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When I started  The School of Greatness podcast, I decided I wanted to make it successful enough to interview three specific people someday. While I’m always working on taking my energy to the next level, sitting down with Tony in person to interview him on the podcast was a fun moment for me to see how he does it face to face. He has coached the top business, athletic, and performance leaders around the world, built dozens of hugely successful companies and non-profits, and continues to generously donate his time, money, and talent on a massive scale.
In today’s episode, however, we sit down to discuss a different kind of topic than his usual mind-blowing insight on life and success.
Not only did he personally interview 50 of the world’s most brilliant financial minds to write this book, but he explains how to create wealth in the simplest terms for everyone. I am so proud and excited to share Episode 109 with you, as I know it will open your mind, not just about money and wealth, but about the way to become great in all parts of your life. If you were in charge of our educational system, what would you change and implement to teach the next generation about money?
If you were 31 years old again, what 3 things would you do financially, knowing what you know now? Informative and bold interviews,Lewis.I never been a fan of Tony Robbins before except now.
The joyfulness in your interview is so exuberant that I can't resist smiling every time I listen to your podcasts! Big FAN of the Podcast and could not have been more please listening to the great Tony Robbins.
Lewis what a great interview, I already listen to your podcast twice and I just watched the video. Lewis Howes you have covered a lot if great questions with Tony I really had smile on my face for the whole interview! Nsta journal article, Through nsta, ’ll find leading resources excellence teaching learning experience growth robust professional development.. What wake orlando shooting, If ’ local orlando area, gofundme ( raised close $60,000 writing) raising money support orlando lgbt community.
The San Francisco Chronicle says lawyers for the nuns and landlord, with help from motivational speaker Tony Robbins, reached a deal Friday allowing the nuns to stay for a year at their current rent. The Fraternite Notre Dame has run the kitchen for eight years but in January the nuns were told their rent would jump about 50 percent to $5,500 a month.
Whether it’s a live broadcast on Facebook, a quick snap on Snapchat, or short audio from Anchor, you can save and download your social content and share it across all of your profiles. The networks covered in this article were chosen specifically because they give you the ability to download the media you create with these networks either directly, through the source code, or through the use of third-party tools. Do you want to create audio and video interviews with others, but you’re tired of the technical hassle of getting people set up with other platforms or networks?
The Chrome or Firefox browser on a desktop plus a webcam or the Blab app on an iPhone or iPad.
Blab allows you to have four people on camera at a time, but an unlimited number of people can participate. Once you create an account, you can start a blab using the button at the top right of your screen (on a desktop).

Use the controls on each guest’s screen to mute (bottom left) or kick them off of the blab, if necessary. To see a list of your guests, click on the list of people participating and viewing the blab at the top of your screen. Once you finish the official recording, you can pause recording the blab and continue to chat with your guests, hang up and let others continue chatting, or end the blab and hang up. After your broadcast, you’ll get an email to download your blab files as audio and video. Also, companies like Law Enforcement Social Media take their weekly live shows on Blab and upload them to their YouTube channel and iTunes podcast.
Other great uses for your blab video and audio files include direct uploads as Facebook video, Vimeo video, SlideShare video, SoundCloud audio, and as content on other networks that allow video and audio hosting, where you can reach new audiences.
You then have the option to start taking some very unique selfies by tapping the camera button, or videos by holding down the camera button. After you take your selfies, use the down arrow at the bottom left to download the photo with the geofilter to your camera roll. Michael Sam runs the 40-yard dash during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 24, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. With television cameras following his every move, the 6-2, 263-pound Sam stretched while teammates performed the 3-cone and short shuttle drills, and returned for the vertical jump and linebacker workouts. One of his fans in attendance was Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, who left Missouri last year.
Sam is pegged to be picked in the lower rounds of the NFL draft, if at all, much lower than fellow defensive end Kony Ealy. Ealy hopes to become the seventh first-round NFL draft pick from Missouri in the past six years following Richardson last April.
While much of the attention surrounded the two defensive ends, the workouts gave other players a chance to show off their skills in front of scouts from every team except the Redskins, according to the NFL Network. Asked about the challenge in preparing for May’s draft, Washington mentioned the difficulty in turning the page so quickly from a 12-win season. Washington hopes the injury won’t prevent him from fulfilling his dreams of becoming an NFL player. Not only is he considered the world’s best performance coach, having taught personal development and mental mastery for over 30 years, but his personal network and wealth creation are second to none. He has just released a new book on money, and his explanation of how to generate wealth is some of the best work he has done so far. I am still on a high from sitting down with Tony and hearing his wisdom and stories in person. There's an old saying that "when the student is ready,the teacher will appear" and i think i am now. Let’s say that you join that one of the networks below and create a lot of great videos and grow an audience on that network. Simply let people call into a seat for a short time and then once they’re finished, let someone else take their place. You now have the option to have a public blab that will be announced to your followers and publicized on the main Blab homepage, or an unlisted blab that’s only shared with people who have the URL you give them.

Next, you need to copy, paste, and send the URL of your blab to the people you want to participate in it.
If you click on the three dots next to their name, it allows you to make them a co-host of the blab. Blab will then process the recording and send you an email with a video file (MP4 at 640 x 480) and audio (MP3) file. For example, Anthony Conklin took his blab episode with special guest Tony Robbins and uploaded an edited version to his YouTube channel, which he also embedded on his website. Now it’s filled with brands and professionals who use it to promote their business, products, stories, and events. Private messages could only be seen once or twice before being lost in the void, unless the recipient was savvy enough to capture a screenshot. To get started, download Snapchat to your iOS or Android device and create an account, if you don’t have one already.
Either post them to your Snapchat as a story (viewable to anyone who follows you), send them directly to specific people as private messages, or download them as unique photos and videos to share on other networks. Richardson wished him the best in the NFL but said the draft hopeful could wind up hearing some homophobic jokes in the pros. The school announced the time, which would be a considerable improvement over the 4.92 seconds Ealy posted at the combine.
His books have more tools than any other personal development book, just proven formulas of success ready to consum.Thank you so much once again Lewis!I am still wondering how come all this time in the personal development journey, I never heard about you? Keep doing what you are doing, keep igniting the greatness that every single human being has inside.
Look for networks where you can grow an audience and create unique content that can be used beyond the network itself if you want. This is a great way to create some unique content on the Blab network without attracting an audience, if you wish.
How could I miss an inspiring person just my age all this time, almsot 8 years I am in this field? If one of those networks shuts down, you can always tell your followers from that network subscribe to your YouTube channel instead, where they can find all of the videos you’ve shared.
As a market leading news resource since 1967, WCBS reaches millions of listeners each week and boasts one of the largest, most experienced local news teams on the radio in America. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. Since its debut on July 1, 1987, dozens of stations have copied the all sports format, but none have achieved the success and the popularity of the FAN.

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