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Ultimate Spider-Man #200 Spoilers: A Superior Read With Peter Parker, Miles Morales & Amazing Spider-Verse(s)? Ultimate Spider-Man hits 200 issues of Peter Parker and Miles Morales action in Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #200.
Some aspects of Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #200 seem to parallel nicely with the events going in the main 616 Marvel Universe as Superior Spider-Man comes to an end just in time for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film; with HUGE revelations in Superior Spider-Man #30 heading into its final issue in Superior Spider-Man #31.
The two covers for the book provide a nice contrast to the two Ultimate Spider-Man of the last 200 issues: the deceased Peter Parker and current Spidey Miles Morales. In addition the two individual covers for Ultimate Spider-Man #200, I have also include the interlocking cover art without the logos and trade dress. Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #200 includes reflections on what mourners in the Ultimate Universe has hoped for Peter Parker’s Ultimate Spider-Man. We also get a look at a possible future with several Spider-Men as the law enforcement in the Ultimate Universe. 100 stories of Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy and everything in between, each told in exactly 100 words.
Want more Spider-Man news? Subscribe to the Whatever A Spider Can newsletter to get the latest news and rumors about upcoming movies, TV shows and comics before anyone else. Ultron Unlimited also features perhaps my favorite Thor line in my 15 years of reading comics. That line was the first time I really looked at Thor and was like,this guys an effing badass. No love for Avengers Vol 3 19-22 (when he destroys an entire Eastern European country so he could rule it)? Or Mighty Avengers 1-6, when he commandeers Iron Man’s armor and looks like Nude Wasp and tries to take over the world? Comic-Con has come and gone, and with it a multitude of panels and press releases, which we’re still catching up with. Henry moved from the suburbs of northern Florida to work at GR+, and hasn't looked back once in seven years. A new Amazing Spider-Man #1 with Peter Parker under the mask instead of the Superior Doctor Octopus follows under the All-New Marvel Now branding initiative.
This very reminiscent of the Spider-Verse event planned for Marvel in the Fall of 2014 that includes EVERY incarnation of Spider-Man ever (even Spider-Ham!).
Full Preview & Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Son of Havoc, Brian Cage, The Mack, Texano, Vampiro & Many More! Then you have access to three suits, the Vigilante suit, the first Amazing Spider-Man film suit and finally the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film suit.

Click on the links to see the in-game perks for the Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man suit, Spider-Man 2099 suit, Superior Spider-Man suit, Cosmic Spider-Man suit, Iron Spider suit and finally the Spider-Man Noir and Black suits. But he better watch out, because Thanos will leave an infinity gauntlet-shaped imprint in the Hulk's jade jaws if he tries to mess with the mad titan's plans of cosmic domination! Deep in space, the Avengers join the intergalactic fight against cosmic invaders on a collision course with Earth.
The issue follows the devastating conclusion and deaths in Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand. The same way that a new Ultimate Spider-Man book featuring Miles Morales launches under the All-New Ultimate Now initiative. Prior to being EIC he has produced several column series including DEMYTHIFY, NEAR MINT MEMORIES and the ONE FAN'S TRIALS at the Nexus plus a stint at Bleeding Cool producing the COMICS REALISM column.
And it’s the latter suit that is the latest to be released on the Amazing Spider-Man game Facebook page perks and all. Since his creation in 1968 by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, he’s become one of the preeminent Avengers adversaries and his origin only makes it even more captivating. Written by Roy Thomas with art by John and Sal Buscema, the issues here really show how Ultron came to be and also the kind of labored mind that it would take, in this case Hank Pym’s, to create something that would be such a thorn in the side for the Avengers for decades to come.
A very young Jim Shooter and George Perez deliver the pinnacle, for me at least, in Ultron stories. In this, a newly created Ultron-12 comes face-to-face with his would-be son Vision and experiences a change of heart. And unlike some other books who would gloss over that, this one really delves into the horror or decimating an entire country in pretty decompressed detail. In this two-part collection, Nova, Quasar and the team that would later become the new Guardians of the Galaxy face off against Ultron after he cements himself as the ruler of the technology-based alien species the Phalanx. The Builders have already decimated the forces of the mighty Skrull Empire - so what chance do even Earth's Mightiest Heroes stand?
The only part of the horrid Spider-Clone saga of the mid-‘90s worth remembering, the Scarlet Spider has almost as many haters as fans. As BabosScribe, John is active on his twitter account, his facebook page and welcomes any and all feedback. As an added bonus, this also included the origins of the modern Vision, a fellow robot whom Ultron has shared numerous stories with over the years.
In the ashes of this country, Ulron creates an army of robot Ultrons and goes after the Avengers and the people he sees as his family. And when betrayal strikes the Council of Worlds and the Avengers find themselves prisoners of war, one last desperate plan is hatched!

But most are won over by his simple red bodysuit and sleeveless hoodie, even if underneath the threads is the hated clone of Peter Parker. But Pym’s robot got a mind of his own, rebelled and set about improving on himself in order to strike back at his father and his friends. This potential heroic turn for Ultron is cut short when his previous iteration, Ultron-11, returns and promptly destroys the deviant creation. This provokes a relatively classic line-up of Avengers along with newcomers like Justice and Firestar to fight back against Ultron with his creator,  Hank Pym, ultimately finding a way to stop him.
Galactic empires fall and rise - and as Earth is targeted, the Avengers race back to their own solar system. Next to him is Negative Zone Spider-Man, which out of all the alternate costumes is probably the least worn by Parker in the comics.
This is a classic Ultron tale, and wouldn’t be too bad a choice to see picked if they ever featured Ultron in the Avengers movie series. Bringing in shades of The Bride of Frankenstein, Ultron wants to transform a new Pym creation into a mate, but ultimately this would-be mate turns out to be Ultron’s undoing. The Spider-Armor has almost as little time on the page as Nega-Spidey, but at least it has the honor of gracing the shiny green cover of Web of Spider-Man #100.
Story-wise, Spidey wore it to go into battle against some powerful foes, and the suit was quickly destroyed in said battle, never to be worn again. Meanwhile, the Mangaverse was created in the early ‘00s as Marvel tried to jump on the boom in Japanese comics. Spidey got a manga version of himself like other heroes, and this version of the webslinger was 3000 times more ninja-y.These go great with the previously announced Iron Spider and Cosmic Spider-Man costumes pictured below.
All the other pre-order bonuses out there give you a code to unlock the outfitfrom the start, but you can eventually unlock all of them in-game no matter where you buy the game from. These are thecostume codes being given away, with theretailer offering them in parentheses: Iron Spider (Amazon), Scarlet Spider (Kmart), and Negative Zone Spider-Man (Best Buy). Meanwhile the Spider-Armor and Mangaverse Spidey seem to just be normalunlocks within the game.

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