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This 2 mins Eggless Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake with the hint of coffee is the quickest and easiest dessert or snack that you can hope to make when the craving to eat something sweet hits you.
An elegant and classy dessert to serve and eat if you are going for portion controlling anything sweet that you eat.
My kids love this a lot and as they are old enough to measure, mix and safely operate the microwave, I let them to make it by themselves.
I’m sure its much better than making and eating instant noodles whenever a snack attack hits them. This recipe is adapted from Microwave Chocolate Cake but I made it into an eggless one for the sake of kids as I do not want them to make a mess while breaking up the eggs. You can also check out this Eggless Plums Mug Cake and Brownie and Strawberry Cobbler in a Jar that can be made the same way in microwave. Never Miss a Recipe!Subscribe to receive new posts and recipes via email: I will never give away, trade or sell your email address.

One of the quickest way to cook courgettes is to fry and serve them crispy.  However, this is hard to do because this summer squash has a high water content and can get soggy when fried. Some also complain that they are only crunchy while they are still hot.  Otherwise, they turn tender and bland. There are a few tricks to follow in order to fry courgettes, get them “crispy-licous” and make them stay that way. Since courgettes are watery—especially the large ones, the first thing to do is to drain them before cooking.  To drain, the process you should follow is similar to how an eggplant is drained.
Once dry, dust the courgette pieces with flour, rosemary, a little salt and pepper and toss them in a plastic bag.  Heat olive and butter in a pan and don’t put in the courgettes until the oil is very hot. Fry each side for about two minutes never attempting to turn it over until the other side is has formed a crust and the edges are starting to become golden brown.  Frying time would depend on how thick the slices are.
Don’t forget to drain them again in paper towel after frying to get rid of the excess oil.  You can add a squeeze of lemon and pressed garlic a minute before taking them out of the pan for extra flavor.

Thank you so much have a glut of courgettes this year needed something other than bake so thanks again your item has been very educational. Earlier I was using Vinegar like in this Eggless Chocolate Strawberry Mug Cake but since the kids started hating the smell of it, I adjusted the milk and oil accordingly.
Welcome to my kitchen from where I share easy and simple vegetarian and vegan recipes to tickle your palates. If using coconut oil, leave out coffee powder and avoid using any kind of extracts or essence.

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