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You'll be delighted to know that a new expansion for the Sims 3 game is already here - The Sims 3: Ambitions.
It is a portable app that can be sent to friend's house and can be sent to your friend's mail box. It only takes a few seconds, and you will soon have access to all the features of the site. All images were cropped with lower resolution and used only to convey what the application is about. Although the atmosphere and approach of the series did not change, there's a substantial change that brings improvement to the new expansion.

All characters, their names, places, and other aspects of the video game described within this application are trademarked by their respective owners.
The expansion provides a new and interesting aspect on how to chase their dreams and careers. This application does not copy any portion of the game, nor does it contain screenshots of the game, only original text descriptions. The main attraction of Sims 3 is in observing your Sims characters as you manipulate their lives with commands and instructions. First you create your Sims you character, then jump into a large town and proceed selecting the kind of life you want them to have..

However you could choose their careers and sometimes you have control over their activities, especially in meeting daily needs.

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