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A continually evolving list of cognitive biases has been identified over the last six decades of research on human judgment and decision-making in cognitive science, social psychology, and behavioral economics.
On top of having a genuine concern for my clients and their longterm health—more than they do sometimes—I get frustrated when they tell me about the goals they are trying to reach. Other athletes that fall victim to this logical fallacy include the athlete that trains everyday, sometimes twice a day. Eating more—especially protein—doesn’t magically build muscle (as the bodybuilding magazines would have you believe). While it is difficult to find the MED without having trained for years, you can start making a conscious effort to notice what your MED is when training. The effect of more is exactly like the effect of less, just on the opposite end of the spectrum.
Instead of doing more of what you are good at—training for example—I want you to work on your diet, your sleep, or whatever else you suck at within the Trinity. Our brains and bodies are made to deal with short bouts of stress as was necessary to survive in the wild (sprinting from a predator or after prey). Our minds have become constantly clouded with noise and distraction, much of which we don’t even realize is there. Confusion of these subjects within The Trinity is why there is so much money in the food, health, and fitness industries. The best way to find the truth is to read, ask questions, and seek answers to anything that confuses you. Now that we have covered mindset, and I assume you understand how important it is, it’s time to review specific recommendations for The Trinity. The Foundation is the general template for those looking to lose weight and improve general health.
The stress category includes any stress, good or bad.  This encompasses reduction of stress as well as planned doses of beneficial stress.
Use the following accessory movements: weighted dips, pull-ups, push-ups, jerks, cleans, and presses.
The most difficult part of the trinity is mental stress in my opinion (it could be different for you).
Just last weekend I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Vancouver, British Columbia and it was PHENOMENAL.
It’s 3-day total immersion seminar put on by Peak Potentials Training, one of the fastest growing seminar companies in the world, which was founded by T. The Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar is all about identifying your money blueprint and is focused on resetting it for natural and automatic success.
The first thing that I will say is that Adam Markel, a master trainer and the CEO of Peak Potentials Training, was an absolutely incredible trainer at the seminar. Adam did a really great job of getting all 600 participants out of our comfort zones at the event. They broke it down into this equation: Your Comfort Zone is in direct proportion to your Income Zone.
A big theme of the Millionaire Mind Intensive is teaching people how to achieve Financial Freedom.
Financial Freedom is defined as the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work, or rely on anyone else for money.
And at the Millionaire Mind Intensive, they go into several ways to generate passive income and becoming financially free.
Another thing that they teach at the Millionaire Mind Intensive is that one thing that virtually all millionaires have in common is they’re good at MANAGING THEIR MONEY. As mentioned earlier, the Millionaire Mind Intensive goes deeply into the inner game of wealth. Therefor, if you want to make more money and change your money blueprint, then you need to change your inner world.
The thing is, our money blueprint (our beliefs, associations, mindset around money) is all based on CONDITIONING. We did a LOT of really fun exercises and changed many limiting beliefs in the process over the 3 days. The great thing is that you can CHANGE your inner world, which will manifest to greater results in your life.
I could go on and on about the other things that I learned at this event (I have pages full of notes), but instead I encourage you to experience it for yourself and experience the transformation that will occur for you. The original value of the 3-day seminar is $795 each, but if you click here you can attend for FREE. Thanks for reading – looking forward to hearing your experience attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Awesome review – I am going to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Vancouver in November thanks to you! I MYSELF ATTENDED THE MMI SEMINAR THIS PAST WEEKEND AND WOW I WAS BLOWN AWAY THE ENERGY LEVEL ITS AMAZING HONESTLY LETS JUST SAY THIS WAS A LIFE CHANGING MOMENT FOR ME.
I came across this review as I was looking for info on an upcoming Vancouver 3 day seminar.

