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No, we’re not talking about marriage, or even the fact that Danny bought them a New York brownstone while Mindy mulled a move to the west coast.
KALING: Whenever we do anything this big and series-altering, there is always a big discussion. KALING: We aren’t done with the season yet, but pregnant Mindy is the most fun version of her yet. KALING: I know people were worried when Danny and Mindy got together, but I think that the show just got more complicated and deepened our understanding of the characters.

We always like doing things out of order for Danny and Mindy, since they are a couple that, on paper, shouldn’t work. This is like that only better, because it’s like Mindy and Danny are collaborating on the most worthy project now.
Also seeing an unwilling Mindy adjust to her new growing body has been really funny to write.
Parenting brings out sides in them we have not seen, and we get to learn more about their families as a result.

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