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The waterpark is expected to add greater value to the product offering of the Jewel Resorts brand of properties.
SOUTH FLORIDA – Today (August 3rd), we bid farewell to our beloved Shakira Martin, affectionately known to us, “Shaks”.
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Juliet Edwards: Beautiful and poignant song for you now Junior Spice, hoping you get your stay in Florida. But by now, you're probably wondering: what the bejeebus does Sarandon's MILFy conquest have to do automobiles?

It's because Bricklin's father, Malcolm, has been one of the quirkiest, never-say-die-iest entrepreneurs in the American auto industry for over 40 years. All that is to say that 63-year-old Sarandon is now getting down with a 31-year-old hipster whose 70-year-old father is trying to launch a new green ride -- the kind that super-eco-friendly Sarandon would likely rave about. Of course, Bricklin's babyface is slightly more appropriate, since he's a mere 31 years old. In fact, Bricklin the Younger -- who's allegedly a filmmaker when he's not discussing the finer points of table tennis -- created a documentary about his dad called The Entrepreneur. Wykeham McNeill was in a jovial mood as he puts some muscle into breaking ground for a new waterpark feature at Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort, St.
Wykeham McNeill (centre), poses with (l-r) General Manager, Jewel Runaway Bay, Scott Robbins; His Worship Mayor of St.

Wykeham McNeill, participated in the ground breaking for the new waterpark at Jewel Runaway Bay in Jamaica on Thursday, June 12th. Bricklin's latest project involves a line of plug-in hybrid sedans, to be sold under the "Bricklin" name.  We haven't heard any news about that in a while, but we're sure Malcolm's still tinkering away in a garage somewhere.

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