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Cognitive psychology – the study of mental processes collectively known as cognition, which covers perception, attention, memory, language, problem-solving, etc. Social psychology – the study of the effects that social environments have on human behaviour. Developmental psychology – the study of the changes that occur in humans as they age and grow, particularly in language acquisition, perception, motor skills, and reasoning. Psychological disorders – the study of a range of mental disorders including depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia nervosa, etc.
The modern field of psychology is a relatively new but rapidly developing science, generally aimed at understanding human behaviour and its underlying processes.
In this piece, the common myths that still surround psychology today will be explored and refuted.
Having looked at what psychology is not, we can move on to explore some of the main areas of research that make up psychology today. This area focuses on the experimental study of mental processes collectively known as cognition, which covers many aspects including perception, attention, memory, language, and problem solving.
For example, Yeshurun and Rashal (2010) demonstrate how attention can help to increase accuracy in identifying the orientation of a target stimulus that is presented only for a short flash in peripheral vision [2].
Social psychologists are interested in the effects that social environments have on human behaviour.
This area concentrates on the changes that occur in humans as they age and grow, particularly in language acquisition, perception, motor skills, and reasoning. Developmental psychologists frequently study infants and children to understand the developmental path of certain abilities. Lastly, this area seeks to understand a range of mental disorders including depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia nervosa, and so on. To determine if a disorder has a genetic basis, studies usually compare its occurrence among identical and non-identical twins.
TAN LI LI is currently a third year undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, studying Psychology and Philosophy. These fascinating PS5 console, controller, and virtual actuality designs & sketches were created by skilled artist Danny Haymond Jr.
If you want the future plastered all over your desktop (and who doesn't?) this wallpaper will do the trick. We've discussed the concept of virtual reality a lot on this website, but the next step beyond VR is bringing it into the real world.
These days when you look at the back of a console or a PC if you're brave, there are a lot of slots and plugs.
With the holographic projector on the controller, you'll also be able to see notifications, maps, and messages directly in front of you. Virtual reality only stimulates one of the senses, but this concept will allow for a more enhanced experience that stimulates all five senses.
The notion of describing and revisiting the future self as a way to achieve goals is well known and a cornerstone of effective coaching practice.    However, what human tendency are we counteracting when we call on the future self to step in? Coaches: What techniques do you use to help your clients get in touch with their future selves? I wonder to what extent fear of public speaking might reflect that we see good public speaking ability as very important to success (survival) in our time and that we have adapted accordingly.
It may seem like a far-off concept, but Starseeds are actually souls that have originated from different stars, planets, solar systems or galaxies.
Starseeds are highly evolved souls that were sent to Earth to help bring about new knowledge and wisdom in order to help raise the consciousness of the planet. Because they come from a different star, Starseeds carry a very different aura or vibration that allows them to access certain information that is not from this world. At their core, Starseeds know that Earth is not their true home and sometimes this can create feelings of being out of place or alone. Starseeds also often report having reoccurring dreams of alien abductions, encounters with aliens or that they were dropped off to earth in some sort of spaceship. Many of the political and social rules of society may also feel unnecessary or irrational to Starseeds and often they will forge their own path or find a new way of doing something. It is believed that Starseeds have a programmed “alarm clock” inside of them that allows them to awaken at different points in their lives in order to fulfill their destiny. As a Starseed, it may feel as if you are constantly awakening and forever growing, however once you truly step into the work things tend to manifest rapidly. FREE In5D Weekly NewsletterSubscribe to our free newsletter and receive our last week's worth of posts!
How did the Aussie swimming coach and all-around sports legend Forbes Carlile get his athletes across line faster than anyone else and help break 31 world records? We touched down in Launceston with the barest of plans, basic supplies, a tent and some sleeping bags, knowing we had eight days to get round the coast and back. There’s something magical about the Shoalhaven region – and it runs deeper than the pristine waters and unspoilt wilderness. A tsunami hit the north-east coast of Japan after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake on 11 March 2011. Here are the ten biggest tsunamis in recorded history, ranked by the devastation they wrought. THE EARTHQUAKE AND subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan have shown just how vulnerable modern society is to the power of Mother Nature. The 9.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sumatra was estimated to occur at a depth of 30 km.
A powerful tsunami travelling 800km per hour with 10m-high waves swept over the east coast of Japan, killing more than 18,000 people. A magnitude 8.5 earthquake caused a series of three huge waves to strike various towns along the west coast of Portugal and southern Spain, up to 30 m high, in some places.
An earthquake, estimated to have been at least magnitude 8.3, caused tsunami waves along the coasts of Kii, Mikawa, Surugu, Izu and Sagami. A magnitude 8.4 earthquake caused sea waves as high as 25 m to hammer into the Pacific coasts of Kyushyu, Shikoku and Honshin.
This tsunami propagated after an estimated magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurred off the coast of Sanriku, Japan. This tsunami event was caused by a series of two significant earthquakes, estimated at a magnitude of 8.5, off the coast of Arica, Peru (now Chile). The earthquake that caused the Ise Bay tsunami is best estimated as being of magnitude 8.2. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions have obscured the contributions and breakthroughs that psychologists have made.

