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With everyone in the world enamored with Pokemon GO, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo has a major entry in the series coming out this November, and The Pokemon Company is busy drumming up some hype with the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon.
You know the drill, let’s go though one by one and learn about the newest editions to the Pokemon world. Bounsweet is an unfortunate Pokemon, although it’s not as sad as other Pokemon on this list (foreshadowing!). Mimikyu was first teased last week when a Serebii translated an issue of CoroCoro since then the internet has fallen in love with this little imposter, as this Kotaku article proves. Salandit wasn’t announced in this trailer, but it did get its own which you can watch below. The end of the latest trailer said that players could host their own competitions over Global Link.
She uses this to do Cosmic Moon Power, Moon Healing Activation, and Moon Crystal Healing Power.This Sailor Moon's Moon Scepter. Known as the Fruit Pokemon, Bounsweet is a Grass-type whose body gives off a pleasingly sweet scent. You know how in the first game and in the anime whenever anyone went into a Pokemon Center Nurse Joy was accompanied by a Chansey? While not the fastest, it has a respectable speed and incredible stamina, which is also the name of its new ability. Signs litter Alola warning trainers of Bewear, it’s so strong that it can snap trees in two effortlessly.

Residents of the Alola region love this Pokemon as well as the native fauna who have the habit of swallowing it whole. Mimikyu’s true form is said to cause a mysterious illness, it also hates sunlight so it covers itself. Trainers must teach Bewear to hold back its strength so its bear hugs don’t do real damage.
According to Serebii, after a Pokemon reaches level 100 Hyper Training allows trainers to increase stats using bottle caps.
Mimikyu is a very lonely Pokemon who just wants to be loved, so it created its own Pikachu costume from old merchandise. It can emit a poison from its tail, the poison’s sweet lures people and Pokemon alike making them dizzy. When a it feels threatened, it will spit up a poisonous liquid what a stench that warns its kind of danger. Comfey will pick flowers and create a lei out of them and use an oil from its body to change the flowers so they emit a pleasing scent.

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