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This weeka€™s Valentine-themed Mindy Project was a perfect opportunity to showcase the showa€™s rom-com roots. Mindy worries she will have to perform the Heimlich when Jamie chokes on a fish bone, but it provides a logical escape from the uncomfortable date. Danny consoles Mindy over a slice of subpar pizza at the dive where he met his ex-wife in an effort to show her that romance shows up in the most unlikely of places and cana€™t be planned out for the roof of the Empire State Building. Mistaken for a terrorist after scoping out the most romantic location in New York (nay, the entire globe) a€“ the Empire State building a€“ a clueless Mindy is questioned by a hapless security guard who is immune to her flirting.
Danny, however, has been unlucky in love and drinks his sorrow away, waking up hung-over and pants-less (not as funny as it sounds) in his office.

It seems like the series has settled into a pattern whereby it either offers a show that is thematically sound yet lacking in wit and humor, or an episode that stands out for its dialogue and sight gags but doesna€™t have much backbone a€“ this weeka€™s show being the former.
Safely ensconced back in SoCal, she was a tad disheartened to find out that while it impressed her friends and family, it wasna€™t a particularly useful degree.
That could kill two birds with one stonea€¦or provide the recipe for a disastrous double date. Novak immensely on The Office and think he enjoys a great chemistry with Mindy Kaling (on THAT show), neither sentiment translates well here. Stumbling upon a book entitled a€?Read All Day and Get Paid for Ita€? seemed like a dream come true for this literature major, and she parlayed her avid interest in films and television into a satisfying career as a freelance script reader for production companies, agents and the Motion Picture Academya€™s prestigious Nicholl Fellowship.

A stint at Netflix cemented her abiding devotion to the entertainment industry, and she is pleased to be able to contribute her insight to Picktainment.
Her film interests range from This is Spinal Tap to Braveheart, and her couch potato proclivities include both meaty dramatic series and high quality comedies, although she has been known to TiVo the odd episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

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