To complete the picture, an overview of some of the major subdivisions within modern scientific psychology will also be presented. Sigmund Freud was interested in discovering new methods for treating mental disorders like phobias, anxiety, and obsessions. He relied heavily on individual case studies of his patients, which do not constitute good evidence because they cannot be generalised to the wider population.
They manipulated the attention of their participants by presenting a cue dot before the flash of the target stimulus.
This area has also relied on carefully manipulated experiments with highly controlled scenarios. A central question of developmental psychology is how genetic and environmental factors affect the development of a particular ability. For example, Swingley and Fernald (2002) found that at least by the age of 24 months, children no longer have to rely on visual cues to recognise familiar words [4]. Current research mainly focuses on uncovering the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to these illnesses, how these factors interact to increase the risk of developing them, and how each disorder manifests at a behavioural and cognitive level. Identical twins share all of their genes, while non-identical twins share only 50% of them. Others, such as personality psychology, are equally important to paint a full picture of the field. She is looking forward to pursuing a masters degree in Philosophy, with an interest in visual perception and consciousness. She obtained her PhD in Experimental Psychology and BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve, USA. Danny developed these concepts over several months putting a lot of time and effort into this.
This design would allow the PS5's holographic display to show the messages in full while you keep up your gaming. We've managed to get our controllers pretty accurate, but there's plenty more precision to be had. This can be done with a neural uplink, which may sound painful, but we'll be able to establish this kind of link without the need for anything you've seen in science fiction. We are a PS5 fan site and NOT affiliated with SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.) nor endorsed by SCEI. This information usually holds clues on ways to advance the planet and create new technologies. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also have an interest in time travel, space and alien life. You are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics. Landscapes of ice and snow allow for abstract and striking compositions and often the air is clear and the light clarity can be extraordinary.
While tsunamis were largely unknown to the wider public before the hugely destructive 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, they have occurred many times in the past.Tsunamis can be generated by any significant displacement of water in oceans or lakes, though are most commonly created by the movement of tectonic plates under the ocean floor, during an earthquake.
So frequently in Japan, in fact, that they invented the word specifically for the phenomenon: 'tsu' meaning harbour and 'nami' meaning wave. The fault zone that caused the tsunami was roughly 1300 km long, vertically displacing the sea floor by several metres along that length.
The tsunami affected waves as far away as Carlisle Bay, Barbados, where waves were said to rise by 1.5 m.
Multiple waves as high as 37 m were propagated by the violent eruptions and demolished the towns of Anjer and Merak. The waves were powerful enough to breach a spit, which had previously separated Lake Hamana from the sea.
The tsunami was reported at Shirahama to have reached a height of 38.2 m, causing damage to more than 11,000 homes and killing some 22,000 people. The ensuing waves affected the entire Pacific Rim, with waves reported to be up to 21 m high, which lasted between two and three days. It is commonly cited that the waves that struck Ishigaki Island was 85.4 m high, but it appears this is due to a confusion of the original Japanese measurements, and is more accurately estimated to have been around 11 to 15 m high. One of his main suggestions was that these disorders, or neuroses, occur as a result of the unconscious repression of problems such as feelings of resentment or guilt. In addition, the treatment of his patients were marred by his own preconceptions about how their experiences should be interpreted in order to fit his theories. They focus on finding out what kinds of inputs the brain collects and works with, and investigate how these inputs modulate behavioural responses and other processes.
When the cue dot was in the same location as the target, the participants were more accurate in identifying the target’s orientation, compared to when the cue dot was in a different location than the target. Some have been carried out in the field, which refers to environments more natural than the laboratory such as the school, workplace or home, in order to better replicate real-life conditions. Their participants were shown photographs of young men in various settings; half of the men were black and half were white, and additionally half of them were holding a gun while the other half were holding harmless objects. These factors rarely work alone, and the interactions between them contribute to the diversity of skills and traits that we possess.
They set up a visual display showing two pictures at once, and monitored the eye movements of seventy-two 24-month-old children.
A clear understanding of these issues is important, as it guides the development of effective treatments and therapies.
Thus, any greater incidence of the disorder among identical twins, as compared to non-identical twins, can be attributed to their genetic similarity. However, it should be clear that there is a crucial difference between Freudian theories and the scientific approach to psychology. Born and raised in Ipoh, Weng-Tink loves all the food her hometown has to offer and is proud of. As you can see, our current concepts from Danny Haymond Jr.showcase a more sleek and slim version of the console for the future generation. Both the console and the controller in this concept have the capacity to project holographic images, which could be manipulated via motion gestures. This allows the system to notify you of friend requests, invites, and anything else via holographic images that project from the system and controller. You've got power, HDMI for video, and a few extra plugs for auxillary or accessories like a visor or headset.
The controller just won't do it anymore, so we're looking for new and exciting ways to play games. Valerian has more in mind than a professional relationship with his partner- blatantly chasing after her with propositions of romance.

