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A 21-year-old 'heroin addict' has today been accused of conning friends and strangers into donating to her 'life-saving cancer treatment' when really she was completely healthy and using the cash 'to fund her drug habit'. Sympathetic friends and strangers hosted fundraising events and appealed for others to come forward and support her. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It’s difficult for most parents to allow their kids to play video games for hours and hours every day. The American Medical Association recommends limited screentime because of the passive nature of watching TV, but ironically school is passive, like TV, and harmful to kids for all the same reasons that screen time is passive and harmful. I have to tell this to myself every day when I hear the boys screaming about their video games from the room next to me.
And, recently, I’ve found a bunch of research that shows that gamers are happier and more successful as adults. For the types of jobs that require hand-eye coordination, gamers are not only better at doing the job, but continuing to play the games a little bit each week keeps these professionals sharp at work.
In the future, thinking type jobs will be largely about data gathering, analysis and collaboration. In the workplace right now, the gap between the value of a younger person and an older person often rests in their differing abilities to search for information online.
Science Direct republished a study that shows that gamers report a higher sense of wellbeing than non-gamers as they age.
I always think that watching death on tv and games are just setting us up for a bigger than life shock if we ever have to experience even being shot, taking a punch, etc.
Both my husband and brother play COD and it’s incredible how much hand-eye coordination they need, how immersed they get, how in-tune they are with the avatar.
Perhaps we’d have less alzheimer problems in prior decades if COD was big and recommended by doctors. Many people think that Minercraft is not nauseating it help people start spell a lot better and help people get use to a keyboard better because many people had to type more and needed more hand moment and eye coordination.
Ok, Venus thanks for prizing apart Tommy’s argument and finding a flaw with his semantics, this sort of contribution is most unhelpful.
Paul, I tease apart his post for semantics, because proper language and use of words can be very important, especially when telling others to use their brains and claiming %100 knowledge of said topic. Um yeah Ur sort of right about muscle movement its just that… that is the second step. No offence but you clearly havnt done any sort of research and quite frankly you are wrong. Actually, you are talking about large muscle coordination, but that isn’t the full story. But FINE MOTOR skills and the connecting of the brain synapses are absolutely enhanced by video game playing. Reaction time, skillful dodging (yes, with the thumbs that have to translate the desire for a particular movement to the virtual being or object) and all the strategizing, problem solving, decision making that goes into playing a video game isn’t an idle activity.
For young children, even stacking blocks, polishing a mirror or painting finger nails are useful exercises for developing hand-eye coordination. So, I can say 100% that you are not right saying that video games do not enhance hand-eye coordination. I know this blog entry is a year old now, but I just felt it important to point out that our U.S. When my 10 year old son was younger, my husband would play the FPS games after he went to bed.
My 10 year old son likes Minecraft a lot too, but if his Daddy is home he wants to play the FPS games with him.
I think that as an INFJ, I am a huge rule-follower, so it is hard for me to trust myself to do what interests me. I am an INFJ and for most of my life I disliked breaking rules and found pride and peace adhering to them.
But what I’ve noticed is that the way people (adults) presented those rules to me made the biggest difference.
That said, maybe you like to follow rules when you think that it helps protect the peace and breaking them will only cause harm to people.
I decided to try out the unlimited gaming time this summer to see how it impacts the kids’ lives over the course of a few months. I wonder how it will affect the hours we spend outdoors (walks, trips to the dam, taking picnics, and the pool).
Something I am realizing about my unlimited video game policy is that it’s not really that unlimited.
Another interesting thing about unlimited video games is that when a friend comes over, the friend is excited for the no video game policy, but my sons don’t want to play video games when a friend is there. Heather, I bet you’ll find other surprising behaviors as a result of your own experiment! On the second day, they tend to head outside instead of spending the entire time in front of the Xbox.
As long as we’re talking about church and engagement here, I recently read an article that spoke to the usefulness of live lectures. I don’t know, I would rather see my kids reading, building stuff, drawing, and running around outside than stuck at a computer with a game. Children engage in all sorts of fantasy play and video games are just one of a variety of modes.
