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The Mindy Project‘s Season 4 finale simultaneously gave Mindy-Danny fans exactly what they wanted (more Danny!) and what they dreaded (more Danny being Danny!). She’s shocked, and touched, and a little weirded out but also happy that Leo might have the kind of room that little boys dream about. Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. I think they changed things because Chris Messina took a lengthy leave due to filming a movie. I think it was good that he left, his relationship with Mindy was unhealthy and borderline verbally abusive.
I found myself missing several weeks in a row this season, I’d catch up one night and then it would happen again. I haven’t’ seen the episode, but did I read this right that Danny cheated on his fiance with Mindy? And now that I’m looking for it, you can see Jody falling for Mindy since the beginning. I LOVE Jody, Dillahunt’s portrayal is perfect especially hilarious talking under his breath in uncomfortable situations. It’s still early, but I think Black-ish may be on the wrong track with this predictable and uninspired episode on spanking.
The use of Andre’s workplace to directly address problems in his family completely wastes the potential of that setting.
I wish that Dre had actually gotten to the bottom of why Jack was acting out in the first place.
What the show needs to do instead of setting each episode around a topic guaranteed to trend on twitter is to put these characters in situations where they’re forced to react as black people. The problem I had this week was that it was too obvious what decision Andre would make at the end of the episode.

TV Editor - Simone is obsessed with stories and fits a scary amount of them into her routine with the help of recklessness, willpower, and caffeine. That, of course, leads to sex, and when they’re sprung from the elevator the next morning, Danny walks her home with a dopey grin on his face. I Know its cliche to do the will they wont they scenario but for this show it really worked with them. I think we saw Danny about to hit rock bottom and really grow potentially and I think Jody really crossed to many lines. They need to come up against obstacles that make it clear that race plays an important role in their childhoods and parenting styles. Her favorite character of all time is Malcom Tucker from In the Loop and The Thick of It for his virtuosic command of foul language. C chickens out, and instead drops the envelope in the mail for Mindy to discover later on. I had hope they would fix it but that was hope was crushed repeatedly as the season continued. Having said that, I don’t think they should get back together if he is going to keep blaming her for everything that goes wrong with their child.
Her relationship with Jody is very supportive while her relationship with Danny has always been combative and on his terms, which I think this episode did a great job of highlighting even as they were reuniting (this is, of course, oversimplifying many things, including Jody’s lie about the chlamydia).
With Jody I didn’t get a clear vibe they were going one way or another but I could see them maybe trying.
I am all for them showing single moms and how it is a struggle at times to balance that life but the show really did a major foul by changing on us in the name of being edgy.
It breaks my heart that Mindy and Danny didn’t work out like we thought they would, but guess what?
What made the show so funny in the first three episodes was the surprising characterization in the midst of stereotypical family drama.

There were also million jokes in a short space of time, epic visual gags, and honest emotional responses.
What made his workplace such an area ripe for commentary on race and microaggressions in the first episode stemmed the way Andre’s race affected how his coworkers treated him.
He finally confesses that Jody sent her a love letter, which came to the old apartment, and that he’d scared the Southern doc into backing off. The problem I had this week was that it was clear from the way the conflict was set up what decision Andre would make at the end of the episode. I will admit, it was an easy way to comment on how spanking is not unique to black people, but instead, a generational issue.
I think the show wanted to take a parenting decision that is highly controversial and make it palatable for a progressive audience. I’m not surprised that he started to revert back to his older ways when Leo came into the picture. When you have an idea for what you want for your child for as long as Danny did, it’s hard to let go of that idea.
Having a family with someone drastically changes you, and sometimes you wake up and realize that the person next to you isn’t the same person you married.
I think that in being engaged to Mindy, he realized that either he was going to have to change his picture perfect future for Leo, or Mindy was.

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