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The Death World is a world where the main religion sees Death as god (other than this, basically catholicism). Souls are probably the most important factor in the Soul Eater series, and the centerpiece of the plot.
As well as containing a person's thoughts, emotions and personality, a soul in the Soul Eater series also seems to contain a sort of spiritual dimension within itself.
When someone resonates with the person, their avatar can enter the other person's spiritual dimension. It is possible for a separate entity, such as Little Ogre and Masamune to exist in a person's spiritual dimension. Soul Wavelengths vary in strengths and frequencies, depending on how strong and big the soul is, and also on the health of the person concerned.
Soul Wavelength is the key element in Soul Resonance, and is also important in a Meister and Weapon partnership. It is possible to spread a person's Soul Wavelength throughout a great distance, or resonate with people over long distances as long as there is some sort of medium that is available, like a communication device, or in Maka and Soul's case, Arachne's spider threads.
Madness or Insanity is the force of chaos that is spread by the soul wavelengths of Kishin, Witches and evil humans. It's explained by Stein that everyone has some madness within them (some people surpass the normal level).
Throughout Soul Eater, there seems to be apparent intensities of madness that is determined by the individual.
Many of the characters within the series perceive madness' effect as having infection like qualties, specifically in the way in which it spreads throughout groups and progresses within individuals.
A common trait among those who harbor madness is that they each reveal some sort of lunatic-like facial expression. It is apparent that witches seem to harbor a natural inclination towards madness, generally considered to be due to their destructive instinct caused by the Sway of Magic. Medusa is another notable witch, whose research appears to be specifically focused on discovering the properties of madness and how to alter it for her own goals. Aside from already harboring madness, it is revealed that madness itself can be overcome by a human who possesses courage and a strong heart.
Witches also appear to be resistant to madness, though not entirely, as it seems to be their driving force.
Personality also seems to determine whether or not someone is resistant to madness, with Harvar being a prime example of this. It is amusing how we humans tend to diminish the intensity of an animal’s true power in order to feel we are at one with them.
For the time being, we have decided to allow enough room for 3,000 or so Florida manatees to navigate boat propellers, pollution, and encroachment to their habitat.
On a recent sea kayaking trip out to Egmont Key, I realized through simple observation that quite a few manatees find their way up the waterways behind the island of Fort de Soto. I decided to return the following weekend to see if I could capture any more video for the archives. Soon the sky cleared, and I slowly unpacked my gear and prepared for a paddle out into the Gulf. Have you ever been in a situation where you curiously marveled in fear at the brute force of an animal? My sea kayak surprisingly came down right side up; although, it was filled halfway with water. If you can shed any more light on what exactly happened please feel free to leave a comment. Interesting side note: according to my web analytics, there have been 780 visitors to this blog post so far. So yesterday my son, wife and I were swimming in the Gulf off Longboat Key probably 10 minutes south of Cortez Rd. From what I have heard and witnessed, manatees responding aggressively always happen in the creeks and waterways where they are protecting their young.
Have been kayaking Banana River lagoon for years seen lots of manatee and never had an incident. I was just paddling along my wife about 50 to 100 feet behind me, and out of know where I’m riding on the back of the Beast being about a foot or so out of the water, and then it through me like I was nothing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Robert Payne is a native of Charleston, South Carolina and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
The user can materialize majestic and fiery wings on their back that are surging with Yin-Yang Release chakra. Shun can focus this miasma into one single spot of the technique to reduce the amount of chakra consumption.
The amount of chakra this technique takes up varies; it depends on how much chakra the opposing force put behind their own technique. Chibi Ririn Chibi Karin Chibi Byakuya Gin ~Byakuya Kuchiki~ ICHIGO MASK ED inspired pic Casual Rukia Ichigo HD bleach Bleach Fanart Hollow Ichigo vs. It is the origin of all the characters' powers and abilities and is a manifestation of each character's personality, psyche and abilities.
In doing so, their appearance and their attire also changes to match the spiritual dimension of the person they are resonating with. Each soul has its own Wavelength of a particular frequency and Meisters who can use the Soul Perception ability can identify a person by sensing their Wavelength.
Individuals who have large souls have a powerful Wavelength, and if they have good control of their Wavelength, they can generate it and exert it freely through their bodies in the form of an electric shock in combat.

