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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D is an anointed minister of God whose teaching ministry has helped millions experience a victorious and purposeful life in God's word. The Pastor Chris Online News Channel brings you the latest information and breaking news from across the world in politics, sports, finance, ministry, entertainment and so much more. Jesus Christ is alive and well; He is still doing miracles in this generation for all who dare to believe. Join Pastor Chris every week on this channel to make faith proclamations that would program you for a life of unending victory, success, health and prosperity.
The power of the mind is aweA inspiring and we tend to think of its seemingly extraordinary capacities as miraculous.
Answering these questions has been the province ofA philosophers and sages throughout history,A and in modern times of scientists too.

While there is no question that the brain is crucial to the properA functioning of some aspects of the mind (since brain injury and disease can affect memory, logic, reasoning and more), otherA frontier scientists are telling us that the mind is not entirely dependent on the brain. AboutChris is an internationally recognised performance psychologist, consciousness researcher and the author of two best-selling books as well as providing various online programs. His messages have transformed million of lives and brought them to the knowledge of their inheritance in Christ.
He has touched the lives of millions all over the world with the healing power of God through the operation and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Watch inspiring videos of the impact of the ministry of God's word in the lives of people and in the nations of the world. We have all heardA stories about the nearly unbelievable powers of the mind: orchestrating spontaneous remissions of disease through minda€“body interactions, directing the body to display Herculean feats of strength in emergencies, marshalling astonishing powers of will and perseverance during extreme hardships, erupting in insights and epiphanies that pop up out of the blue and birthing the new and the novel through displays of creativity and inventiveness.

It is still orthodox scientific belief that theA mind, and consciousness itself, is an emergent property of the a€?wet mattera€™ of the brain, a by-product of its electro-chemicalA activity. It seems to extend beyond the brainA and even outside of the body: there is even very well-validated evidence of the reality of a collective and global mind!

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