But they can also be caused by volcanic eruptions, glacial carving, meteorite impacts or landslides. However, assessing just how much damage a single tsunami event causes may take many months to years; and it may be some time before the Japan earthquake and tsunami can be truly rated on a historical scale.
Approximately 452,000 people were relocated to shelters, and still remain displaced from their destroyed homes. The sea was reported to recede from the shore at Bombay, India and is said to have killed one person in Sri Lanka. There were reports of homes flooding and being swept away throughout the region, with a total of at least 31,000 people killed. A total of nearly 30,000 buildings were damaged in the affected regions and about 30,000 people were killed. Reports have also been found that chronicle a corresponding tsunami hitting the east coast of China, killing around 4000 people and doing extensive damage to local crops.
The town of Nagahama experienced an outbreak of fire as the earthquake first occurred, destroying half the city.
Despite this, Freud’s ideas have persisted, possibly due to the sensational nature of his work.
This experiment is one of many that demonstrate that attention can influence our perceptual processes.
These experiments have looked at issues such as intergroup relations, conformity, stereotyping, prosocial behaviour, and cultural differences.
They had half a second to press a button to ‘shoot’ men who were armed, and to press ‘don’t shoot’ if the man was unarmed. There is also a focus on disorders that commonly have their onset in childhood, such as dyslexia and autism. When the children heard a familiar word within a sentence that correctly labelled the picture on the display, they maintained their gaze; when they heard a familiar word that did not apply to the picture they were looking at, they quickly shifted their gaze to the alternative picture, even if it did not match the word they heard. Using this method, studies have found that genetic factors account for 30-40% of the variance in adult depression, as reported in a review by Lau and Eley (2010).
Precueing attention to the target location diminishes crowding and reduces the critical distance.
She practices yoga weekly to stay fit but secretly wishes she has more time to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a competitive ballroom dancer. We're also predicting cloud technology as a major component, which will result in faster processing and less hardware required for the console itself.
The buttons and analog pads are room temperature quantum locked super conductors that respond to the slightest movement.
But his extensive history with women, and her traditional values, drive Laureline to continuously rebuff him.Under directive from their Commander (Clive Owen), Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe.
This tsunami is also the most widely recorded, with nearly one thousand combined tide gauge and eyewitness measurements from around the world reporting a rise in wave height, including places in the US, the UK and Antarctica. The violent shaking resulted in a nuclear emergency, in which the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant began leaking radioactive steam. This event killed around 40,000 people in total; however, as many as 2,000 deaths can be attributed directly to the volcanic eruptions, rather than the ensuing tsunami. It was reported that roughly a dozen large waves were counted between 3 pm and 4 pm, some of them extending several kilometres inland at Kochi. A total of 25,000 deaths and an estimated US$300 million in damages were caused by the tsunami and earthquakes combined along the Peru-Chile coast.
It is reported that the nearby Lake Biwa surged over the town, leaving no trace except for the castle. To achieve this, he developed various methods including dream analysis and free verbal expression of the patient’s thoughts.
Psychology is still commonly thought to revolve around reading minds, treating neuroses, and analysing the significance of dreams, thoughts, and other behaviours, although it has long since moved on from this Freudian legacy. The results showed that the participants were more likely to ‘shoot’ an armed man more quickly when he was black than when he was white, and also more likely to ‘don’t shoot’ an unarmed man more quickly when he was white than when he was black.
So just by listening to the words, the children could recognise them, without relying on additional visual evidence. Further research into the genetics of depression has focused on a polymorphic DNA region called 5-HTTLPR on the SLC6A4 gene – this gene affects the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter found in the central nervous system.
On the other hand, experimental psychology involves building falsifiable hypotheses, gathering data through experiments, and carrying out statistical analyses to determine the significance of experimental results. The police officer’s dilemma: Using ethnicity to disambiguate potentially threatening individuals.
The thought of bein able to twist and turn a full 3D map to plan a flankin maneuver on enemies or, to help locate a particular objective is super coo(let's face it- the interior maps for Fallout are hideous and fanned confusin)! Alpha’s seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time- uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all. An estimated US$10b of damages is attributed to the disaster, with around 230,000 people reported dead.
The World Bank estimates that it could take Japan up to five years to financially overcome the $235 billion damages. It has many links to cognitive and developmental psychology, as social environments have a large impact on how we think, feel, and grow. This indicates the split-second use of a stereotype to guide decision-making, carried out at an automatic level. The presence of a particular variant of 5-HTTLPR has been consistently linked to higher levels of depressive symptoms. Modern psychology is just as reliant on rigorous experimentation and replication as any other well-established science, and it is our hope that this has been adequately demonstrated. Over all, I would really love to see the PS5 finished product to be somethin remotely close to this concept.
This would have important implications in law enforcement, where it is possible for police officers to find themselves in the very situation that Correll and co-workers have recreated in the lab.
This has informed the use of drug therapy, which typically help to improve mood by increasing serotonin levels.
There is a lot of potential for psychology to grow in Malaysia, and students with a strong interest in biology and human behaviour should consider pursuing it.
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