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Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. For a parent nothing can be more satisfying than watching their kid grow and cross the threshold of different ages and stages of child development. For a first time parent, every movement that the baby makes can be absolutely nerve-wracking.
For a parent it is of immense importance that you have the proper knowledge and understanding of the different stages for the development of their child. Milestone is a parenting term used as a standard level of achievement for a child at a particular stage.
Emotional Development : Most babies tend to have a sense of generalized tension because of a general feeling of helplessness. Social Development : Babies who are not even a month old tend to display asocial tendencies.
Emotional Development : This is the age where the baby starts responding to affection and will show signs of enjoying cuddling. Social Development : You will notice that your baby now starts responding to smiles and will fixate on faces. Emotional Development : At this age, most babies start displaying a certain level of attachment to their mothers and look for them.
Social Development : It is at this age that kids start recognizing their mother, expect to be dressed and bathed, and also expect to play simple games with their parents. Emotional Development : There is lessening of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind phenomenon as they start looking for things that they have an attachment to. Social Development : It is at this stage that many parents notice stranger anxiety in their kids. Emotional Development : Most babies tend to display fear when they are separated from their mothers.
Social Development : Most babies of this age group are responsive to their names and also recognize their reflection.
Emotional Development : The increased emotional dependence continues but the fear is lessened and a little more trust is established. Social Development : Babies this age tend to be extremely curious and start to explore their surroundings.
Emotional Development : Many toddlers of this age tend to throw temper tantrums if they do not get what they want.

Social Development : Anxiety around other toddlers may be a common social behavioral pattern.
Emotional Development : Some children of this age group tend to show negative and violent tendencies. Emotional Development : Children of this age often are capable of showing affection and do so with much ease. Interaction with your child forms a very important part of the early stages of development.
Oh how i really appreciate this article as a single mum m doing all the best for my child's development even though m raising her alone it is a challenge for me and BABY ROSE MUMMY L0VES YOU SO MUCH AND CARES FOR YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BE THER FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT. I think this is useful information to use for a term paper or just for having kids of your on or for anything. The V&A Innovative Leadership Programme is aimed at managers working in the arts & creative industries looking to develop new skills, insight and opportunity. It is important for good parenting that you, as a parent, understand and be prepared for these stages.
You oscillate between feeling happiness at what your child is doing and fear at not knowing if that is the right behavior for your kid. You should know the average age at which your child will be able to carry out all the skills involved in growing up - from rolling, crawling, sitting, smiling, talking, and toilet training. However, it is important to know that although milestones are proven as a great tool to assess the development of your child, they are not fixed and hard estimates, but only rough ones as children vary in their progress or their development. That is the reason why it is essential that you understand the different ages and stages of child development and be there for your child as and when he or she needs you. He uses ceramic, wood and paper to express various aspects of his subconscious.Matsunaga gained an MA from the Royal College of Art and a BA from the University of Brighton. Every kid goes through many different stages of development, each as important as the other. As deep your understanding, the better equipped you will be at doing the right thing for your kid. Some kids are early in their developmental patterns while others may take a little more time. They are also capable of identifying different emotions from facial expressions and respond to them. He has exhibited internationally and has participated in artist-in-residence programs in countries including Cove Park, Scotland in 2010, Arizona State University Art Museum in 2013 and Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit in 2014.

In the first few years, after your child's birth, you will notice that many changes occur in your kid's physiological and behavioral self.
As a parent, it is important that you be patient and do not get nervous if your kid takes a little more time to reach a certain stage of development. The table given in this article should help you understand what the different milestones for kids at different ages are. I do this by coiling and texturing clay, carving and assembling wood or drawing and painting on paper. As an involved parent who understands these changes, you can, with active participation and interaction with your child during the different stages of development, ensure that he or she is ready for the different stages. You can use the index given on the right hand side to navigate yourself to the section that interests you the most. I have a strong desire to make something that is unlike anything else, for the pieces to have coherent language of their own, and not directly referencing, borrowing, or using a pre-existing image or idea.An interest in ceremonial objects and spaces has been at the core of my practice for many years. I am particularly interested in how early man interacted with his surroundings, and the ways in which primitive cultures shared traditions across the world. This idea of universal similarities and primal elements that resonate are what I am attempting to capture.I am interested in exploring tensions such as raw and controlled, still and speed, weight and weightlessness in my work.
Having a specific focus on mythical animals would allow me to compare the difference and similarity between cultures and their approach to the sacred. I hoped to decode some of these unusual visual languages and adopt them into my own practice.During my time here I also developed new surface treatment and a deeper understanding of pattern in my work. I hoped that having first-hand encounters with my chosen objects from the V&A collection enabled me to create new work in situ pushing me into new and exciting territories. When working in my own studio, I have works in progress, finished pieces and forgotten ones around me for inspiration and reference. As new works started to have a voice of their own, objects in their vicinity start to speak to each other, and by paying attention I found a way to finish a particular piece.

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