A Meister and Weapon can only become sufficient partners if their Soul Wavelengths match with each other and Soul Wavelength is also the link in between the spiritual dimensions within a person's soul. An Insanity Wavelength can cause havoc on someone's mental state, and applying a Soul Wavelength as an attack to someone can cause great damage. Although individual souls vary greatly in this category (a Meister's soul is considerably more powerful than a normal human's who is not a member of the DWMA), all humans (Demon Weapons included) are under this category. Simple evil humans seem to give off small amounts of madness that apparently has no effect on those around them. These beliefs appeared to be supported through the introduction of The Clown, a being representing madness incarnate and having the same wavelength as Asura, which describes itself as a "contagion of madness".
However; this becomes more evident in that, when the Kishin awoke and spread his madness, it awoke several sleeping witches.
It was this interest that lead her to actually release the Kishin and develop the Black Blood, which apparently makes the subject insane and was even used to awaken the Kishin.
Demonstrated by Black Star who was able to withstand the soul wavelengths of Arachne, one of the most powerful witches within the series, when Shibusen invaded Baba Yaga's Castle; though he had one time walked the path of a Kishin - which could further explain his resistance.
This could be explained by their sway of magic -- a destructive instinct that all witches are guided by. When Arachne began spreading madness into the people around her castle, Harvar appeared to be the only one who was not effected, so much so that he did not even realize that madness was even present. Snuggly little stuffed bears, ball bouncing killer whales, and the basis for much of what is Disney attempt to break down the barriers between hand and claw. Even when they do find a brief respite, they are assaulted by the very humans that have been generous enough to give them some room to breathe. I followed a few as they moved to deeper water with the outgoing tide, each of them displaying propeller scars on their backs as a right of passage. The normally placid surface of the Gulf of Mexico turned angry and the palm trees braced against the wind. Without thought I instantly reached my left paddle blade into the water and placed a hard brace to stop myself.
As the manatee’s tail came closer and closer to me I wondered if it would knock me unconscious.
However, I am fairly positive that I disturbed a pair of adult manatees that were safeguarding an infant.
Manatees do not have fangs or claws, but they do have the will to survive and take care of their own. My buddy and i were canoeing through the waters when almost out of nowhere, the manatee did almost the exact same thing. We were canoeing out to an island in the intracoastal waterway last night and saw a couple of manatees. We were stand-up paddleboarding when a manatee lifted her board up from behind and she fell into the water and landed feet first onto a bed of oysters and sliced her foot open pretty good. About 2 wks ago had my small kayak out, didn’t see the manatee, but it bucked my kayak and then tail slapped my right side.
If anyone ever came up a told me what to place I’d have think your smoking some petty good stuff, being that I have always swam with Mantees, and Kayaked with, and have been around them all my life with know issues, ever. He provides strategic marketing solutions for commerce, tourism and entertainment for the Georgia Department of Economic Development. People with special types of soul can utilize different powers and abilities e.g Maka's Grigori Soul enables her to fly. For example, Soul Eater Evans's spiritual dimension is The Black Room a dark room with a red and black checkered floor with red curtains, a record player and a piano surrounded by tall eye-shaped candlewicks with blue flames. When Maka enters The Black Room, she wears a black dress, and her attire matches with Soul's in terms of atmosphere and formality. Some types of people, like Witches, all share a distinct Wavelength and can thus be easily identified. Several moves, like Black Star's attacks, are made possible through the use of Soul Wavelength. Spiritual avatars can only enter spiritual dimensions of other people if their Soul Wavelengths are resonating. However, there are also more positive influences, such as Soul Resonance, and if the bond between Meister and Weapon is strong, one can influence the other via their Soul Wavelength to break out of even a strong Insanity Wavelength. Regular Human souls are plainly blue, while more powerful souls will differ in both color and apperance. However, by becoming evil and through consuming other innocent human souls, the soul of the human loses its humanity and turns into a Kishin Egg. Madness literally causes people to lose their minds, becoming both senseless and unpredictable, much like the Kishin itself--the epitome of madness. The Kishin, however, once awoken, release so much madness that it encompassed the entire world and awakened sleeping witches.
One of these witches includes Arachne, who eventually took the form of madness itself, planning to spread it on a global scale and taking in the Kishin.
