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In Islamic belief, Lailat al Qadr (Shab-e-Qadr [Farsi] Kadir gecesinin [Turkish]), the Night of Power, is the night of the first revelation of Islam to the Prophet Mohamed, and hence the beginning of the series of revelations that collectively form the Qur'an. This Night of Power is by extension a night when prayers are believed to be rewarded as if they were prayed for a thousand months--a lifetime (83.4 years). In addition to the physical demands of Ramadan, praying all night is physically demanding, and should be done in safe measure, and paced throughout the night if one is going to remain awake for it. Nonetheless, this last period of Ramadan is a special one, and an opportunity to be extra reflective, and extra forgiving of others, before the ending of the month, and the celebration of thanks giving, Eid Al-Fitr. Over the next 10 days I will elaborate on some of the aspects of Lailat Al Qadr, and of Ramadan, including the Revelation, the Quran, and Umrah. It's special to me because Samer and I became friends during the last ten days of Ramadan 2007.

I am a Canadian academic of Italian origin with qualifications in medicine, psychiatry, literature, and philosophy, and interested in the cross-cultural aspects of all of these. It is also a special period of asking for forgiveness from Allah--forgiveness of oneself, and of others on their behalf. Thus many Muslims spend the entire night, or nights, in prayer, some taking time from work, some essentially living at the mosque. Those whose occupations or life demands don't allow them to invert their days and nights need to be more carefuly not to over tax themselves nor to perform poorly or unsafely during the day, due to fatigue. They give a sense of the ambiance, the reverance, and the family activity during these days and nights. However, as the exact date of the night was deliberately not revealed, it is thought to be one of the odd numbered nights during the last 10 days of the month--(19), 21, 23, 25, 27, or 29 Ramadan.

Prayers in support of others who require help are another important form of prayer, and especially at this time. Books of Quranic explication, books about the lives of the Prophet and his companions, books about religious law, and about forms of prayer may all be part of the special worship during this time.

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