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Did you know you possess incredible mind power within you – the power to create the most fabulous version of you possible? Did you know the only thing holding you back from using this creative power is your self-image?
Imagine if there were a weight control program that not only taught you what and how to eat and how and when to exercise, but also gave you the tools to improve your self-esteem and self-image! Well, you don’t have to imagine it because that’s what makes Release different from every other “diet” book in your library. Release delivers the missing piece of the puzzle of real and permanent weight loss by giving you the tools to change the image you hold of yourself deep within your subconscious mind.
Your self-image was “installed” at a very early age – before you had any clue what was happening. The power of your self-image cannot be overstated – it drives everything you do in your life.
Happiness is something that we human being get to enjoy so much of but many don’t even realise how primed for happiness they really are. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is vividly imagined and something that is real. If you know someone who needs to be happier you can share this article with them using the social share buttons or simply copying and pasting the link on their wall. Bible pictures are optical illusions that enable you to increase your suggestibility and to open up your subconscious mind at least a little bit, to receive your suggestions. Optical illusion effects of the Bible are capable of effectuating changes in the physical and psychological states of human beings. Create your own eye exercises and brain trainings to share with friends, family and the world. Wezit video technology and software lets you to turn TV programs, art and photo albums, Internet radio, music, audio..
3D video player is designed to watch videos for eye exercises and brain trainings and listen audio files, online radio and audio books.
This player provides a better looking, easy interface to watch Wezit videos on your Windows PC. 3D multimedia player is designed to make and watch videos for eye exercises and brain trainings. Therapeutic optical illusion images and visual effects for eye trainings and brain exercises.

Wezit research group have developed more than a thousand optical illusion images and visual effects using therapeutic vibrating colors and a great collections of personalized color prescription for visual stimulation of the brain and color therapy. By using Wezit optical illusions, visual effects and color prescriptions to make fantastic 3D vidios for eye exercises and brain trainings to share with friends, family and the world.
A lot of students on the Law of Attraction believe that all they have to do is to think good thoughts, and their life will turn good accordingly.
I maintain that everything is Mind Energy.The pure rays of thought, if not imbued with life energy, does not carry the force to achieve its outcomes.
In ancient China, they stated that Qi, which is Life Energy, is the force that permeates everything in this world.
In fact, we have all experienced that when we are enervated and exhausted, it is very hard to think positive thoughts. In my ebook Secret Techniques For Manifesting with Imagination, I taught a special method of accumulating life energy using your mind and imagination. Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination Change your life with these 12 Powerful Advanced Techniques now! Blog sponsorship and banners Contact us if you wish to place a link or banner advertisement to your site or to sponsor this blog.
Here’s the deal about self-image – it acts like a “governor” on what you are able to achieve in life – how much money you earn, the quality of your relationships, the jobs you get and, yes, whether you are fat or thin.
The company installs a speed governor on each of its trucks that limits how fast the truck can be driven. The environment you grew up in, the conversations that were going on around you, the way people spoke to you – it was all dumped into your wide-open subconscious mind before you had any awareness of what was happening or ability to ignore it. Over the millenia since our chimp and even our Neanderthal days we have been constantly evolving into the beings that we are now.
Through suitable optical illusion images and visual effects our brain can be involved in healing process.
Wezit research group have developed more than a thousand optical illusion images and visual effects by Bible visual code. This fact is motivated us to use vibrating colors and optical illusion images of the Jewish sacred texts for making medical videos.
This player provides a better looking, easy interface to watch Biblical videos on your Windows PC. Although that is true for the most part, they have forgotten the other aspect of the Law of Attraction.

As an analogy, It is great to have a powerful car and know where you want to go, but without petrol, the car is very much useless.
Since the Law of Attraction is a law of vibration, we must understand that vibration is all about energy.
In the Huna traditions, it is well known that when a person is low in Mana(Life Energy), he or she is vulnerable to negative thoughts and outside forces. In this regard, Life Energy also act as a energy shield around our energy bodies, first as a means of protection, and secondly to preserve our Power of Individuality.
The people who have great influence over others are often claimed to have a strong magnetism and charm about them. It doesn’t matter how much horsepower the engine has, once that maximum speed is reached, it won’t go any faster, regardless of how hard you press the gas pedal or how fast the truck might be capable of going.
Aligning the mind power of self-image with what you have decided you want in life is simple, but not necessarily easy. The visual illusion applications based on optical illusion images and visual effects offer significant psychological and physical health benefits by using specific combinations of colors and visual effects for health. You will realize from experience, that your thoughts can manifest much faster and effortlessly when you the Operator is filled with Life Energy. This method establishes a mental contact with Life Energy, as it conveys to your consciousness and subconscious mind the intent of accumulating life energy. That’s what your self-image does to your life – it places limits on what you are able to accomplish – or, more importantly, what you BELIEVE you are capable of accomplishing. It can also be accumulated mentally by means of affirmation, suggestion, imagination and belief.
You will walk away with an understanding of why diets don’t work armed with the tools necessary to create a body you LOVE. I found this video on youtube that explains more about how imagination can help you to be happier.
These lobes are also responsible for imagination and is the area that we make pictures with.

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