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Yes, it is possible - the Garden Rug created by designer Pia Wustenberg begins life as a soft grey pillow made of Alpaca and Merino wool. Being able to grow Japanese vegetables in our western climates is a great and healthy challenge. With blinders on, I make a beeline to the more mundane departments, such as plumbing, or electrical.I like to pair micro-mini roses with the violets. Come springtime, stores tempt us with these darling little house plants though the average life expectancy in my home is about 6 months.Lyon's Spun Sugar African Violet* The quickest way to kill them is by over watering.

Water when soil is dry to the touch.* Another good way to do a bad job is to water them from above. Set them in a saucer and let the roots slowly take a drink.* East windows, with morning sunlight and bright light for the rest of the day, is ideal.
For indoor flowering plants, it's not always a good idea to re-pot them; they flower best when root bound. Have you ever noticed how the plant is super cheap but then a ceramic pot costs a fortune and special soils are pretty spendy?

Make them feel at home by creating a humid environment.Bob Serbin African VioletPut a layer of stones in a deep saucer, fill with water, and place your flower pot on top of it.

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