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Pushing the boundaries on how technology and creative ideas can work together, Clemenger BBDO Sydney has launched, ‘Telekinize The Rainbow’, an interactive, multi-user experience for iconic confectionary brand, Skittles, which gives individuals the ability to move actual Skittles with their mind. Says Paul Nagy, Executive Creative Director from Clemenger BBDO Sydney: ‘Until now, telekinesis has only ever existed in science fiction movies.
The Telekinize The Rainbow campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Sydney by executive creative director Paul Nagy, creative director James Theophane, creative team Ben Clare and Luke Hawkins, agency producer Dave Flanagan, account management team Emily Perrett, Anna Walters, Jacqueline Nunns, lead Flash programmer John Knutsson and web engineer Ben Cai.
What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Wayne holds a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University and was an associate professor at St.
In the past 100 years, 11 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to nearly two dozen people for the discovery or theoretical explanation of such cold materials – superconductors and Bose–Einstein condensates, to name two – yet a unifying theory of these extreme behaviors has eluded theorists. UC Berkeley physicist Hitoshi Murayama and graduate student Haruki Watanabe have now discovered a commonality among these materials that can be used to predict or even design new materials that will exhibit such unusual behavior.
Earlier theories by Nobel Laureate Yoichiro Nambu predicted that magnetic spins oscillate in two directions independently, and thus magnets have two Nambu-Goldstone bosons. The theorem Watanabe and Murayama proved is based on the concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking, a phenomenon that occurs at low temperatures and leads to odd behavior. By describing the symmetry breaking in terms of collective behavior in the material – represented by so-called Nambu-Goldstone bosons — Murayama and Watanabe found a simple way to classify materials’ weirdness. Anthony Leggett of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, who won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics for his pioneering work on superfluids, pointed out that “it has long been appreciated that an important consequence of the phenomenon of spontaneously broken symmetry, whether occurring in particle physics or in the physics of condensed matter, is the existence of the long-wavelength collective excitations known as Nambu-Goldstone bosons. Symmetry has been a powerful concept in physics for nearly 100 years, allowing scientists to find unifying principles and build theories that describe how elementary particles and forces interact now and in the early universe.
Some interactions are symmetric with respect to time, that is, they look the same whether they proceed forward or backward in time. With solids, liquids or gases, symmetry relates to the behavior of the spins of the atoms and electrons.

A second type of vibrational wave or phonon in a crystal, identical to the second Nambu-Goldstone boson.
In Bose-Einstein condensates, for example, “you start with a thin gas of atoms, cool it to incredibly low temperature — nanokelvins — and once you get to this temperature, atoms tend to stick with each other in strange ways,” Murayama said.
On the other hand, solid crystals, regardless of their compositions or structures, have three Nambu-Goldstone bosons, equivalent to the three vibrational modes (phonons).
Yoichiro Nambu shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics, in part, for explaining that in some systems, the number of broken symmetries equals the number of Nambu-Goldstone bosons. The new theorem expands on Nambu’s ideas to the more general case, Watanabe said, proving that in weird materials, the number of Nambu-Goldstone bosons is actually less than the number of broken symmetries.
One characteristic of states with a low Nambu-Goldstone boson number is that very little energy is required to perturb the system.
As a student at the University of Tokyo, Watanabe had proposed a theorem to explain materials’ properties through Nambu-Goldstone bosons, but was unable to prove it until he came to UC Berkeley last year and talked with Murayama. By adding a heap of Skittles awesomeness to some new state-of-the-art technology, some of which we developed ourselves, we’re enabling people to move Skittles in a way they’ve never been able to before.
The guided visualization on recreating wholeness and vitality will assist listeners in creating and maintaining a healthy body.
Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher, and the bestselling author of 27 books, including You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women. Take superfluids, for example: discovered in 1937, they can flow without resistance forever, spookily climbing the walls of a container and dripping onto the floor. The theorem, published in the June 21 print edition of the journal Physical Review Letters, applies equally to magnets, crystals, neutron stars and cosmic strings. The new theory shows that in ferromagnets, these two waves are not independent, so that the there is only one Nambu-Goldstone boson, a precession wave as shown above. This produces superconductors, which allow electric currents to flow without resistance; or Bose-Einstein condensates, which have such low energy that every atom is in the same quantum state.

Boson is the name given to particles with zero or integer spin, as opposed to fermions, which have half-integer spin. The simplest symmetry is rotational symmetry in three dimensions: a sphere, for example, looks the same when you rotate it arbitrarily in any direction. Following the Big Bang, the universe cooled until its symmetry was spontaneously broken, leading to a predicted Higgs boson that is now being sought at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. In a ferromagnetic material, such as iron or nickel, the randomness of the electron spins at high temperatures makes the material symmetric in all directions. Fluids flow freely in superfluids, and atoms vibrate forever in Bose-Einstein condensates with just a slight nudge. Together, they came up with a proof in two weeks of what they call a unified theory of Nambu-Goldstone bosons. Hea€™s the author of 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.
Her works have been translated into 25 different languages in 33 countries throughout the world. As the metal cools, however, the electron spins get locked in and force their neighbors to lock into the same direction, so that the magnet has a bulk magnetic field pointing in one direction. His books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, Therea€™s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and The New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, and Change Your Thoughtsa€”Change Your Life have all been featured as National Public Television specials. Since beginning her career as a Science of Mind minister in 1981, she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.
During the cooling process of a ferromagnet, two symmetries were spontaneously broken, leaving only one Nambu-Goldstone boson in the material.

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