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It is much like if the spell-check on your computer says that dog is spelled “dawg.” If you no longer want it to say that, you go in and change the program. The purpose of being human, as we shift into the New Reality, includes learning about heart-centered consciousness. When a person experiences heart-centered consciousness, they radiate a type of consciousness which is very different to basic emotion.
Unconditional love is something that flows through your heart when you reach up above day-to-day consciousness, tune into your heart-awareness and allow the universal love energy to flow through you. Each time you radiate unconditional love into the global mind atmosphere, you upgrade the entire human experience, taking humanity yet one more step into the unfolding New Reality. Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers.
When we both talk to God and also listen to God, we begin the spiritual practice of asking God for what we both want and desire and then accepting that it has been done once we have made the request.
It is of vital importance for us to learn to use the powers contained within our three minds in unity with each other, for then we will begin to bring forth all that we truly wish to manifest in this life. The 4 Levels of Consciousness To establish a better understanding of consciousness, we need to have a clearer concept of the levels of man's mind.
It is the mind that serves as the communication link to the Divine or Super Conscious mind also reffered as God, Universal energy, or labeled as the The Unified Field. The Collective Consciousness is also referred to as the Gaia Mind that attempts to keep you limited and in check.
It is the omniscient, omnipresent, all knowing and ever present Source which serves as and determines how every event, condition and circumstance, both the physical as well as the meta-physical.
Joy believes that the key to this work is to create pathways so that all three areas of the mind are in smooth communication. Once universal love has been transformed through the consciousness of any individual human being, it affects the global mind atmosphere of Earth. Heart-centered consciousness always sees the elegant solution to the sorrows that can arise from basic human emotions. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. First, we looked at the nature of the conscious mind, noting it’s function as the gatekeeper of all energy that can enter into deeper levels of our mind.
Therefore, it is important for us not only to understand how our minds work, but also how to use them effectively. To start contributing, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, then try again. Ego takes on an identity such as name and what it thinks of itself relating to things and others.
Most people are operating on one third; they are only aware of Conscious mind function, while their Superconscious Intelligence is constantly sending them signals on how to get what they desire. While most people are under the false impression that in order to be successful a somnambulistic state (very deep state) must be achieved, Dr. In the Original Creation, Infinite Being divided its consciousness into two complementary aspects – thought and feeling – and then set them into motion.
It just flows when you allow it to enter your heart and take your consciousness above the cares of daily reality and into an expanded vista of awareness. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers. The conscious mind is our rational reasoning agent and it uses logic to make sense of our experiences.
The mind is always conscious on some level, though man is not always consciously aware of it. Whenever a problem comes to the body, ego becomes very alert and if danger exists, the more stronger the ego becomes. The Subconscious is continually causing our Unconscious responses to situations, and for most people it is taking them in a completely different direction than their Conscious mind desires. Joy has found that innumerable clients have achieved great results by simply reaching an Alpha state. Using hypnosis and guided imagery, Joy, non-judgmental, highly talented, and very intuitive, changed my life. However, the human condition is only consciously affected by this love when it is channeled into the human realm through its use by humans. While we initiate thoughts and feelings on our own, we also receive thoughts and feelings from the global mind.

Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision.
This mind is the all-knowing mind that can be contacted through meditation, through some dreams, through journaling, and through intuition. This is why hypnosis is so valuable and effective, because through hypnosis we can explore the contents of the Subconscious mind and revise those programs that are undesirable for the goals that we want to achieve.
Joy is an active consultant, specializing in stress reduction, positive thinking, communication skills, and personal motivation.
We sometimes alter these by our own thought, sometimes not, and then pass them back into the global mind. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. It is the filing system that stores all the energetic matter that the conscious mind allows to path through its gate. How, when and in what form He answers them depends on how we adhere to the Universal Laws of manifestation in our lives. Most of the time, people in general survive only for their ego, they had to struggle to be strong. Joy has also found that clients, with a relatively small amount of practice, can achieve deep Theta states and stay fully conscious of their experience. Even though we are typically not accustomed to conscious telepathy, our subconscious and superconscious minds are fully telepathic. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness. All energies like thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, memories and beliefs are filed away in the subconscious mind and these bits of information are pulled out by the conscious mind whenever we need to access them. We constantly receive and transmit thoughts and feelings subconsciously from and to the global mind atmosphere.
