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DC has figured out that the only way to guarantee huge success from their superhero movies is to include Batman. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
Don't misunderstand, I'm sure it still has it's good points, but I just went off FF and have never felt the arsed-ness to get back into it. According to reports, it has been suggested that Rockstar has spent about $265 million on the game, a little more than double that of Grand Theft Auto 4, and dwarfing games such as Skyrim, Crysis 3, and Halo 3 in the process.
Other than those movies (oh also the Alien franchise), no one sees action movies starring women.
There's no one who could be this iconic superhero but also bring the star power necessary to guarantee a successful box office. Stuff about Skyrim, Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect in particular always tend to have my immediate attention. In fact to give you guys a bit more perspective, the budget for GTA 5 has been compared to that of movies, with GTA 5 costing nearly as much as Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and more than movies like Harry Potter 6, and James Cameron’s Avatar.With so much money being spent on developing and marketing the game, will Rockstar be able to recoup their losses?

It had nothing to do with the movie being an ungodly trainwreck on every possible level of production and everything with having someone with two X chromosomes in the lead. Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, are pretty confident that they will and they are actually expecting to rake in about $1 billion in sales before the year is out.
Sure, they could drop that (as modern comics mostly have), but that would be pretty unprecedented to change anything from a comic's history (except for Spider-Man's organic web-shooters, Jean Grey's origins, and every superhero movie ever).
No onegelinajolie oops haha typo, I meant Angelina-Jolie-and-OMG-Brad-Pitt-Could-Be-Steven-Trevor-Holy-Shit-Do-That-And-You-Will-Make-So-Much-Goddamn-Money. That's in no way a sexist attitude - remember when Jonah Hex bombed and Hollywood stopped making male-centric comic book movies?
Given that we’re already in September, that’s a lot of money to be made in a short period of time!
Other than him, no one - that's why they had no choice but to say "Yes" to a television pilot from David E. DC needs to stick to only making movies about heroes whose abilities have never looked dumb (haha, by the way, remember when Green Lantern's weakness was "the color yellow", like the entire COLOR, like a banana could hurt him?

GTA 5 is expected to be released on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 come 17th of September, but what do you guys think?
Kelley, the creator of Ally McBeal and other legal dramas starring quirky professionals and not ever superheroes. And audiences everywhere rejected him immediately and the box office of Iron Man and the Iron Man-centric Avengers film reflect how terrible of a decision it was to hire him. Kelley show that didn't understand how to utilize a superhero lead, which no one could have seen coming.

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