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We all want to do our best in everything we do; so much so that we often push through those times when we’re performing at well below our optimum.
We frequently work through tiredness, hunger, and stress in order to get something off the list, and end up producing something that’s not as great as we could make it. So, how do we identify, and subsequently leverage, those moments when we reach peak performance?
As you’re working your way through your day, it’s important to check in on your body every now and again. Once you’ve identified what it’s saying to you – and if you’ve been working through for a while it may be telling you all three things at once – address its concern. Hunger and fatigue will also affect your ability to work as productively as you are able to, so get up, get out, and refuel your body. Throughout the day, just like during your sleeping hours, your mind goes through cycles of roughly 90 minutes long, where it is alert and energetic, and where it is tired and ready for a snooze. Although food and activity will help to refuel the body and replenish the mind with oxygenated, nutrient rich blood. This is often why business coaches recommend working in blocks of 1 to 1 and a half hours at a time. Be aware of your mind and if you’re finding the work a challenge, you may need to re-plan the blocks of your day; move the tasks requiring more brain power into the up part of your cycle, and the simpler, more mundane tasks into the down part.
Your best performance will occur when your stress levels are lower, and your happiness is higher. Tuning into your mind and body, and determining what it is that works for you is going to give you a lot more power over how well you go about your day. Our mission is to assist in developing individuals and transforming organisations by encouraging and challenging people to reach their highest potential, lead inspired lives and embrace opportunities to make a positive difference. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilisation, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. If you like singing karaoke with a whole gang of people, there’s now a special social network for you.

San Francisco-based Smule is announcing today that it is adding group video for its Smule Sing! Smule has more than 25 million music lovers on its network already, sharing their own songs and leaving those songs open for people to add their own virtual duets. The underlying technology of Group Video is a combination of real-time audio mix, the song form, and near-instant video rendering.
The result is a single video performance composed of up to 50 individual video performances, with video effects and transitions based on the audio signals to create high quality group performances. Jeff Smith, chief executive of Smule, said the company is seeing more engagement with Sing! Back in April, Smule raised $38 million to expand its music social network in a round led by Adam Street Partners and existing investors Bessemer Ventures and Shasta Ventures.
Since its founding in 2008, Smule has built what amounts to a worldwide music social network. If you’ve been sitting hunched over for a while, for example, there’s a good chance that the blood flow to your brain is slowed, and your performance is compromised. Part of it is to replenish your body, and the other reason is to work with your brain energy cycles. This is partly due to the ease of the task, but also the freedom your mind experiences during these times. However, if you’re aware of how you’re feeling when you do them, you at least have the opportunity to do something about it.
Knowing your optimal times and activities for excellent performance is going to result in much better productivity – and product!
In fact, as women we are natural collaborators who work together to pool resources and come up with the best solutions. You’ll be supported by Linda Murray, a successful businesswoman who has extensive practical business experience and academic qualifications in Business Coaching and Psychology.
Having Linda by my side over the past 2 years has enabled me to take on challenges head first with confidence.

A United Kingdom teen, 18-year-old Tom Bleasby, has been bombarded with record deals after he did a duet on Sing!
The song form provides the initial guide for the audio and video mix, the underlying song structure and components of each song, including chorus, verse, tempo and more.
The audio signals from the mix are used to cue video transitions between people and layouts, while the song form directs the layouts of the video. Smule’s first product, Sonic Lighter, is a virtual lighter iPhone application that launched on September 24, 2008. Or perhaps a brisk walk outdoors to get the blood flowing, and nutrients to where you need them most.
Generally speaking, the first 1.5 to 2 hours after you get up and out of bed are your peak performance hours, and the cycle goes on from there.
On the other hand, if you’re bored, or you don’t particularly enjoy the task, you’re more likely to feel frustrated, and even a little sad. Stressed, frustrated minds make for blocked thought processes, so your performance will be impeded. For users, Smule promises the experience will be intuitive and easy to navigate, as proprietary, patent-pending Smule technology powers a sophisticated, layered real-time video rendering service on Smule’s servers, accessed via the cloud.
In 2014, Smule brought in $40 million in revenue, with 350,000 paying subscribers accounting for 85 percent of sales. The group singing could go a long way toward opening up Smule’s network to people who want to experience the social side of singing. Perhaps Smule’s network might become the new way for musical talent to get discovered, now that American Idol is going to shut down after the next season.

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