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On Wednesday, IGN released details from director Tim Miller on why he wants Cable to show up in the second installment of the quirky superhero flick. It's not yet known who will be playing the role of Cable, but screenwriter Rhett Reese revealed what he's looking for.
A lot of details about the anticipated sequel remain a mystery, but it's being rumored that actress Bella Thorne could play a part after expressing interest in an interview with Moviefone.
These aren't the first celebs to have beauty companies, but they are definitely some of the best. SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG Enter your email and you will be notified when I write something brilliant. To get best possible experiance using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Serbs Urged To Vote In KosovoFor the first time, Serbia's Orthodox Church has called on Serbs in Kosovo to participate in next month's local elections. These are just a few of the eyebrow-raising promises being put forth by the Strong Party, a political newcomer contesting Kosovo's local and municipal elections to be held on November 3.

And its irreverent approach seems to have gained enough traction among Pristina's young, weary, and cynical electorate to enable it to pick up at least a few seats and to pave the way for participation in the next national elections. There are no reliable preelection polls in Kosovo, though the Strong Party's support has been estimated at between 4 and 7 percent.
Regarding the country's notorious 40 percent unemployment rate, for instance, the Strong Party says the real problem is that 60 percent of the people still have to work.
Always eloquent and witty, Arifaj summed up the essence of his campaign with a promise he seems certain to keep.
Voters across Kosovo go to the polls on November 3, 2013, to elect local mayors and municipal councils. Election officials in Kosovo have certified 103 party lists and 7,932 candidates for the November 3 elections nationwide.
What will likely make him a good fit for the film is how different he is from the central character.
Most of our programs are available on FM and medium-wave frequencies of local radio stations in the countries of our broadcast area.

It is the first time since Pristina's 2008 unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia that Belgrade has supported a Kosovo-wide election.
Under Kosovo's election law, at least 30 percent of all candidates on a party list must be women. If you are having problems listening to programs on the internet, please read our technical help document.
The country's traditional parties have long moaned that a lack of qualified and interested people makes it difficult to meet that requirement.

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