ABOUT STEFAN JAMESI'm a 7-figure internet entrepreneur and coach with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. God is giving as a choice every single day, either we want to take responsibility of our life and change our circumstances, or just go with the flow…wherever life is going to take us…IT IS OUR CHOICE! Believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to, and I truly believe you will accomplish it! Our beliefs have been shaped by our experiences over the years, with most of it happening behind the scenes that is our subconscious.
Our brain will convince us of what we should believe, and sometimes in the face of overwhelming evidence to contrary. Some do this because they are obsessed to reach a goal, while some do it to fulfill a psychological need. It will ruin your joints (especially running on hard surfaces) and it isn’t sustainable no matter how hard you try to make it. Usually it’s something like, “I want to lose this last 5 pounds” or “I want to lose the fat on my arms” or “I want to get rid of my love handles.” And what do they do? Typically, these stubborn goals that they are failing to reach are an indicator of the very stress that their overtraining is creating.
Or the determined soccer mom that goes to the gym 3 hours a day, does weights, abs, cardio, and finishes with a wheatgrass shot and muscle milk in her ultimate goal of burning off that ‘stubborn 5 pounds.’ They are all doing what they think will get them results. Things that you think will get you there utilized in the wrong doses can actually screw shit up more than you can imagine. As you become more conscious, and develop the awareness needed, you will become more aware of what your body is telling you.
Instead of doing more of what you are good at—training for example—you should focus on the things you aren’t good at like your diet, your sleep, or whatever else you suck at within the Trinity. We are programmed to deal with little to no access to food for periods of time, in the form of fasting. You must create a balance that will increase performance, preserve health, and enable longevity.
If you believe more is better, you will never be able to do less (as you should) because your subconscious will sabotage you every time. You aren’t going to change how you think just based on what I’m writing here—hopefully it will be the start. These recommendations are only general guidelines and should be tweaked to your preference. It was actually my second time attending the seminar, and I think I may have gotten more out of it this time than the last.
But I am really interested in having more information on the Quantum Leap (larger program that includes all other training). Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.
One more option for your online shopping.Thanks to everyone who came to visit us to view our products. The thing about our beliefs is, once they take hold, it is extremely difficult to change them. No matter the reason, the fact always remains true: Without adequate recovery, there is too much physical stress on the body. Sure, genetics and recovery will help increase what is considered safe volume, but most go beyond what is safe and fail to utilize proper rest or nutrition to boot—that is the problem. Since more training is why they can’t reach their goals, they should be doing less, not more.
If fitness, food, health, and all of this crazy hum an-body stuff were easy, than everyone would have it figured out and a sexy bod wouldn’t be so special. The MED theory asserts that just enough input should be used to reach a desired result and no more. Too few calories and you don’t supply your body with the proper fuel and nutrients to repair itself. Thus, too much training makes you fat (it really does). On the flip side, stress also makes you stronger when applied strategically in the correct doses and balanced out with a healthy lifestyle. There is a big gap between what works and what doesn’t and consumers are tricked into believing the wrong shit so they will spend money on products they don’t need.
If you want to reach physical and mental enlightenment, you need to drop that ego crap right now. It takes a massive amount of effort to overcome the beliefs and biases we have developed our entire lives. They believe that it takes more exercise to ‘burn’ away that last bit of fat or to ‘build’ that last bit of muscle.
Although, more is exactly what they usually do because they don’t understand the balance between work and rest. It also states that more often has a negative effect and the minimum should be enough for the sake of saving resources such as time, energy, and so on.
You will better avoid over-training as well as have the wherewithal to know when you need to suck it up and bust your ass.

Most gym goers induce extreme physical stress to their bodies before hoping right back into a life filled with psychological stress. There is no balance. The average hunter-gatherer would walk about 12 miles a day while gathering, hunting, or forging for food.
If your training and diet are a 10, but your stress is a 1 (lots of stress), you will not reach optimal results, and vice versa. Harv Eker is famous for writing the best-selling book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, which goes deeply into the inner game of wealth. I really got the sense that Adam Markel really walks the walk and could feel his heart when sharing this valuable information with the audience.
Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my own personal blog and would like to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named.
To further compound the issue, humans have a handy psychological trick that we use to delude ourselves into believing what we want.
This is also why religion, politics, food, and health are so heavily debated; people have strong beliefs and their minds will do anything to hold on to those beliefs.
This is the ‘more is better’ syndrome in full effect. This is the ‘more is better’ syndrome in full effect. If you do too much or too little in any one category, you will pay for it in health and results. We are often blind to the effects of stress because we have been living with it for so many years, most of us our entire lives. We are made to climb, crawl, jump, balance, and hang as is necessary in a wilderness setting.
We ignore things that are painful and use pleasure to mask the deep-rooted issues that are subconsciously dictating our lives.
Meditation, mindfulness, taking a break, and other mental techniques can pay huge dividends. It’s also crazy difficult to build the many habits that are necessary to maintain The Trinity. Over the years, I have noticed that the best results come for people that put an equal amount into each category. Sometimes our beliefs are deep-rooted having developed since childhood while others are less solidified and more open to change. Doing so will keep you healthier, show results quicker, and allow you to enjoy your training more so. Nature has programmed us to love sleep because it is necessary for our survival, just like food. It’s why most of us do things to seek pleasure—so we can get relief from the fatigue of stress.
We were not made to worry about bills, pending deadlines, and constant mental stimulation via technology.
These ignored issues come out in the form of mind-life crises, depression, anxiety, and other clinical mental disorders. I notice that when I am more conscious of my mental state, and practicing these concepts, my stress levels are wayyyy lower. And still, once you find the right balance, you still have to maintain it on a daily basis.
You would be better served if you reached a 5-5-5 in each category over an imbalanced 9-9-1 or similarly skewed ratio. Through enough effort and awareness you can eventually squash these limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
I use what works for me, what I have seen work with thousands of people, and what solid research suggests. Because you are a unique individual, specific recommendations or programs may not always completely work for you as prescribed. As a result, you may need slight iterations to find what works for you. If you are already strong in one category, yet weak in another, than you know exactly what you need to focus your time on.
While you might understand this simple illustration, you probably don’t fully understand just how important the balance of the Trinity is.
Humans are not psychologically equipped to deal with the chronic mental stress that is inherent in our modern societies.
The large part of our ancestral history was lived in the wild as hunter-gatherers in which we dealt with stress mostly in short bouts—like running from a predator, for example. Since the advent of agriculture and condensed population dwellings, human beings have become more stressed and fat and weak as a result.

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