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A satire of Stalinist Russia, Animal Farm tells of the revolt of the animals of Manor Farm against their human masters.
Crystals are also believed to manifest a variety of attributes including abundance, love, courage, creativity, good health and many other positive energies. Throughout history, crystals and gemstones have been revered not only for their mysterious beauty but also for their healing properties and metaphysical attributes. These stones are very effective crystals for manifesting and attracting love, abundance, prosperity, courage and creativity. Rose Quartz.  A soft, romantic pink crystal that offers unconditional love and infinite peace and protection. Wearing crystals for manifesting and protection and to further attract their individual positive attributes is the perfect way to bring them into your life! There are so many aspiring and affordable jewelry designers available who specialize in crystal jewelry creations. Keeping a programmed crystal or two on your desk at work or on your bedside table or in your purse can also help to keep the positive energy flowing all around you! So much has been said about empowerment but the truth is, the day a woman becomes authentically powerful is the day she realizes she is! Drawing from my own life journey and knowledge of how things work in life, I created Stella Tesori, with the positive intention of blending two parts real world experience with one part practical magic (the good kind) as a guide to creating your best life. Stresses on families come in many forms – job losses or changes, illnesses, changes in family dynamics, and a whole host of other situations can make life challenging.
This balancing act that our families go through is what researcher Reuben Hill referred to in 1949 as the family stress theory.
Since Hill’s research and theory developed, other researchers have built upon this foundation, including Wesley Burr and authors Hansen and Johnson who wrote Rethinking Family Stress Theory: Definitional Aspects. There has been much debate over the last 30 years regarding whether or not these models accurately depict the stresses that families face and the process they go through when dealing with stress. This process of adaptation needs to start when our kids are young, in small, incremental steps. Change is an unavoidable part of life, but we can do things to help our children be prepared for changes. The difference between change that causes our children to go into crisis mode and change that allows them to grow can often be found in the skills for adaptation that we help them develop. Led by the pigs Snowball (Lenin) and Napoleon (Stalin), the animals attempt to create a utopian society. Through science and used in modern medical practices, electricity and light is produced within crystals. In essence, as transmitters of compressed energy…that is how their magic works!

That's why I'm passionate about finding magic in life and helping others live their best life too. As the name implies, I hope that this blog will offer a beacon of light toward your own north star and provide a treasure map to help guide your own journey. In the more than 16 years I have been married, my family unit has travelled down these (and other) tumultuous paths.
Hill developed this theory after studying the effects on families after loved ones served in WWII, specifically when a father or son was reported as a Prisoner of War (POW) or Missing in Action (MIA). From this compilation of further research, a new model was formed, the Double ABCX Model, where family stress is defined as an imbalance between demands and resources for families. Some of us view certain events as stressful, while others have different ideas about the roots of stress in families.
Teach your kids to have each other’s backs, and make sure you do the same thing for your spouse. Research shows that faith is a positive influence in the lives of families and can promote healthier lives. Sometimes creating a strong, resilient family means moving beyond the bounds of shared surnames. One of the important pieces to both versions of the family stress theory models is the ability of families to adapt to changes.
If your 5 year old was supposed to go to a birthday party but got sick instead, avoid the full-out tantrum-crisis of sadness by helping her adapt to the new situation. She is also on an incredible journey as she home schools her 4 children, and is supported through it all by her husband of more than 15 years, Steve.
Soon, however, Napoleon gets a taste for power, drives out Snowball, and establishes a totalitarian regime as brutal and corrupt as any human society.
This makes these stones the perfect choice  for both novice crystal facilitators as well as those more experienced in the art of manifesting with crystals. Here you’ll find a montage of words, essays, advice and images woven together by the possibility that we are all connected to a limitless, abundant & accommodating universe. Sometimes it feels like there is a tipping point, but then somehow the ships rights itself and we move forward, together, more resilient than I might have given us credit for along the way.
Within the Double ABCX Model the definition assumes that crisis means a family is unable to prevent change, while opponents would argue that a crisis comes when a family can’t change. It appears apparent in much of the research that while each family might define stressors differently, there are things all families can do to try to build stronger, closer, more resilient families.

When you create a sense of loyalty within your family you are more likely to be able to turn to each other in time of need.
The healthier the individuals are who share a home, the less stress they are likely to face. Bring people into your lives who will be resources of positive forces and help your children feel safe and secure – this doesn’t have to be a blood relative.
If your child resists change, start by focusing on the good that changes can bring to your life, but don’t just dismiss the bad.
Acknowledge that it must be sad to miss this party, and then talk about other parts to that change in plans. Manor Farm becomes a world where all animals are equal--but some are more equal than others. I’ve used crystals in my life not only for the positive benefit of their pure beauty, but to also help naturally harness their positive attributes. Stella Tesori, Truly Magical Musings is about living with passion, purpose, joy, beauty, abundance, hope and even finding a little magic within yourself!
Recently I had to tell my children some sad news about the health of a close family member. I was recently helping my kids work on a family genealogy project, and my son asked where a dear friend of ours fit in to the tree. Help your child to see that there are many times when we don’t always like all of the parts of change, but we need to see beyond these and focus on ways to move our lives through the rough spots. Talk about how it will give her an opportunity to celebrate with her friend another time, and maybe how she would get to pick her favorite movie to watch with you.
The stone has the unique ability to draw away negative energy and replace it with pure, loving vibrations.
I later relayed to our friend how my son considered him family and wanted to know where he belonged on the family tree.
Don’t forget to remind her of the need to respect the health of others by staying away from them while we are still actively sick. When kids have strong people in their lives, they have more resources for finding coping mechanisms.

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