Do you think that a child who paints on with watercolors is somehow more engaged in “real life” than a child who does so digitally?

Where wer you when my kids were younger, I stressed so much about how much screen time they should have. Out of curiosity, have you ever done any research or read anything about adult gamers and what their relationships are like marital satisfaction, divorce rate, etc? I checked out the well-being link up above but it didn’t go into any of that type of information.
When I worked in the public school system while a college student, I will never forget after Christmas a 4th grader showing me in his backpack the Grand Theft Auto game his parents got him. He’s works really hard every day to support us and deserves to do as he pleases with his down time. It has provided a means for him to maintain close relationships with childhood friends who now live in distant places. I worried when our two boys were very young that he wasn’t spending enough time with them.
I used to work in the video game biz (pg-rated social games) and ended up meeting my boyfriend, a game designer, at my old job. Even so, I’ve never been a gamer and I tend to avoid playing any type of game whenever possible. It’s both relaxing and engaging to enter a world where you understand the rules and where you can trace the effects of your decisions. Another thing I’ve noticed is that games have gotten extremely easy and simplistic in the last 10 years while becoming far more visually stimulating. Your kids fight over whose turn it is to play the console, but why are you blaming the console for this? It’s likely that they would fight over whose turn it is to use any coveted limited resource. When I asked him to elaborate on this, he said, “I don’t like someone telling me exactly what to do, but I don’t like being in the dark either. In other words, he likes knowing which way he needs to go, but he also wants to discover in the process. Keeping games away from kids will make them OBSESSED, even if they are in college and presumably grown adults. Thanks for this post, especially the paragraph comparing TV watching to school instruction (even more ironic when you consider how much teachers use videos to do the teaching these days).
My wife is a school teacher and we have some great discussions between her constraints of teaching in a school and what we both want for our kids’ education (personalized, interactive learning). I hate that video games were invented my 2 sons r addicted…they r grumpy all the time all they talk about is games and when I take it away they sit and bug me until there blue in the face. I’ve suggested heaps of ides for outside we can teach ur younger brother how to play football but he always has an excuse. Prosecutors claim Brittany Ozarowski of Selden, New York, carried out the elaborate scam for over a year claiming she had ovarian, stomach, brain and bone cancer, accepting numerous donations totaling more than $20,000.
But in a press conference this afternoon, Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota said they had all been duped.
Denise Bambola who lives next door to the house where Ozarowski grew up with her grandmother said she donated $10,000. I come across research all the time explaining why unlimited video game time makes for healthy kids in the same way that unlimited baseball practice does for a kid who loves baseball.
We have known about this research for a while from the military, but a study from Iowa State University shows that even surgeons perform better when they regularly play video games. In ten years the search and synthesis skills one will need in order to be a high performer at work will be much higher than they are today. A lot of this probably has to do with the fact that gaming is social and gives people a sense of belonging to a community. Eye hand co-ordination does not require large movements, piano players must have excellent eye-hand co-ordiantion to know where all the keys are. I play CoD a lot and while its fun as a downtime activity, the one thing i can count on is getting really pissed off. As a kid, we weren’t allowed TV or video games, but I read books almost all the time. I think I have always misinterpreted my extreme dislike of conflict as a desire to follow rules. The kids have to do chores before they play video games, and they hate chores, so they put off chores by killing time together which ends up delaying video games for a while. So my youngest son has gone so far as to ask me to make a no video game rule when friends are over so he can tell the friend they have to do something else. Although gaming is one of my huge passions, and I play at least 2-3 hours on a schoolday, I spend most of my time out with my friends. As an added bonus, in RPG games such as the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, just an hour a day is NOT enough time to get anything accomplished!
Two institutions (universities and churches) were cited in the article as still using them and universities are in the process of phasing them out with the Internet and other communication channels.
This kid was sweet and compassionate towards his peers, but I have no idea why a 4th grader needs to be exposed to killing prostitutes.