This destructive instinct may somewhat be similar to madness and thus make them partially resistant. Imagine snorkel-breathing animal enthusiasts hell-bent upon stroking the backs of innocent manatees no matter the cost. I tried to keep some distance, but they would often approach my sea kayak curious to see if I was something more.
The rain beat down upon the hoods of countless cars making their way across the bridge to the dry, air conditioned safety of their Tampa Bay homes.
No one was around except for an apathetic raccoon snacking on mollusks alongside the river bank.

The baby would explain the defensive behavior, and the incredible amount of agitation in the water would point to more than one manatee.
They’ve been hard hit this season, being an El Nino year, with more than 200 dieing from cold temperatures.
Either she got a hold of his whole leg, or the front plate was sharp enough to make an incision?
This morning when we were paddling back, out of nowhere a manatee bombarded the bottom of our canoe for about 10 seconds straight. She is fine and the manatee didn’t do anything else other then flip the board, but i never heard of anything like this until yesterday.
These wings are invulnerable to chakra-nullifying techniques of the same nature and are made for the soul purpose of negating such opposing forces. This reflects his sarcastic twisted personality, as well as his affiliation to music and it also takes in the insanity from the Black Blood into account as well. Soul Wavelengths, like souls, seem to have some different types with certain properties, such as Maka's Anti-demon Wavelength and Marie's Healing Wavelength. If the Evil Human is left alone to eat more souls, it shall come under the risk of becoming a powerful Kishin like Asura.
It has also been revealed Noah as well seems to be immune to the effects of madness, though it is yet unclear whether he himself is insane or whether he is just that powerful. An example that solidifies this is Kim, a witch who has not been influenced by the instinct of destruction. Justin, a worshiper of god, is less susceptible to madness due largely to his faith but even this doesn't guarantee immunity, as faith can quickly develop into obsessive and zealous levels, even if the religion harbors sane views. I tried to shoot video footage of these docile creatures, but they often surfaced and submerged before I could get anything worthwhile.
The water was murky from the rain, so I could not anticipate where they would surface next.
I began stroking like I was poised above the tallest waterfall, for that is exactly what it looked like. Even in the moment of action, I am quite sure I felt at least two bodies push underneath me. Water was being splashed from both sides of the canoe which drenched us and filled about 2 inches of water in the canoe. Souls are important in the DWMA (Shibusen) as Meisters can only wield Weapons that are compatible with each other's souls.
In their soul's spiritual dimension, the owner of the soul resides inside it as a sort of spiritual avatar.
Any person exposed to the wavelength up close starts to hallucinate and become disoriented. When Arachne spread her madness, Kim, like others, showed evident distress and pain despite being a witch. I recently became one of those humans who was directly responsible for infringing upon the manatees’ way of life. I decided to take a less proactive approach and fished for a while in hopes they would we find me. The water was frothed and white like a river rapid, and just as I began to pick up momentum my entire body and kayak were lifted from the water. It began to buck wildly, thrusting its tail out of the water as it moved quickly towards me.
I tried to swing back into the channel, when I was hit on the side by a Manatee, rolling and slapped by it's fin. It was like a cannon ball just landed in front of me and left this huge wake and i balanced the best i could to not fall in… pretty crazy experiences, glad nothing serious happened as a result. Instinct will tell you to pan and scan so I notice this huge mass trolling a foot and a half away. Evening this ratio nullifies the effect of the enemy's technique, rendering it completely useless, or breakable. This process is repeated until a single, even greater, Soul Wavelength is made, which enables them to use powerful attacks. The avatar in the spiritual dimension takes on a certain appearance and wears a certain attire, to match the environment around it.
The bow was lifted and 3-4 huge Manatees pushed, crashed, charged, and lifted me and my boat out of the water.
Was drifting along watching the sunset when something bucked up the back of the boat then tail slapped the side again. So Soul Eater Evans in his Black Room wears a black pin-striped suit with a red dress shirt and tie when in The Black Room. Got a good look at the tail and the manatee this time and it was the biggest one I’ve seen. However, especially in the anime, the avatar's appearance sometimes changes, and is sometimes the same as the person in physical form. Crona's original spiritual dimension is described by Maka as being, "very dry, like a beach with no ocean". I headed away from it toward shore, he followed for a bit then disappeared under the water again.

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