It is divided into three aspects:(a) The waking conscious mind(b) The subconsious mind(c) The causal force field4. The Wisdom Mind sometimes called Adi-budha,the Supreme Wisdom, is the field of consciousnesswhich, overshadowing each individual, is the homeof the Monad, the seat of incomparable bliss wheretruth abides.The Waking Conscious Mind The seat of the waking conscious mind is the pineal gland which houses the mental seed atom. This mind, experiencing some incident affecting the senses -- those of seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling — registers a mental impulse which strikes a cell of the brain and travels into the superconscious force field via the nadis. There it is relegated to its proper file --the causal force field, the subconscious or the waking conscious force field, according to its emotional vibration.To bring the memory of the incident again into the waking conscious mind from the memory storehouse in the superconscious, a mental impulse, triggered by sense sensations, strikes the mind substance in the superconscious force field setting up a responding vibration.
The impulse travels down the etheric cord of the nadis to strike a specific brain cell or center to which the etheric cord is attached. The responsive neuron in turn vibrates to and echoes the tone.The brain has no power in or of itself to think or to remember.
Memories are not stored in the brain cells but these cells react to impulses reaching them from both the upper reaches of the superconscious mind and from the world around you. The pituitary controls the subconscious operations but only as directed by the heart seed atom releasing picture images of past karma and the solar plexus atom releasing karmic images being presently created.
It can be explain better by using an example: Some neurotics suffer, let us say, from an unexplainable and constantly returning fear, which reaction builds a brain center in a particular brain cell or neuron. These obsessions rise out of the subconscious force field and flow into the brain cells of the frontal lobe, but only as the heart seed atom sends impulses into the brain cells to activate the flow of these memories.
The impact stimulates this brain center to discharge electrical impulses, activating a flow of mental ether out of the subconscious where the fear is recorded as a memory. If the fear is recalled often enough to create a permanent brain center, a phobia or an obsession results. That which operates through the sympathetic nervous system, automatically controlling thefunctions of the physical form — the heartbeat, breathing, etc -2. That which operates through the cerebrospinal, bringing the memories of fears and phobias into the waking conscious mind.Superconscious mind substance flows through the subconscious force field into the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain to converge in the pituitary gland.
This aspect of the subconscious is completely under the dominion of the life cord which extends from the Monad to the heart.Prom the anterior lobe of pituitary, the subconscious mind substance travels downward through the sympathetic system which converges in the solar plexus brain, and again in the root brain. Both lobes of pituitary and the root brain in the reproductive center are, at man's present stage of evolution, subject to influence by the subconscious mind operating through the sympathetic nervous system.
The pituitary releases the flow of chemical substances which cause the entire glandular system to release the proper hormones throughout the physical form.Let us now consider the second aspect of the subconscious. Also, with the dissolution of the etheric web which now divides the post-lobe of pituitary from the anterior lobe, superconscious impulses and impressions can flow into the frontal lobe of the brain.With the dissolution of this web, the force of the superconscious will pour more of its power directly into the entire pituitary.
Only the pure essences enter the causal force field to build man's eternal causal form.

It is indeed his book of life and book of judgment in one, for it has recorded everything that he has ever thought or done, said or heard.
The causal force field is that aspect which lies in the heart of the superconscious.This causalfield absorbs into its substance only the pure and altruistic experiences of the individual soul. The Waking conscious mind is the mind we use in our daily living - the surface mind operating through the cerebrospinal nervous system which sees, hears, tastes, feels and smells the incidents of passing time.As daily events are experienced they are noted by the waking conscious mind and pass from it into the superconscious.
The memory of undesirable events is filed in the subconscious force field, the pure are absorbed into the causal, while the general events are filed in the waking conscious sensory area,Some may be confused that the superconscious as the seat of memories, which would cause it also to house man's evils as well as his nobility and wisdom.
