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DALLAS (AP) — Among the 16 people who were killed in a hot air balloon crash in Texas over the weekend were a couple celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary, a researcher whose work focused on treating burn victims and a woman who took her mother as a belated Mother's Day gift, grieving family members said.Authorities haven't released the names of those who died when the balloon struck power lines and crashed Saturday morning near Lockhart, which is 30 miles south of Austin. Bees represent productivity and the importance of group energy but they can also indicate frantic internal chatter. To dream of bees making honey offers the encouraging prospect of potential happiness and success in waking life.
But some family members have come forward to say their loved ones were aboard and to speak of the growing dread they felt in the hours after the crash as their frantic texts and voicemails went unanswered.Josh Rowan said his brother and sister-in-law, Matt and Sunday Rowan, were among those killed.
The sweetness of honey has long been identified with visions of happiness and well-being; in classical myth, honey was the food of the gods, and milk and honey flows in the Promised Land of the Old Testament.
To see bees in your dream symbolizes good luck as a group, but weakness as an individual; dreams of bees are common when you are going through an experience that is laden with social expectations, such as a wedding. However, to kill or injure a bee in your dream indicates the loss of something important to you.

His research centered on treating burn victims, and he had also taught college chemistry.Sunday Rowan worked at a clothing store and had a 5-year-old son. Bees, like ants, are symbolic of work and industry, as suggested by the phrase‘busy as a bee’. To dream of a queen bee refers to your need to feel, or be, superior in some way; it might also mean that at some level you are aware of the need for hard work and industry. Brent Jones, the boy's father, told Dallas television station KDFW that Matt Rowan was an amazing man and that Sunday Rowan was "obsessed with her son's happiness.""They were really happy and they were in love and they were really starting a life together. To dream that you are stung by a bee signifies unexpected misfortune; you may be unaware of trouble brewing around you.
They were amazing people and they were full of life and full of joy," Josh Rowan said.Joe and Tresa Owens took the balloon ride as a belated anniversary present to themselves, his sister, Angie Nadolny of Mattoon, Illinois, said by phone Monday.
The couple had been married 17 years and lived in Brookshire, west of Houston.Nadolny said her brother posted a photo on social media saying he and his wife were about to go on a balloon ride and giving the same launch location as the one used for the ride that crashed.

Being attacked by a swarm of bees suggests that you may be creating a situation that has become uncontrollable and that you need to find ways of calming your inner chatter.
Cheryl Myers, the assistant director of Tiger Land Child Care, said Tresa Owens was a leader in their infant classrooms for more than 20 years."She knew what she was doing.
She was great with the parents," Myers said.The daycare center released a statement saying that Holly Smith Huckabee, the mother of one of its teachers, was also killed in the balloon crash.
Paige was really happy all the time and exciting, and my sister was really bubbly," Pino said. They were two wonderful, great girls, and it was too soon."___Associated Press videographer John L.

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