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Example: I remember coming back from Tony Robbins UPW last March and stating to Julie that I would attend Business Mastery 20 weeks later. Health: My diet will be full of varied organic vegetables and some fruits, non-commercially farmed meats and poultry, and plenty of fish. Once each of these objectives are accomplished, I will video and upload onto our You tube channel.
I will learn how to be fully competent in the basics of Yoga via the private coaching I receive weekly. I have a list of books already lined up to be read during the first few months of this year and many more in the pipeline. DMC Fitness will hold mobility, kettlebell and bodyweight fitness and fat loss training seminars. Magic Minds will go live as a commercial business with the website being uploaded and I will be taking on an experienced NLP Therapist and a Hypnotherapist to work alongside me. I will be delivering personal development 1 day workshops to corporate business and the general pubic.
I trust you have found this blog inspirational and educational and if I can help you in any way then please just ask.
This entry was posted in dmc glasgow personal training, General, Nutrition, Personal Development, Training Tips. Looks like you’re going to have a very busy year Davy, but this will no doubt inspire others to sit down and think about what they would like to achieve.

As I am on a constant journey for self-improvement and personal development, I really do enjoy all aspects of goal-setting and achieving, and over the years have refined the approach I take and the systems I use.
To be more humble and grateful whilst being less affected by the stresses of my life and to be a calmer and all-round happier, more productive version of Davie. The stress relief from punch and kick therapy is awesome and it’s also a great way for me to get cardio fit. I am also looking at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny in the USA and Business Mastery 2 in Fiji for later in the year and I will be part of Andy Harrington’s Public Speakers Academy attending each month throughout 2014. This time last year, we had sheriff officers delivering summonses for unpaid Goverment debts, which we just could not pay at the time. I’m sure it will give them some confidence that their goals are achievable, with the help of you and your team. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. In 2013, I spent around 3 months feeling the healthiest and happiest, whilst being the leanest and most productive I have ever been and I aim to better that this time round. By giving responsibility for all my training needs to my coaches Pablo, Gary, Ali and our new running advisor, I do not need to think, focus on or deal with any training-based issues at all. Glad that’s all over and all legacy of our new gym expansion debt is a thing of the past. I will be guided during these parts of my journey by my own specialist personal coaches and the use of Headspace mindfulness app.

My concerns will be focused on my eating style, family time, personal development, reading, education, business development and general well-being and daily happiness.
I have a business coach (Forbes), a strength coach (Pablo), a mind coach (Brian), a Thai boxing coach (Gary), my yoga coach (Ali) and a newly appointed running advisor. In the same manner, I wanted to attend the Andy Harrington Public Speakers University in November. I will also be attending a list of personal development course with the likes of Tony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Andy Harrington and The SCNLP. I have detailed business goals and these will be shared with Julie, my crew, my business coach and my accountant. Along with a bit of juggling and some good luck, we attended that and it’s set us up nicely in 2014.
This will give me 4-5 quality hours each week of personal and business development time which is in the gym and will not effect my family time or family duties.

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