But it must be clearly understood that if a superconscious field is to contain the complete akashic record, it must file away a record of all of man's actions and reactions, both good and evil. Since the superconscious does contain the akashic record, then every thought, action, emotion and experience becomes a memory filed in its proper category according to the nature of the experience -- whether it is pure evil or general. Once you have completely built this celestial form by your own spiritual efforts, you need not again incarnate in the world of matter.2. The subconscious force field into which carnal thoughts are absorbed to become your fears,phobias, obsessions, and to create your kama rupa the lower desire body. The tiny pineal antenna makes the pineal gland not only a receiving set for the superconscious, but a sending set as well, as It attempts to relay to the brain inspiration received from the Oversoul. It is the field of the supreme consciousness of man - an estate of rare quality of which he is almost completely ignorant. It is the seat of supreme bliss, the realm of the Word, the field of the Christ Substance, the region of Divinity overshadowing each individual. Adi means supreme, budha interprets to mean wisdom.Adi-budha is in possession of pure truth while all other aspects of the mind are hampered by their imprisonment of the obscurity of life in the physical form. Even the superconscious, an intermediate force operating between the waking conscious and the Wisdom Mind, is tinged with the ignorance, the maya, the illusion of physical life. We know that pervading the aura of man is also a quality of mental substance- We know that the atomic particles of this substance permeate the cells of man's brain, yet its quality does not seem to bear the stamp of divinity which is contained in the Divine Substance. We know that the mental aura of the individual contains some portion of the Divine Mind and some quality of the Divine Spirit,Yet there seems to be a gulf between that innate Divinity and the manifesting consciousness of the individual. The range of sound above and below it is inaudible to him and the colors above and below his range of perception are invisible to him.So is his mind also tuned to a certain octave of awareness, and he seems unable to soar above his personal range of perception. His only means of communicating with the animal kingdom is through vocal tone and the quality of his emotions. The animal thus feels his love or his hatred, not through words but through intuitive feeling. Man must know the love of God just as he must know the love of the animal.This knowing we call intuition.
The rare flashes of communication between the normal mind and the Adi-budha result in our inspiration, our visions, our intuitive discernments, our moments of genius.,.
Still the receiver, the mystic, is quite aware of the source of his revelatory vision or his intuitive perception.One road to attainment of this superior estate lies through the practice of meditation, the inward movement of the mind in constant and ceaseless effort to pierce the web between his external and his super-Self. Breaking this consciousness barrier causes a double action of the cosmic forces of consciousness an upward sweeping of the normal mind into the immutable status beyond and embracing the universal and, at the same time, a descent of light and bliss which, pouring into the lower consciousness, illumines its mental energies.Only the mystic who has experienced this union of consciousness can be truly aware of the existing gulf between his potential wisdom and his everyday mental level. And yet, the disciple also becomes aware that his higher mind seems to be a reservoir of truth, and that he need not go from his present environment to find the whole of it. He need only unite consciously with his Oversoul in order to find the hidden secrets of the universe.Receiving the downpour of Wisdom, he is aware of an automatic and spontaneous knowledge flowing in from the higher mind. There is no need for speculation or for attempting to find answers — the answers are simply there, for the Wisdom Mind is in possession of full truth, remitting vast degrees of knowledge in a single moment. The mystic is aware of the stream of know ledge- energy pouring in like a ray of sunshine, bringing with it true vision, true thinking and true feeling which, for want of a better word, we call intuition,In this expanded state of awareness the mystic is conscious of the presence of the Adi-budha lying above his normal consciousness like great outspread wings of light. It must, in other words, convert the Wisdom into the ignorance, the light into the darkness, releasing only that portion of Wisdom that the conscious mind can contain.In our separative normal consciousness, for example, all religions, all philosophies, all political theories exist as opposites.
Each claims to be in exclusive possession of the true path.The light of the superconscious, if permitted to pierce the ignorance, would refute this claim to exclusiveness.
But the superconscious, being only a delegate of the Wisdom, cannot cause a change in the concepts of the conscious mind.
Only a down pouring of the bliss from the Wisdom Mind, only an attunement with the stream of the divine Word pouring down from Adi-budha, can bring an immediate dissolution of the ignorance and darkness, and a complete surrender to truth and right understanding.Thus we can say that the conscious mind is the mind of ignorance, of illusion.

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