 2005 Stanford University engineering graduate Debbie Sterling, who was not willing to accept the status quo, in which less than 20 percent of engineering graduates are women and only 89 percent of working engineers are male.
The 2005 Stanford University engineering graduate launched a $150,000 Kickstarter campaign in September 2012. To reach her intended audience, girls between the ages of 6 and 9, Sterling designed GoldieBlox (yes, a play on the folktale) around stories. The two little granddaughters who have my heart in Australia love dressing in pink, dancing around, being girlie girls.
To follow up on that theme, I happened upon a website called Upworthy, which had one its posts run at HuffPo, Elizabeth Warren Asks The Most Obvious Question Ever, Stumps A Bunch Of Bank Regulators.
And therein I learned what millions of very low-information young liberals already knew — there is this website called Upworthy which is one giant liberal activist social media machine which creates viral social media memes in the cause of liberal political activism. Our mission at Upworthy is to elevate and draw attention to the issues that really matter — from gay marriage to body image to global poverty — through irresistible social media. For mission-driven organizations working in a business like lead generation, where you’re very tangibly and concretely building organizing power to create change, whom you work with is a moral decision. Upworthy is the fastest growing website and already receives millions of visits a month despite being less than one year old, and has over 55 thousand Twitter followers.  It recently received $4 million in venture capital funding. The Elizabeth Warren post at Upworthy is a prime example of how low information is combined with a political agenda to create a meme which is based on a lack of understanding, but very, very catchy. And then right after that you reward her good behavior by sharing this with everyone on the Internet. Are you surprised that Obama won the youth vote even though his policies are a complete disaster for the young?
We are losing the fight to the lowest of low information voters, who are pushed toward a liberal agenda by very smart and talented people who understand the power of social media in a way we don’t.

When I read about plans for Republicans planning to narrow the digital divide, I can’t help thinking we are fighting the last war. We need to take up Glenn Reynolds’ idea of moving into media, particularly media that appeals to low information voters.
We need to take over the idiot factories and change them back into institutions of learning. Get the latest from Legal Insurrection each morning plus exclusive Cyber Insurrection and Author Quick Hits!
These clickbait articles have alluring headlines that promise to make you lose weight or regain faith in humanity. Some of my favorite sites use listicles, but most semi-reputable sites post them as one or two page articles. After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas. She explains in the introductory video that each kit is based on a different story about Goldie, the girl inventor who loves to build. My thanks to Bonnie Sheppard for posting on her Facebook status the Upworthy link that introduced me to GoldieBlox. Download your free copy of Hope Wins, 33 stories that will inspire you to keep your hope habit strong.
Read the 59 stories of individuals, communities, organizations and even countries that recognize the riches life’s last chapter offers.
Palmer described his book, A Hidden Wholeness, he said it was "about tying a rope from the back door out to the barn so that we can find our way home again.
Hell, I know how to do them and I know how to assemble a team, several teams, to do the same. When I click a link on the internet, I expect it to take me to my destination, not some linkfarm full of questionable content. The Corporate States of America Poster sells for USD $30, with $5 domestic shipping and handling.

I think kids kind of begin to understand that building and science is for boys and decorating and being pretty is for girls. She and her friends go on adventures and solve problems by making simple machines, using the toolkit provided. The seniors you meet here will inspire you to write that book, run that marathon or pursue that dream you thought you were too old to contemplate. The real fact is not a lack of talent but the odd and persistant fact that there is simply no funding for this. They mimic real blog posts and news articles while providing as little content as possible. Thanks to Wikipedia, I know they were invented by John Lloyd Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright. They will also give you a sense of anticipation, rather than dread, as you consider your own aging. Clickbait stories can vary from tabloidy stories on BuzzFeed to reposted YouTube videos on Upworthy to genuine spam sites and attack sites. The slideshow format is less convenient for readers, but allows websites to increase the number of clicks they receive, thus inflating their clout on the the internet.
They would be good candidates for the engineering fun of GoldieBlox so I’m keeping my fingers crossed these construction kits will soon be available in their country.
The metal pieces had lots of holes in them, which made it easy to fit them together with nuts and bolts.

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