That is certainly not an issue now that they all game together and I know it is an interest that they will always share. They desensitize viewers to real life violence, diminish thoughts about consequences, and subtly shift expectations. My eldest son is 10 and I said go play outside today but he has No-one to play with as all his friends r glued to video games every day. The former Newfield High School Student set up a donation website explaining how she was dying and needed help; a Facebook fundraising page and placed jars near the cash registers of businesses across Nassau and Suffolk County.

If you tell a kid to do research online for a paper they are writing for school, the kid is not doing self-directed research. This is okay, because kids brains fundamentally change when they are online searching and taking in information all day in odd bits and chunks. Which means that the long-term benefits of  spending a lot of time on video games are similar to the long-term benefits of spending a lot of time at church. Even if the cognitive benefits are inferior they are just one option among the many types of games my kids play. You are claiming using buttons on a control while watching the actions on a screen is not hand eye coordination, but it is a form of hand eye coordination. When u play video games it helps u build all of these strategies on how to complete the task. A sand bag (boxing bag) is far larger than a keyboard key therefore it takes less mind power to be able to hit it.
Although the many Wii games and other platforms that also play more physically interactive games can do that. It makes sense because hitting a wall with your fist is a stress reliever — totally not appropriate, but I can see how violence and stress relates. Your post that asked what you would have done if your reading had been limited to an hour a day made me reconsider my view of limiting screen time.
They are driven by innate passions and values and are willing to break external rules that go against their core values. Eventually you get tired (even in the summer) of constant non-stop shooting, or whatever, and you naturally do something else.
So many churches are still using the lecture (sermon) to transmit their ideas to the congregation with evidently limited success. But I do notice that when I don’t nag him about it and let it go, he is more likely to want to spend time with us.
Most of the male gamers I know who play over an hour or two daily have a strained relationship with their spouse and are less inclined to play with their kids.
The other part I don’t like is trying to learn rules for something that has no practical application. With so many variables, how can you ever know that you made the right life-decision two moves back? In terms of what video games actually gave me in return, I would say two things: very good reflexes and the inability to be jolted with surprise. Most games made today are designed for simply console controls and impatient people who like eye candy. He mostly plays at night, but that means he is in bed by morning, sleeps till noon, misses time to play with kids, and he is off to work second shift right after. The former has saved me in countless near-misses while driving, and the latter came recently after playing those realistically violent 3D shooters. I have very few options left and I am still in desperate need of treatments.'She now faces 24 charges, including forgery and petit larceny.
You’re gonna agree that sitting in front of a screen moving your thumbs increases the speed at which your muscles move? Yes the movements you use in sports while looking at what you are doing is hand eye coordination but so is writing, controlling a game remote, or using a mouse to control a cursor on a screen. It also really bothers me when I don’t believe that rules are just or solve the problems they are meant to solve. Her arraignment has been postponed, but she is currently being held on $5,000 bail.Officers say she had a car accident over a year ago which left her with multiple broken bones.
She completely fooled everybody.'Tuscany Gourmet Market's owner, Thomas Oa€™Grady, says the shop held a dinner dance and raised over $7,000 for Ozarowski while also giving $5,000 of his own. The data collection and synthesis skills are much stronger for someone obsessed with a topic, because they are driven to find more and more specialized information.
I think we can guess that for fast-twitch muscles and performing under stress, FPS games are great. As a personal trainer, ex-profesional baseball player and amateur boxer, I can absolutely, 100% say that your are incorrect. No one is saying physical activity isn’t important, it is important for every persons life. So to sum this all up video games are not that bad there good for the brain and they help out in the future. Call Of Duty are not good for people, by adding stress and violent images into a child’s mind you could be corrupting them more than you can see. So justice and clarity in rules is also a core value for me and I want the rules fixed when I don’t think they work. She was arrested for being under the influence of heroin and used the photographs of her sitting in a wheelchair and getting treatment to perpetuate her fake cancer story, officers claim. U font really see that many over weight gamers usually you see over weight people that watch TV all day.
They can be combined, work together, or be done separately, but both have legitimate benefits of their own. I have many friends and a husband that enjoy a healthy life, are physically active, enjoy gaming, and enjoy a good paying job because of their technical sense.
My kids enjoy plenty of hands on activities, plenty of physical activities, and plenty of gaming activities.

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